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Vaginal exerciser by ISA Research and Education

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Multitalented Tool

I wouldn't recommend this toy to someone who was looking for a straight-up G-spot toy, but if you happen to need a great kegel tool that doubles as a decent G-spotter, this is the one!
Great kegel exerciser, nice G-spotting bulb, easy to hold and thrust with.
Tarnished surface, smaller bulbs too small for pleasure usage.
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The Kegelcisor, created by ISA Research and Education, is intended as a medical tool to help women strengthen their PC muscles. It consists of three bulbs, each slightly larger than the next, connected by two lengths of smooth shaft in between. The idea is that you insert one of the bulbs (a larger one if your PC muscles are weak, a smaller one if they're strong), squeeze your muscles tight, and attempt to pull out the bulb despite that resistance.

Though ISA does not market the Kegelcisor as a pleasure device, it can indeed be used as a dildo, vaginally or anally. The bulbs are suitable for finding and stimulating the G-spot or P-spot. The toy isn't completely optimum for anal use because all of the bulbs only flare out a small amount from the shaft, so it could theoretically get away from you and slip inside; use caution and don't lube up the end you're using as the toy's base.

Because this toy is made of steel, care must be taken that you don't injure yourself while using it. This hasn't been a problem for me, however, because the location of the largest bulb encourages me to thrust fairly shallowly.

Material / Texture

The Kegelcisor is made of stainless steel. It has a slight metallic smell and taste, faint enough not to be bothersome unless you hold it right up to your nose.

While this toy is supposedly made out of the same material as Njoy's stainless steel toys, it's definitely a different grade of steel. The Kegelcisor arrived already looking tarnished, definitely lacking the high-polish "mirror shine" that all my Njoy toys have. This is definitely intended as a utilitarian medical tool, not a glamorous object of pleasure, and it shows.

Obviously, steel is very, very firm and unforgiving. This is not the material for you if you have an exceptionally sensitive cervix or if you just prefer squishier materials.

The texture of the steel is smooth all the way around. However, because of it being a lower grade of steel, I find it has a bit more drag than my Njoy toys. I tend to need to use a little lube with my Kegelcisor, whereas I can get away with just using my natural lubrication when I use toys by Njoy.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Kegelcisor is very basic and simple, and yet genius in its own way. In diameter, the bulbs measure 0.95", 1.03", and 1.27". The shaft between the two smaller bulbs is narrower than the shaft between the two larger bulbs. This means that you can start very small and work your way up to a larger size, making this toy possibly a good choice for women who have very tight vaginas and want to ease into larger penetration.

For doing kegel exercises, the toy works very well. The exercises, as described in the instructional booklet, are easy to learn but challenging to master, because they require a lot of muscle control. I love that you can "level up" to the smaller bulbs once you've exhausted the workout possibilities of the larger one; it's almost like having three kegel toys in one!

Because this toy is completely made of metal, it's obviously going to set off a metal detector if you try to take it on an airplane with you. And while it's certainly not the most lascivious-looking sex toy in the world, many people could probably guess that it's meant to go in your vagina. I'd recommend taking a different toy with you on your jetsetting adventures, and leaving your Kegelcisor at home.


I bought this toy with the intention of using it for kegel exercises, and didn't honestly expect it to perform very well for pleasure. It's been my experience that kegel toys rarely do.

However, the Kegelcisor surprised me. The two smaller bulbs are essentially useless to me from a pleasure perspective, but the largest one? My G-spot loves it!

It doesn't produce a crazy intense feeling, like the Pure Wand, but it can definitely locate and stimulate my G-spot with ease. It sometimes needs a little help, so I push up on it from below to get it to apply more pressure, but this isn't a hassle.

The toy is easy to hold, even though it weighs a pound. I never have any trouble thrusting with this toy, even when I'm going very fast for several minutes at a time. My fingers wrap around it effortlessly, and most of the weight is inside my vagina anyway.

I don't think I'd ever recommend this toy to someone who was looking for a straight-up G-spot toy - the Pure Wand and NobEssence Fling come to mind for that - but if you happen to need a kegel tool that doubles as a wicked G-spotter, this is the one!

Care and Maintenance

Because this toy is made of lower-grade steel, it will tend to tarnish if you skip cleaning it post-use. I'd recommend that you at least give it a rub with an antibacterial wipe after using it, if just to avoid it tarnishing. You can also wash it with soap and water, boil it, put it in the top rack of your dishwasher, bathe it in a 10% bleach solution, or spray it with antibacterial toy spray.

I'm not too concerned about marring the surface of this toy, since it arrived already tarnished and un-shiny, but if you want to keep it safe from your other toys, you can store it in a sock or a fabric bag. It doesn't come with storage options.

Steel is compatible with any and all lubes. I like to use virgin coconut oil with steel toys because it provides a long-lasting smooth glide and it has natural antibacterial properties.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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