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The benefits of weight training

The Kegelcisor is a well made exerciser that actually works for strengthening pelvic floor muscles. Its simple to use and offers multiple levels of resistance. Its pleasurable to use too. I'm not sure if its the most effective exerciser, but its close in its effectiveness with Energie and the PC Muscle Exercisor.
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This heavy, steel product is meant to help you exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Strong pelvic floor muscles benefit you by increasing orgasm intensity and the ease of achieving orgasms. Strengthening these muscles also reduces problems with incontinence.

Material / Texture

The Kegelcisor is made entirely of steel. It weighs a pound and is quite smooth. Its shinier than it looks in the picture on this site. It has no texture other than the three bulbs at the ends and in the middle.

Design / Shape / Size

The Kegelcisor is seven inches long. It is a steel rod with three balls of different sizes evenly spaced along its length. The rod on one side is somewhat slimmer than the one on the other end.

This design is intended to give you varying levels of resistance as you squeeze against it. No doubt the weight of this toy is supposed to help with muscle strengthening, but I haven't yet figured out how. The fact that it weighs a pound doesn't make it require any extra effort to use in my opinion.

Because metal feels cold when inserted, it is supposed to automatically trigger you to use the correct muscles. Your pelvic floor muscles are supposed to contract reflexively when the cold Kegelcisor is inserted. I don't find that this happens when I use it.

It comes with a ten year warranty against faulty material or workmanship.


There are three exercises you can do with the Kegelcisor. The instructions say to do the first exercise for four weeks, then the second exercise for four weeks and finish with four weeks of the last exercise. The exercises are to be done for eight to ten minutes every other day.

I assume that skipping days is to allow your muscles to fully recover from the last set of exercises. But you never become so sore from using the Kegelcisor that that much recovery is necessary in my opinion. In fact it takes a herculean amount of effort to make pelvic muscles sore. It could be that the instructions are geared for women with very weak muscles, although the Kegelcisor Enhansor is meant for those women.

In the first exercise, insert the large ball of the Kegelcisor, then squeeze as you slowly push the Kegelcisor inside, up to the middle ball. Then relax and squeeze again while slowly pulling the Kegelcisor all the way out. Continue this for eight to ten minutes. Continue for four weeks.

During the second four weeks, insert the large ball, squeeze and insert up to the middle ball. Then relax and insert the middle ball. Then squeeze as you pull the Kegelcisor completely out. It feels very good to squeeze while the middle ball is inside you. I spend a bit of time squeezing while it is in this position.

For the final four weeks, repeat the second exercise, but this time using the smaller end. I find that I can't feel the Kegelcisor well when the smaller end is inserted. This may mean that my muscles aren't strong enough for that exercise yet. I'm not sure. I believe that its not that the small end gives you a stronger workout, but that its more difficult to squeeze hard with the small end inserted. so you have to work up to that exercise.

After this twelve week program, continue with the third exercise once or twice a week for maintenance.

During each of these exercises, I try as hard as possible to squeeze with enough force that pulling the ball on the end out is impossible. That's where most of the workout happens for me. Whatever mental trickery is needed to convince yourself to squeeze hard and for as long as possible is what you need to do to achieve the most benefit from this exerciser.

Care and Maintenance

The Kegelcisor is made of stainless steel and is easy to care for. It requires no special care for storage. Its quite durable and you would have a difficult time scratching it.

Its easy to clean also. Simply wash with soap and water, then towel dry. Leaving it dirty for a few days when you're too lazy to clean it appears to cause no harm either.

Any lube is safe to use with this product.


The Kegelcisor comes in a simple clear plastic clamshell package. Its a very thin package that collapsed quickly after I removed the Kegelcisor. The packaging is so weak that you will not want to bother with it for storage.

Also included are instructions, including diagrams, to illustrate how to use it and a sample packet of a water based lube.

Personal comments

This vaginal exercisor, along with the Kegelcisor Enhansor, are FDA approved, which means that it "provides reasonable assurance that the device is safe and effective for its intended use or uses," according to FDA's website. These two products appear to be the only vaginal exercisors with FDA approval, although that may just mean that other kegel exercisor manufacturers haven't applied for approval.


When you first insert the Kegelcisor, it will feel cold. After only a few minutes though, it warms up. In fact, it warms up so much that as you are pulling it it feels like you are leaking urine. This is just due to the sensation of warmth leaving your body. Rather than constantly reaching down to make sure I haven't peed, I keep a towel under me when I use the Kegelcisor.

I find it ironic that a product that helps remedy incontinence makes you feel incontinent while you use it.

I also find that the entire toy seems to have lube and vaginal fluids on it by the end of an exercise session. There's another reason to keep a towel handy while using the Kegelcisor.

While the Kegelcisor does work and gives a stronger workout than squeezing with no toy inside you, I'm not sure I prefer it over Energie or the PC Muscle Exercisor. But its a close call. All three are good products.

I probably have the easiest time achieving sore PC muscles with the PC Muscle Exercisor, then with Energie, then with the Kegelcisor, so maybe that's their order of effectiveness, although I change my mind about the PC Exercisor and Engergie regularly.
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