Ran - g-spot vibrator by Zini - review by ToyGurl

Zini Ran away with my heart!

I recommend this to any woman looking to get some good G-Spot play. It's quiet, so it's great for any living condition, and it's so pleasurable. I do hate how it wasn't technically waterproof, and it isn't easy to clean. That's too much work. But I'm willing to work to keep this toy "healthy" and living for as long as possible. Plus, who doesn't love those LED lights and free storage boxes!
Powerful, Great shape, 2 types of storage included, LED lights, Rechargeable
Not really waterproof, making it harder to clean.
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The Zini Ran, a G-Spot Vibrator by Zini... What more can I say than "I love it. It's mine... and you CAN NOT HAVE IT. It's mine."?

Well, I have to say more because... this is a review. Hah. So, to start off, this little guy can be used for much more than G-Spot stimulation. It could definitely be used as an anal probe/vibrator, and the bump could easily make for some good P-Spot stimulation. You could also use this as a clitoral vibe, for those of you who have a more sensitive clitoris. It didn't work well for me in that sense, but as a G-Spot toy... this guy won my heart!

I find this toy best used in a solo setting. It's very relaxing when you're alone in the dark and the colored lights slightly brighten your pitch dark bedroom... and the pulsation modes are to DIE for. It can easily be taken anywhere you'd like to go. On a plane or on a train! Zini's convenient storage bag easily holds both the Ran, it's charger, and Quick Start Guide, so you'll leave nothing behind. It's a girl's best friend! Forget about diamonds!

I will say that this is just the best toy if you live in a dorm room, a small apartment with thin walls, at home with your parents, etc. Why? It's whisper quiet. On it's highest level there is no way someone will hear this past your door, and probably hardly from under your covers. I read the reviews and doubted how quiet it was... Now I know that it's not too good to be true. It's totally true, and totally amazing.
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Material / Texture

The Zini Ran is made of Plastic and body-safe Silicone. Two materials that I would have never thought would go together so nicely! There is no weird smell or taste to this toy (yes, I tasted it.) so you've got nothing to worry about as far as that goes.

The Silicone feels AMAZING. So soft, so natural, and very... buttery! It has a wonderful glide, rather than a drag, like most Silicone sex toys. I like this because that makes it so simple to use. It also makes the Ran easy to use with little to no lubricant, which is great because lubricants can get messy and it's a hassle to have to stop and apply it.

The lack of texture makes it perfect for beginners to G-Spot play, but also wonderful for advanced users. Since the toy itself has a wonderful shape, it's bound to please anyone!
    • Buttery feeling
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

I love the design of the Ran, although there are a few things I would change. For one, I would make it a little longer. Just because it is a hassle to get your vaginal juices out of the crevasses where the silicone meets the plastic. It is so annoying to have to clean those areas and it's much more of a hassle. I've decided to buy some condoms to use with this toy, just so I can avoid doing that. If it was longer, there would be a much less likely chance of this happening.

Next, I would make the control pad waterproof. It is obviously not waterproof, because the first time I cleaned this toy there was water underneath the keys. I got worried out of my mind, but it did not damage to the Ran. I did have to use a can of air (like you use for your keyboard) to get the water out. From now on I wash it much more carefully. I think that the term "waterproof" that Zini is using is incorrect. Saying "Water-Resistant Material" may be more correct.

As far as the shape, and the size... it feels awesome. I mentioned it in the beginning, and I'll mention it again! There is a slight bulge, with some very unnoticeable (but easily felt) ridges and a tapered end. It goes in smoothly and comes out with that "bump" that every great G-Spot toy should give you. It gives you a full feeling, and I could easily get off from simply turning on my favorite pulsation mode and letting the toy just sit inside of me. It feels great no matter what!

I also found this toy to be an affective clitoral vibrator. The shape is slightly curved, so it sits easily along the vagina, right in between the outer labia so that it sends stimulation throughout the area and directly to the clitoris as well. You can also hold it and pinpoint the clitoris however you'd like.

There is a "turbo" boost setting, which is setting #5 (when you press "+" 5 times) and upon doing this, I realized there are actually two motors in this toy. What is so odd is that the turbo motor is underneath the control pad. I'm not sure why the hell it's down there, but it is. I suppose you could angle the toy in the fashion that it would touch your clitoris but it would be a bit difficult while it is inserted. That may be why it's there. The turbo easily sends vibrations throughout, but it will also numb your hand!

There are really cute LED lights lining the control pad as the toy charges, and as you move throughout the different levels of pulsation modes. I found these really sexy for some reason, especially when you play in a pitch dark room and the color just sort of "glows" from your vagina. It's awesome! And they help you remember which level you liked most, or when the toy is fully charged; for example "Oh, it's blue. I'll remember that for later because it was my favorite setting".

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are tons of functions, and I've never owned a toy with so many. There are 5 speed modes, and then 15 pulsation modes in which are very random and I could not explain them if I tried. I rarely use my pulsation modes, but the ones associated with this toy are just so amazing and I have been using them non-stop. You'll have to experience them for yourself to see what the rave is about! Each mode changes by the minute, so none of it is exactly repetitive like you would get with your regular vibrator. No "thump, thump, thump, thump". More like two thumps, 3 rollercoasters, one thump, one big thump, etc. It's just so cool.

I own the seed and it's somewhat similar. I do think that the two toys are very similar in power, except the fact that there is a unique G-Spot shape makes the power of the Ran feel much more intense than the Seed. I just thought that would be helpful in case one of you own the Seed.

You can lock the Zini Ran to keep it from dancing around in your purse. To do that, you first press and hold the "-" button, and then the "+" button. You hold both of these buttons together (you must press the "-" first) for 2-3 seconds and it will lock RED. To unlock you repeat and it will unlock GREEN.

Noise? What noise? This is the quietest toy I own at the moment! It can hardly be heard outside of the covers with the TV on low (on Ran's highest setting). That's basically whisper quiet in my eyes, and I hope there are more toys like this available because noise really distracts me!

Like I said, this toy doesn't do well with water. Don't take it in the shower, or use it in the tub, although it is really tempting. Why? Because there are crevasses and the key pad is not waterproof. Not at all... This is somewhat of a bummer, only because cleaning becomes something that I need to put effort into in order to keep the water from touching certain areas. This is more of a "wet wipe toy" if you know what I mean.

I honestly found the toy easier to use upon guessing. It may be only because I already own the Seed, but I find the Quick Start Guide a little difficult to understand. It's hard to describe how to use complex designer sex toys, so I don't blame ZINI. My advice is just to read the guide once, and from there on, go with the flow. All you really need to know is that the toy is fully charged when the light is blue. Other than that, who cares!

Care and Maintenance

This toy is made of Silicone and Plastic. Only use water-based lubricants with this toy, simply because oil-based lubricants can be harder to wash off and can build up in the crevasses over time. Silicone-based lubricants will actually melt away the Silicone... so that's not the best idea either. If you really insist on oil-based, use a condom over the toy.

ZINI is so kind to give you two types of proper storage for their toy. One, you get a very high quality waterproof drawstring pouch. Inside you can easily fit the Zini, the charger, and the manuals. Two, you get a sturdy box that seems to consist of weaved plastic and cardboard... I'm not sure. It's just awesome though. It closes by a magnetic strip along the side of the top of the box, and wont open, even if you shake it.

I already mentioned that this is more of a "wet wipe toy", as in it's safer to wash it with a toy wipe. Make sure your wipe is okay for ANY toy, as in ALL materials. It's easier because you wont risk damaging the key pad with the water. If you, like I often do, get "gook" in the crevasses, use an old toothbrush and carefully scrub it. Hold your hand over the key pad and be as careful as you can not to let the water touch it.

You can also take a pen, cover it with a wet wipe, and scrape out the crevasses. This may be easier for most people who aren't as much of a germaphobe as I am.


I mentioned that ZINI includes the following:

- Waterproof drawstring pouch, which easily holds the ZINI Ran, charger, and owner's manuals.

- Sturdy, totally reusable storage box. I actually threw out the box for my seed and I now store both inside because it is very roomy. Looks just like a small shoe box, and has no words anywhere on the box except "ZINI". No one will suspect a thing.

- There were two manuals. One was your basic manual that explains the charger voltage, how loud the toy is, how long it takes to charge, etc. The other is the Quick Start Guide, and that explains how to use the toy. It's confusing so it make take about 3 looks to fully understand. I found "hands-on learning" was just easier. I recommending keeping both for later use. It comes in like... at least 10 languages.

- The charger. It comes with the USA outlet plug, but it is interchangeable for other countries. You do have to go and buy the other adaptors yourself from a local Radioshack, or tech store if you are planning to travel.

If you remove the small cardboard band from the box (it holds the box shut), the box would make a GREAT gift box. You could even throw some other goodies inside like lubricants, cock rings, or just whatever. It's up to you. The only reason I would remove the cardboard band is because it shows the toy and may be indiscreet.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative


I've had a total blast with the Zini Ran. The Seed, for me, was so-so... So I finally said it was time to try another one. The Ran was my next choice and it blew me away. Although it isn't 5 vrooms, it's still a 4 and can easily make anyone climax. The fact that it's so quiet only makes me love it more!

It does have imperfections such as the untrue statement that it is waterproof, or the hard-to-clean crevasse around the key pad. For that I am deducting a star. I would expect a little more out of a toy with so many good qualities, and a toy of this price and caliber. So yes, I enjoyed it, but changes should be made so that this toy has a longer lifespan.
Follow-up commentary
I'm still pretty crazy about this toy. It has a few things that annoy me, but I've worked around them and it's given me amazing orgasms time after time after time. I love the design. It's not too small, but not too large. Not intimidating whatsoever. I just love it! Gonna use this one until it's heart gives out!
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