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G-spot vibrator by Zini

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Zini Ran Away With My Heart!

Elegant high end appeal is how the Zini Ran should be described! From the vibrations to the patterns to the light up thumb pad this toy will delight all of your senses. It is rechargeable and the battery is very easy to check for charge so it can be guaranteed it will not run out of juice at the crucial moment. It is sometimes better to spend a bit more to get something that is so very versatile and well made!
High quality materials, many variations in vibration and patterns, exquisite looking
Handle of toy vibrates vigorously which might be annoying to some users
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Zini has raised the bar on luxury with a G spot/clitoral vibrator that matches the curves of a woman's body perfectly. The Ran is subtle, non-threatening and powerfully pleasing.

The Ran is perfect for clitoral stimulation whether you prefer light teasing vibrations or pulse pounding escalations that will leave you shaking all over. The Ran is amazing for G spot stimulation whether your G spot is easy to stimulate or more difficult to locate. The graceful curve of the head of the toy provides a wide area to apply firm, direct pressure to your spot or if you prefer it can be turned onto it's side and give your lucky spot a more gentle rubbing sensation. Add some vibrations, and you will have plenty to choose from, and the ride has the potential to be explosive!

The Ran lacks any form of flared base so it's not safe for anal insertion. It does, however, feel amazing teasing the anal ring, taint, testicles, penis, and nipples.

The Ran is perfect for solo play. It fits the hand and follows the natural curves of the body. It is also amazing for partner play! The toy has a blunt, rounded tip that will protect against accidental bumping and bruising. The controls light up in the dark providing a sexy look at your partner's bits!
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    • Couples
    • Sensory play
    • Solo
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    • Campus/roommate living
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    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

The shaft of the Ran is made of very sensual silicone. It is smooth but has a bit of drag that can be totally eliminated by a touch of lube. The toy has a light chemical smell just out of the box that can be a bit unpleasant as it can transfer to the area the toy is being used on. After a thorough washing the toy lost the smell.

The head of the toy is rounded but also wedge shaped. The raised area of the wedge forms the G spot stimulator. It offers a bit of pinpoint stimulation that is excellent for clitoral use as well. The wedge feels pretty interesting if you slowly turn the toy so that it brushes up again the vaginal walls.

The texture is sensual and wicked feeling, perfect for all levels of user, but especially so for those users that love smooth dildos. It does provide quite a bit of drag that can be unpleasant for some users.

The handle of the toy is made of hard plastic that is totally smooth and very sexy looking. The thumb pad is large and feels very sensual. The silicone extends down the back of the toy to the recharging port where a plug of silicone allows the toy to be splash proof.
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Zini has outdone themselves with the absolutely sensuous and graceful look of the Ran. The toy is about as perfect for what it was designed for as it could be! The silicone gracefully wraps around the hard plastic handle forming sleek lines that beg to be touched and stroked. The head of the toy is bulbous and then it curves to a tiny little waist that measures in at around 2 inches before curving outward to provide the handle of the toy. The handle fits a small hand as easily as it does a larger one and the thumb rests naturally in the handle's grooved control pad. The charging point is covered with a silicone plug that allows the toy to be splash proof though it isn't completely water proof. The handle of the toy comes to a sharp point that gives pin point vibration with the second motor.

The Ran is eight inches in total length with about 4.75 inches in length being insertable. The head of the toy when measured around the G spot point comes in at 4.25 inches. The head of the toy isn't too large that it is uncomfortable being inserted, but it is angled perfectly so that stroking the g spot is easy and there isn't any wrist discomfort. The wedge shaped head gives the ran a graceful, elegant look.

The thumb pad is approximately 2.5 inches long and almost an entire inch wide. The pad has three buttons on it: "+", "-" and a round button that controls the pattern fluctuations. It is easy to find during play but recessed so that it won't be accidentally bumped changing the speed or pattern at that crucial moment. The pad has a white line around it that lights up with an array of colors signaling the different functions. It also allows you to get a lovely view of your partner's genitals in the dark.

Although this toy is full size it's still pretty easy to slip into a side table drawer, a sock drawer or a toy box. Even if it's found while you are traveling it is so elegant looking it will be admired rather than cause the awkward silences or snickering. This is no disembodied penis this is a high end sleek pleasure tool!
    • Ergonomic
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Zini Ran has QUITE a learning curve! It has functions on top of functions and can be a bit bewildering. The thumb pad lights up to reflect the state of the battery as well as the different speeds/vibrational patterns.

The Zini arrives in need of charging, and the manual advises that you should charge the toy for 2 hours to receive approximately 2-3 hours of vigorous play. The toy arrives in 'travel lock' mode if you press the center button on the control pad it will flash red to alert you to the fact that it is locked. It can be a bit tricky to turn this mode off but basically you pres the "-" button first then press and hold the "+" and "-" buttons simultaneously. Mine didn't change color to indicate that the travel lock feature had turned off I had to charge it first to be sure it was unlocked.

When you plug in the charging cord the thumb pad will blink ten times and then turn off to indicate no battery charge. As it charges the light will turn on if you press the thumb pad (any button seems to work) to indicate how far into charging the toy is.
*Red indicates 0-10% power
*Orange indicates 10-50% power
*Yellow indicates 50-70% power
*Light Green indicates 70-95% power
*Green indicates that the toy is just about finished with the last 5%
*Blue indicates charging is complete
Zini warns that you shouldn't leave the toy plugged in for too long after it is completely charged, they warn that you shouldn't leave the toy charging for 24 hours specifically.

The Ran is very quiet even at the highest functions and patterns. This can be heard barely above the covers but not at all through a closed door.

To turn on the vibrations press the "+" button. The thumb pad will flash white but doesn't stay lit up unless you press the center button which gives you the fluctuations and patterns.
*One press gives you the lowest speed and only the motor in the head of the toy. This speed is actually rather vigorous and suitable for clitoral stimulation for more sensitive clits. The vibrations are centered in the head of the toy and are easily felt on the point of the G spot curve rather than the head of the toy.
*Two presses takes the vibrations up a notch but not irritatingly so. The vibrations are still only in the head of the toy.
*Three presses provides a deeper more thrummy type vibration perfect for most users. This won't burn or numb most clitorises but it is noticeably more vigorous.
*Four presses gives you a bit higher pitched more surface buzz that is the highest speed for the one motor.
*Five presses turns on the second motor making the whole toy vibrate. It does steal a bit of power from the head of the toy but it makes the handle suitable for pinpoint clitoral stimulation if that is your preference. The vibrations are in between buzzy and throbby with an amazing mixture of surface and deeper vibration.
Further pressing will yield no changes.

Now it gets fun! If you press the "+" button and then the round middle button you get the vibration patterns and the thumb pad stays lit.
*White gives you a fairly slow pulsing pattern involving the two motors.
*Teal gives you a faster pulsation pattern that involves both motors.
*Light blue is a faster pulsation with shorter pauses involving both motors.
*Yellow is a wild ride of changing pulsations that fluctuate between the two motors.
*Red gives you another pulsing pattern of stops and starts that involves both motors but is a bit more vigorous than the previous level.
*Orange gives a slower more escalating type of pulse with a long build up.
*Green gives a straight vibration with two short pulses at regular intervals.
*Pink gives a smooth escalation from low vibration to high.
*Light Green gives a faster escalation that sort of stutters at the peak of the vibrations.
*Purple give a very fast and very vigorous pulse.
Whew! So many choices none of which will cause painful numbing of your hands though they might make your palms tingle.

I love the versatility of the toy but I think the dual motors can a bit of a waste if you are using just the head of the toy. For guys the dual motor can really be nice when the toy is laid along the length of the penis as it can stimulate the entire penis through to the scrotum! The dual motors are amazing if you need a neck massage as well. Stimulating both nipples at the same time is an indescribable sensation.

The Ran isn't completely waterproof but it is splash proof. Zini warns against submersing this Ran in water so no tub time for this baby.
    • Discreet sound
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Zini recommends that you clean the toy prior to first use and that it be rinsed before each use. Mild soap and warm water is all you will need given that this toy is covered in silicone and hard plastic. There are a few little seams you will want to run a fingernail or a toothbrush over to be completely thorough. You can use a commercial cleaner or a 10% bleach and water spray but this toy cannot be boiled or washed in the dishwasher.

Zini also recommends using a condom with the toy for every use to prevent the risk of infection but unless you are sharing your toy, proper cleaning habits should prevent any problems.

Water based lubes are generally recommended with silicone toys but if you have a silicone lube you dearly love you can spot test the toy on an inconspicuous area before use just to be sure there won't be any damage to the toy's silicone.

Given the thought and care Zini has gone through there shouldn't be any storage problems with the Ran. Simply store the charger and toy in the box it arrives in or, at the very least, store the Ran itself in the provided pouch.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging is truly elegant. The Ran arrives in a beautiful heavy cardboard storage container that is covered with shiny silver-esque diamond shapes. The word Zini is imprinted on the bottom right corner of the box. The box stays closed with a magnetic strip.

The toy rests in a formed piece of hard plastic. It is easier to take out the form and use the provided pouch. The pouch is vinyl and has the same diamond pattern on it. It fits the toy exceptionally well.

You get a rather detailed booklet in many different languages as well as a quick reference card.

The toy and charger fit into the storage box so well there is almost no reason to store the toy anywhere else unless space is an issue for you. The box looks elegant sitting on a bedside table or dresser.

Personal comments

I love the look, feel and sensations provided by this toy! It screams elegant high end toy and is well worth the price. TO my mind it will replace most of the cheaper vibes in my collection and not having to buy batteries will mean it almost pays for itself!

I would recommend this for any user but especially for the beginner toy user. Though it has a hefty price tag it is just about all you'll ever need in a vibrator! It has a bit of a learning curve but has something to offer every user. From light but easily felt vibration to down and dirty pulsing, escalating madness this will give endless choices.

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Follow-up commentary
Ok, I still LOVE my Ran. It has a permanent home in my tiny, little, bedside table drawer. No matter how much use and hard handling this baby gets it keeps firing up, ready to rock my world. I haven't noticed any signs of wear and tear on either the toy or the charger.

Totally worth the price and more.
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