Sue Johanson's super head honcho - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by T&A1987

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Unless you have a better sleeve, own one, or Eden is sold out, there is no reason not to own one of these. Best toy yet!
Feels fantastic, easy to use, inexpensive, doesn't make a mess, usable most anywhere, looks nice.
Kind of hard to clean, may be too small for some people.
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Are you male? Can you afford to spend $20 on a toy? Do you masturbate? If you answered yes to these questions, there’s one more you need to answer, why don’t you have a Sue Johnson Super Head Honcho (SHH)? The only acceptable answer is that you already have a litany of sleeves of comparable quality, otherwise this is a must buy.
This is a perfect sleeve for beginners, it’s simple to use, requires no prior experience and only requires lubrication to work. To use, simply apply lubrication to both the opening and the erection and then slide the sleeve down the erection.
There are few masturbation occasions where the SHH wouldn’t be welcome. It can be used when sitting, or lying on most any surfaces, making it great for casual use. As it catches all semen and leaks very little lubrication, it can even be used in bed without causing a mess, as long as cleaning protocols (discussed below) are followed.
The ability to use this in bed sets it apart from other toys. Butt plugs, vibrators and certain other sleeves (the Super Sucker leak lube, fecal matter, or Santorum, making them undesirable use in bed. After the SHH brings someone to climax, it simply needs to be placed in a washable tub, or container before bed, no hand washing, cleaning, or wiping down is required.
    • Campus/roommate living
    • On a bed only
    • Tub/shower/pool

Material / Texture

The SHH has a light chemical smell, but it's only noticeable when it's a few inches from the nose and diminishes every time it's washed. It's flexible and squishy to the touch, almost like hardened gelatine, and can fit around the contours of most anything placed inside. It has a safety ranking of 7 and is Phthalates free. As a somewhat porous toy, sharing cannot be recommended as it absorbs and keeps particles expelled into it.

Describing the feel of the texture is difficult; but warm nubbles tightly embracing the penis in a tight, wet kiss sounds right. This is the best feeling toy I've ever used, the light massaging nubbles reaching every part of the penis. The fantastic sensation has led to more potent and longer climaxes, unrivaled from any other toy.

The interior has not one, but three distinct chambers that the penis thrusts through. It is an open sleeve, with an opening on each end, but it is small enough to allow for powerful suction. Note that this may collect dust or fabric from surfaces and if placed on an item with ink, the ink will rub off onto it, proving just how good it is at rubbing things off.
    • Bumpy
    • Flexible
    • Light odor

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Larger and wider users may find issue at the sleeves length of six inches, or girth limit of 2.5 inches wide. Length shouldn’t be too much of an issue as it can be stroked up and down the length of the penis, but anyone wider than 2.5 inches should choose a more accommodating sleeve. A Sue Johnson Big Honcho is an excellent alternative for the larger gentleman.

For those who don't care for the realistic look of sleeves, this is a perfect choice, as it is unrealistic, but colored to appear similar to the interior of lips. It is rose colored as well as translucent, which allows either the user, and/or a partner to watch the action. For those who prefer a more realistic sleeve, try a flesh light mouth.

This is not a discrete toy. There is little doubt that it's a sex toy. So if discretion is desired, either when traveling or storing, keep it covered.
    • Beginner
    • May be too tight for some
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

This is a loud toy, emitting a loud slurping sound during use. For some, this adds to the experience, as the sound is reminiscent to that of fellatio, or intercourse. Others may become self conscious or even fearful that this sound will declare to the world that someone is masturbating.
    • Easy to use
    • Feels realistic
    • Very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

Two issues should be addressed here, lubrication and cleaning. As a TPE toy, only silicone and water lubrication is usable without risking structural damage. Spit may also work, but some type of lubrication is recommended, otherwise it will be far too abrasive.

As previously mentioned, this toy catches all of the semen during use. Lubrication and semen will slowly seep out, making a sticky mess. This is why the sleeve, if stored some place before cleaning, should either be kept on paper towels, or in a washable tub.

This toy is difficult to clean for a litany of reasons. First, as mentioned it catches semen, not to mention lubrication. But more importantly the nubbed texture of the sleeve's interior holds onto the particles. As the interior is narrow and the opening narrower, it cannot be cleaned by wipes, or rags,unless turned inside out.

Instead, there are two ways to clean the SHH. One way is to turn it inside out and thoroughly rinse it with hot(never boiling) water and soap. After rinsing, it should be left to soak in the same water that was used for rinsing. This is to ensure that the soap and water reach every nook and cranny on the interior. After soaking, run under hot water again and wipe it down, either with a paper towel, or a wipe.

For anyone having trouble turning the toy inside out, there is a similar method of cleaning. First, pour some liquid soap, or toy cleaner into both openings (Remember it's an open faced toy) and then place it in either a tub or sink. Pour hot water through the toy, which flushes out the interior and fills the sink or tub with a few inches of water. After flushing out the toy, let it soak, similarly to the previous method, but with one alteration. Apply pressure to both ends of the toy, one at a time. This flushes more soapy water through the interior, which removes the last remnants of lube and semen. Let dry and use as desired.

For storage, keep in a covered area or box; as this is not a discrete toy. The opening for use is shaped in the form of human lips and it is similarly sized and shaped like a penis. At six inches long and only 3 inches wide, it fits perfectly in most lock boxes, bags, drawers, or other enclosed storage devices.
    • Easy to store
    • Hard to clean
Follow-up commentary
While it broke a few weeks after purchase, that was likely a problem with the individual toy and not the toy's design. Eden offered to exchange it and would have, if I had gotten around to shipping it back. Even torn, I still use it occasionally, as it has proven to feel better than other sleeves.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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