Great Choice for a First Masturbator

Not sure if you want to buy a masturbator, whether for you or a partner?

This is a low cost investment that will absolutely pay off. Super Head Honcho provides fantastic stimulation & simulated suction. This product is easy to use & clean, discreet, & travel friendly. With a wide ribbed grip, this product is even appropriate to use with a partner. The length was not the best for me, but the width is great for all but the widest girths.

I would highly recommend SSH as a first masturbator.
Feels fantastic. Unbelievable value makes great first masturbator.
Needs more length between last chamber and end. TPR makes it difficult to keep outside clean.
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Super Head Honcho is a low cost high quality blow job imitator to assist in male masturbation.

Like many male masturbation toys, the most effective way to use this toy is to insert a partially to fully erect penis into one end and then move Super Head Honcho up and down the shaft of a penis. Inserting a flaccid penis is difficult at best. Just as the product implies, move the toy as if you are simulating a deep throat blow job. You can also massage the shaft with the simulated lips, insert from the other end, and even rotate the toy around the shaft and/or head of the penis. Be aware though that this toy is designed primarily as a blow job simulator and other uses may increase the chance of tearing the material. Then again, as affordable as this masturbator is, you can afford a new one after you wear your first one out.

You have several options for how to use lubricant with this toy, and you should use lubricant. You can apply directly to the penis and proceed from there; stop to apply more lube as needed. Or you can place a few drops onto the lips and drop a small amount of lube into the entrance of the toy. Insert your erect penis and use your penis to spread the lube inside. You can combine both of those options and apply lube directly to the lips and use the lips to spread lube along the length of the erect penis. Not only can this method be unique stimulation, it also keeps the lube completely off your hands! An option for adding lube during use is to add drops to the open opposite end and allow it to run down around your penis with gravity. Or you can use my favorite method, add several drops and then switch ends, using your penis to spread the new layer of lube inside. (Particularly fun with a water based creme lube, though I have only tried that with other toys.)

So why is this toy called a "blow job simulator"? Whereas some male masturbators rely more on texture and simulation, the primary feature of a blow job simulator is that it creates gentle suction as you move it up and down on the penis. Do not expect a Hoover vacuum, a porn star experience, or anything resembling a penis pump. The suction will be gentle but noticeable, but not truly a simulation of a deep throat blow job.

Its design makes it usable with one or two hands and on your own or with a partner. Since this product is also partially transparent (a specific feature of its TPR material), Super Head Honcho could be an especially attractive toy for couples. This masturbator could also be used from either end for some variation in stimulation, but does not have the variety of textures that you might see in other toys such as some Fleshlight products.

Though solid and weighty, the product is also flexible, open ended, and should be used with plenty of lubricant. This makes Super Head Honcho difficult or impossible to use hands free, but durable and easy to maintain.

While the original packaging is not discreet, the product itself is very discreet and could be used anywhere you could normally masturbate. It is even waterproof and works with silicone lube, making is usable in hot tubs, showers, and pools as well.

I have already mentioned that this is a great first masturbator. By no means does that preclude adding to a collection of toys.
For the more experienced user of male sex toys, the experience of a blow job simulator is distinct enough from other class of male toys to be a worthwhile addition to your collection. While Super Head Honcho has solid performance, it does have a lack of realism that is sometimes desired in blow job simulators. At the same time, the use of TPR gives it a unique combination of solid performance and transparent appearance that can surpass similar toys in your collection.
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    • Handheld
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    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Quiet
    • Transparent
    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

Super Head Honcho is cast from Thermoplastic Rubber or TPR. TPR is basically a type of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), like many similar products such as the Bubble Shake Function or Si-x Type n Sleeve, and quite often TPR is simply called TPE.

TPE is more resistant to heat and aging, but also has more of a matte color appearance and smoother feel closer to plastic. TPR has a more rubber feel to it, will get stickier at higher temperatures, and can be more transparent and brighter than TPE. This last aspect is probably the most important difference for the Super Head Honcho; TPR is what gives it a nice bright color and a see through quality. Also, the somewhat famous super stretchiness is attributable to greater similarity to rubber of TPR over TPE. The material is pretty much the same as the sticky hands that you can find in grocery store vending machines without the extra sticky coating.

TPR receives a safety rating of 7, slightly higher than the 6 rating of TPE. Realistically, both have the same safety benefits: hypo-allergenic, latex free, and phthalates free. And both have the same safety drawbacks: the material is semi-porous and cannot be disinfected by boiling. You should probably treat TPR as equal in safety to TPE and not use relative safety as a decision maker between products of the two different materials. (Eden actually uses the same product, Dazzle me sparkle, as representative of both materials.)

Because of the porosity, condoms should be used if this toy is to be shared. TPR is compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants, though I can personally recommend silicone lubricants.

I do recall a rubbery odor when I first opened the container, but corn starch seemed to quickly eliminate that (see below). The sticky texture might be a bonus to some, but you really should be using this product with enough lube that the stickiness will not factor into its use. Otherwise, you are probably shortening the life of the masturbator.

It can be difficult to get Super Head Honcho in and out of its container (I only kept the interior bag). Since you should have washed it before putting it away, it can get extremely sticky in its bag! I took a tip from cyberskin products, and put a small amount of corn starch in the bag. Remember that talc can cause irritation and has been linked to cancer. You could use it, but why would you when corn starch works perfectly fine? Corn starch also helps eliminate any of the rubber smell.
    • Brightly colored
    • Sticky
    • Transparent

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Like virtually all blow job simulators, one of the prominent design features is the mouth shaped opening on one end. For Super Head Honcho, the mouth honestly looks more like something out of a Japanese anime cartoon than any mouth on a real person. While the smaller size might be more associated with a female mouth, the lips are actually fairly androgynous in appearance: not quite full or slim, only subtle v-shape to lower lip, and no other facial features for size and proportion reference.

Since the mouth is fairly narrow, it is very difficult to use this toy with a flaccid penis. If you are able to insert (probably using a lot of lube), the narrow entrance should provide enough friction to hold and pull, but do not expect to insert a flaccid penis into the toy far enough to even use the first of three chambers.

The toy measures 6" in length, and you can use the entire length of it for stimulation. Do not underestimate the width of the wide grip collar surrounding the lips. While this collar is great for gripping, and even cushioning, it does bring the diameter up closer to 3" rather than the 2.5" of the main shaft of the toy.

This masturbator has a solid, heavy feel to it. At one pound, expect to get a bit of a workout if you use this a half hour or more (some do). The interior alternates between wider chambers lined with nubs and narrower ribbed sections. While neither texture is particularly unusual in masturbators, the combination is intended to create suction. The nubs on the inside have a smooth feel to them, as long as you use enough lube. The ribs do have a small design problem; if you do not use enough lube and clean thoroughly when done, the extra stickiness of TPR can cause them to collapse on themselves and get very stuck together.

The ribs have a narrow diameter to them while the chambers are considerably wider. As such, Super Head Honcho should work well with a wide range of penis girths, and will stretch from its 2.5" diameter to accommodate. Enter from the lips, the toy starts with a 2" long narrow ribbed section before you encounter the first of three chambers. The first chamber measures 3/4" in length, as does the second chamber, separated by a 1/2" long ribbed section. And second 1/2" ribbed section separates the second chamber from the third chamber while the third chamber and the ending ribbed shaft of the toy both measure 5/8". For ideal use, you want the tip of the penis to move in and out of one of the ribbed sections rather than just moving back and forth in one of the chambers.

Don't despair though if you think your measurements would place the chambers in exactly the wrong location for you. You can use Super Head Honcho from from either direction; from the back you get a narrow diameter around the shaft, a chamber closer to the base of the penis, and the "lips" can massage the head of the penis too. From the opposite direction, most penises will stay in the longer entrance ribbed section throughout use, focusing the suction on the shaft of the penis.

As for length, I think I was exactly the wrong size for this six inch long product. I would most recommend for someone who is either less than 5" in length, and thus can keep their penis inside the product throughout use, or someone who is more than 7.5" in length who can penetrate the far end or be near the end throughout use. If you are right around 6" like me, you alternate between sticking out the end or having the end dangle awkwardly off the end of your penis. If this is a problem for you, the product also has enough length to potentially use two hands comfortably, particularly if a partner is using Super Head Honcho on you. This would allow you to hold the end stable instead of having it bounce around.

My experience with shorter toys, though, has been that they are more difficult to use, while a larger toy can be considerably more difficult to control. This again goes back to my strong recommendation for beginners to start on this product. This length will be easier to use, even if it is not perfectly ideal for you. Width, length, and overall size also make this easy to discretely conceal both at home and travelling; another big plus for someone uncertain about their first masturbator.
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

First the best functional aspects: The suction does work as advertised, creating a nice pull on your penis as it moves in out out of the chambers. For best effect, this requires a couple of inches of motion.

Remember how I mentioned the weighty feel though? Well, that weight bounces around all over the place when you have an inch or so when you are around five inches inside it. Worse still, the suction chambers will work their magic on the lube, pulling it into the last chamber and then shooting it out the end. I only used silicone lube with this, so other lubes may avoid this problem.

Because of the weight and flexibility, this did not work that well for me as a hands free masturbator. Perhaps I was just not creative enough in how to support it. That said, the design is excellent for hands on use. The wide, ribbed rim is very easy to hold with one hand. It even provides a nice firm cushion to thrust against, and could also protect your groin from your own or your partner's hand (if you are that enthusiastic).

The wide rim and length also make it fairly easy to use Super Head Honcho with two hands. This product is absolutely waterproof, and would even work fairly well underwater with the right lube. Although is has no moving parts, you -are- the moving part and you can expect some squishy sounds while using properly. Since the product is fairly silent, waterproof, and very easy to use, you can use it pretty much anywhere you could normally masturbate.

Like many blow job imitators, it is open-ended and does actually turn inside out. Unfortunately, the "mouth" portion tore after a few uses, and I avoided turning it inside out to prevent further tearing. The product is not usable while turned inside out, nor would it likely be particularly interesting that way. The open end also allows you to plug the end during use for more intense suction.

The last chamber is fairly close to the end of the product, and while this meant fantastically stimulating suction on the head of the penis, this also presents a dilemma during orgasm. You can push the head out of the end, you lose stimulation and you have to be careful that any paper products do not touch Super Head Honcho or else they will quickly stick. But if you leave your penis inside, you can end up with a dangerously full last chamber that can easily squirt and leak out the end of the masturbator. If you orgasm in the toy while entering from the back end, you will be orgasming into the 2" long narrow ribbed entrance instead. There is not much space in there at all, so be aware that extra movement when using from that end will be even more likely to cause squirting (or maybe that is what you want it do to).
    • Can be messy
    • One or two hands
    • Very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

Super Head Honcho is very low maintenance. Keep it clean (water, soap, water, and water). Keep it dry (I used corn starch). And absolutely keep it safely in its storage bag when not in use, especially if you have pets.

TPR is a magnet for pet hair. No matter how careful you are with this product, you will be cleaning off pet hair every time you use it. Lint, dirt, dust, etc can also be a problem. I choose to actually rinse it off before use too. It is possible to turn Super Head Honcho inside out for easier cleaning. When you do turn the toy inside out, be very aware of any tears. Tears to the mouth can widen significantly while turning Super Head Honcho inside out and will get significantly worse during subsequent use. Any hairline tears to the ribs can turn into shears: the TPR material will crack away from the side leaving a smooth and somewhat awkwardly shaped surface.

Because of tearing, the routine I used to clean was to run through soap and water, alternately plugging up one end and filling the toy with water. You can then gently scrub the inside with your fingers. TPR will not last forever though, once you do have extensive tearing though, it is time to start thinking about a replacement toy.

I only used silicone lube with this masturbator. This worked extremely well, helping to "seal off" the interior chambers for better suction. Water-based lube can certainly be used as well, but you might have more issues with squirting lubricant during use.

If you are going to use corn starch or a similar product to keep down stickiness and keep the toy drier between use, make absolutely sure that you dry Super Head Honcho as much as possible before storage. You do not want sticky doughy clumps attached to the sides, or even worse, inside the toy when you bring it out for use. Do not try to apply talc, corn starch, et cetera directly to the masturbator to dry it either. Again, you will just create a bigger mess and potentially even damage your toy. I generally would dry with a towel after washing with soap and water and then allow it to air dry in a discreet location. If this is not an option, dry the outside thoroughly, turn inside out and dry the inside, then reverse again and store.
    • Easy to clean
    • No lubricant issues
    • Pet hair magnet


The box is huge relative to the product and not at all discrete. The packaging is actually great for gift packaging. Sue Johanson's endorsement is prominently featured, giving legitimacy to the product immediately. I threw the box away immediately though and only kept the interior bag while transferring to a more discrete box. Super Head Honcho it fits perfect in a hard drive box (guess where I store it)!

The size is small enough that you could travel with this product discretely, as long as you find a new container. Since Super Head Honcho's TPR can be extremely sticky, any new container must keep it safe from pet hair, lint, dirt, etc.
    • Not discreet
    • Prominent endorsement
    • Too large

Personal comments

This was my second masturbator ever, and I think I can safely say this is a great beginner product. Price is right for fantastic performance that works for a wide range of girths and most lengths.


One last thing to add is that, sadly, my Super Head Honcho has moved on. Wear and tear (tearing in particular) eventually got the best of the toy, and I was ready for a new experience. And, in case you are wondering, thermoplastic rubber is recyclable, though please consider the biological risks and be sure to use an appropriate recycling company instead of just throwing it into the blue single-stream bin.
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