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Dona: Luxury is Thy Name

Pamper and sooth yourself, your skin and your soul with Acai Bath Salts by Dona. These large, sweetly scented crystals go farther than regular bath salts to moisturize, nourish and sooth your skin. Add a generous amount to warm running bath water and soak to your heart’s content. Emerge from your bath softened, sexy and lightly scented.
Smells good, softens skin, dissolves easily.
Contains Algae (allergies), contains Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, gets used up quickly.
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Using magnesium sulphide and sodium chloride (found in sea water, chalk cliffs, earth, etc.) to soften bath water is a ritual for pampering that goes back thousands of years.

Dona Acai Bath Salts are dissolved in running warm bath water so the user can take advantage of the herbs and minerals in the salts while enjoying a relaxing, sweetly scented bath.

Here are the ingredients:

Sodium Chloride, is everyday natural table salt. It does have softening and mild antiseptic properties

Magnesium Sulfate, is Epsom Salts , magnesium sulfate can also be absorbed into the skin, reducing inflammation. It is known to help with everything from stiff and sore muscles to migraine headaches. It has multiple applications from gardening to industry. It is a common salt found in sea water and other places. the food industry for binding, thickening and molding

Silica, is a crystal found in common sand which is used to make glass. Inhaling small particles of silica is not safe, but the silica in these bath salts seem to be bound in larger crystals. Crushing these crystals is probably not a good idea. Silica in water has been linked to lowered incidences of dementia.

Maltodextrin, is a polysaccharide or complex sugar. It is used as a starch in the food industry. It is most likely in these bath salts as a binder, as it also has the properties of a starch.

Sodium Hyaluronate, is a disaccharide and is used in medicine as a synovial joint lubricant. Meaning, it can help relubricate arthritic joints, when administered by injection. It is also used for eye surgery, reduce wrinkles on the face and help a certain type of urinary ailment when administered directly into the bladder. I am not sure what application it has in bath salts, but it may be to help lubricate joints or help with skin softness.

Beta Glucan, an other polysaccharide, derived from mushrooms or the bran of cereal grains, used to improve the immune system.

Panthenol, is a chemical used for moisturizing. It is sometimes mixed with allantoin, and is used for treatment of sunburns, mild burns and minor skin disorders. It improves hydration, reduces itching and inflammation of the skin and improves healing skin sores and is moitururizing, a humectrant (it attracts moisture)

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein is a cereal based flavor enhancer, similar to MSG. I am not sure at all why it was included in a bath salt. Those sensitive to MSG may want to slowly introduce small quantities of the bath salts to make sure there are no reactions.

Allantoin, is commonly used in cosmetics as a moisturizer and helps Panthenol work more effectively.

Aloe Barbadensis, Aloe Vera. It has long been used as a skin conditioner and treatment for burns and other mild skin problems.

Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Oil, is left over from wine making. It is used as a moisturizer.

Laminaria Digitata (Algae) Extract, is a sea vegetable. It is used in cosmetics industry for binding, thickening and molding. Those sensitive to iodine may want to ask their HCP or introduce the product in small doses watching for reactions.

Euterpe Oleracea (Açaí) Fruit Powder, is from a palm tree. The fruit of this tree has been used as a sustainable and renewable resource that has a sweet taste and strong antioxidant properties.

Fragrance is used to scent products.
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    • Bath

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The crystal of Dona Acai Bath Salts are firm and hard and larger than one might expect.

However, they dissolve more quickly and thoroughly than normal Epsom Salts, infusing the water with their unique scents. No gritty left over salts at the bottom of the tub with these, as one often finds with regular Epsom Salts.

The crystal salts are dry and not greasy or sticky at all. Keep the salts in a dry place.

Anywhere from about a tablespoon to a handful can be added to warm running bath water. It is not difficult to pour, although this reviewer found it easier to pour the crystals into her hand and then distribute them into the water this way.

The crystals look and feel different than Epsom Salts: they are slightly more translucent and much larger. Here is a comparison of Dona Acai Bath Salt and regular Epsom Salts. The Epsom Salts (which are simply Magnesium Sulfate) are on your left, the Dona is on your right.

comparison to Epsom Salt

acai bath salts
    • Textured

Taste / Aroma

I would not taste these salts. Although they contain some edible ingredients, some ingredients are not edible and are for external use only.

The scent of the Acai Bath Salts is hard to describe. They have a sweet, almost fruity aroma, with a spicy under note. Dona says the names of their product don't always reflect the actual scent, but the feeling of the product.

One can smell the salts as soon as the plastic tub is screwed open. When added to warm running bath water, the scent becomes slightly stronger and then stronger still when one enters the bath. However, at no time was the scent overwhelming or cloying. It was slightly sweet, but the spicy under notes helped keep the sweetness in check.

After soaking, gently pat the body dry. Only remnants of the scent will remain on your skin (so it won't interfere with your own fragrances) but you feel soft and warmly scented for a while after your bath.
    • Light smell
    • Smells good


This reviewer has been using this product, in increasing quantities (see allergy warning and why I did that) about every other day for over a week. The scent of the salts doesn't last long, but you do exit the bath feeling soft and warm and scented. I like that the scent fades, as I like to add my own scent to my body, as do others. If one desires to smell like the bath salts, I suggest getting the other Dona products and layering the products to increase the length of time the scent lasts.

My skin felt soft for a full day after using the salts. It did not leave any residue in my bathtub and rinsed clean off my body, leaving me only soft and slightly scented. There is no reason to wash the infused water off the body after a bath, unless one has a reaction to something in the formula. (Of course, call a HCP if that happens.)

The container claims the product is an aphrodisiac. I don't know if that's true, but when you feel soft, and warm and nicely scented, many people may feel a lot sexier and good things may follow from the bathroom to the bedroom.
    • Allergy concerns
    • Feels natural
    • Performance


The salts come in a reusable plastic tub with a black screw top.

The entire top is removed and the salts can be spooned, scooped with a dry hand or even a shell to bring the salts from the container into the bathtub. Pouring the salts may work, but too much might be poured, resulting in waste of the precious salts.

The container should be kept in a dry place, and please keep damp hands or utensils away from the salts or they may dissolve. Very minimal instructions were included on the side of the tub. Bath Salts are not difficult to use, so there isn't much for the package to say about how to best use them.

The container is totally discreet. Your grandmother could have this in her bathroom and no one would think twice about it.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

This product contains seaweed, which contains iodine. This reviewer is allergic to iodine, but can tolerate the amount in iodized table salt. I decided to use only a small amount of this product the first time and increase it each time. I did not experience any allergic reactions or discomforts at all.

The product also contains a substance that is related to MSG. Those who are sensitive to MSG may also want to use only a small amount of product (perhaps a tablespoon per bath) at first, increasing it if there are no ill effects. As the amount of dissolved minerals and chemicals in a full bath of water are very small, most should be fine with these ingredients. However, those with allergies or sensitivities should contact their Health Care Professional before use, if sensitive to any of the ingredients in these salts.


My only regret with this product is there simply isn't enough of it. It does what it is supposed to do and is enjoyable to use.

This is my container of Salts, which was about 3/4 full when new, after about half dozen baths.

tub after about 5 or 6 uses

I expect to get perhaps 12 or a few more baths from this product. It is a fun product to use, my skin felt soft and pampered and the scent was nice but not overwhelming. I enjoyed moving my hands over my body and my freshly shaved legs against each other during and after this bath, because I felt so sultry and sexy from this product.
Follow-up commentary
The tub of Dona bath salts is nearly gone. I'm so sad. I really love these bad salts and find I've been rationing them until I can afford an order and buy a new tub.

They work so well on my skin; the scent is so subtle and I get excited when I'm getting ready to take a bath with these salts, as I know it's going to be a soothing and relaxing experience. I find it helps my skin stay soft and smooth.

I will absolutely buy a new tub of salts with my next order. It's one of my favorite assignments and I also want to try some of Dona's other products because of the good experience I have had with the bath salts.

I highly recommend them in the Acai scent for most people.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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