Dr. Laura Berman Thalia - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by Coralbell

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If only it wasn't so loud!

Thalia is to the Wahl as the Mystic Wand is to the Hitachi: a lighter, cuter, multi-function, and rechargeable version of a classic massager. Like the Wahl, Thalia is gun-shaped with several attachments. Unfortunately, unlike it's predecessor, this toy is very loud!
Strong, rechargeable, waterproof, multiple attachments, multi-function
Loud, not fully waterproof.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Thalia works best for clitoral stimulation, can be used on any external erogenous areas, and could even be used for an actual massage. Two of the attachments work for shallow penetration.

The body of the toy and the nubbed attachment are made from ABS plastic with a velvety polyurethane coating. The other two attachments are made from TPR and are squishy with a shiny finish. Thalia is phthalate- and latex-free, hypoallergenic and can be used with silicone or water based lubricants. TPR is somewhat porous and can't be disinfected. Wash with warm water and soap or use a toy cleaner.

As I mentioned, the general design of Thalia reminds me of the Wahl. It is a gun shaped massager with 3 attachments that screw onto the body of the toy. My least favourite attachment is the hard, nubbed one. It is 1 1/2 inches wide and can only be used externally. I like to apply pressure to my clit, but this attachment makes pressure more painful than pleasurable. I much prefer the tiered and ridged TPR attachments. Since I use them with the tips against my clit the texture doesn't add simulation, but you could hold the toy upside down and rub the textured sides against your vulva. The TPR attachments are 1 3/4 inches wide and 2 inches long and are designed to stimulate the outer third of a woman's vagina, where most of the nerve endings are located. I tried using them that way, but the thickness combined with the texture was uncomfortable for me.

Functions and Controls
There are two unlabeled buttons on the handle. The bottom button is the power button; when you press it, a red light illuminates and the toy goes into standby mode. Pressing the top button cycles through the 7 functions:

1. Strong, solid vibrations
2. Pulsing
3. Short pulses, solid medium, solid high
4. Short pulses, long pulses, medium pulses
5. Solid low, solid medium, solid high
6. 3 long pulses, 3 short 1 long, 3 short 1 long, 3 short 1 long
7. Solid, fast pulsing, solid

Pressing the button again puts the toy back into standby mode. The power button can be pressed at any time to quickly turn the vibrations off.

I find it odd that you can't use a solid low or medium vibration. I'm not a big fan of vibration patterns, but I prefer Thalia's to a lot of other toys. On some toys the vibrations change very quickly from one style to the next, but with Thalia each type of vibration lasts for 5-10 seconds. I feel like my body actually gets a chance to experience the feeling before it changes. I still mainly use the first setting, but I enjoyed the third and fifth settings as well.

This vibrator is very loud. Thalia's volume doesn't come from the motor itself, but from the motor rattling against it's casing. I find this more annoying than a loud motor, because it seems like it would be an easy problem for the manufacturer to fix. If I squeeze the area around the motor with my hand, the noise level drops to 3 bees. The volume also drops when I apply a lot of pressure while using the toy, which fortunately I like to do. I get irritated by the noise when I adjust the toy's position or move it away from my body to change the setting.

The vibrations are strong and fairly rumbly. They are similar in pitch to the Mystic Wand on high, but slightly less strong.

A light hidden behind the buttons shines red while Thalia is charging, then turns to green to indicate that it is fully charged. A 1 hour charge lasts for about 1 1/2 hours on the constant setting. The first charge takes longer.

This toy is labeled as waterproof, but when I submerged it I found water droplets inside the seal. The seal does prevent water from getting inside while washing the toy and is sufficient for shower use.

Thalia's packaging is not discreet or attractive, but it is respectable looking. It is a clear plastic box with purple and blue writing. The front has the name of the toy and a description of the product. On the back are labeled pictures of the vibrator, it's charger, and attachments. There are no instructions included. There is a blurb about Dr. Laura Berman, who is a sex educator, researcher and therapist. She is probably best known for her controversial appearance on Oprah where she suggested that mothers buy vibrators for their teenage daughters. I really don't care whether a doctor has given my vibrator a stamp of approval or not, but this might be reassuring to someone who is hesitant to try a sex toy.
Follow-up commentary
The Thalia is just too loud for me. I live with my family, and I don't feel comfortable using this when anyone else is in the house. I know some people don't mind loud toys, and it does have really nice, strong vibrations, but there are so many other strong toys out there that are also quiet, especially in this price range.
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    I reviewed this one too, and I really wish manufacturers would embrace the term water resistant. Mine died when I was testing if it was really waterproof.
  • Coralbell
    namelesschaos- I agree, I've had a lot of toys fail the test. I only put mine underwater for about 2 minutes so there were just a few drops inside and it still worked fine after I let it dry out.
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