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Indulge In This Sweet Perfume

You can really indulge yourself with Indulge. The scent is very strong at first, but does fade out to be more subtle after an hour or two. It starts off smelling of vanilla and gingerbread, to me at least, and then fades out to be mostly just vanilla. The scent is wonderful (if you're a fan of vanilla) and lasts a very long time so you won't be reapplying all the time. It's a great addition to any perfume collection.
Scent is strong and lasts a long time, Gets more subtle later in the day
Some may find the scent overwhelming
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What is it, and why are you telling me about it?

Well, this here is a deliciously scented perfume, and I'm telling you about it because it's awesome. Use it as an actual perfume, or to freshen up clothes or sheets or just a room. The scent lasts a long time once it's found something to cling to.

Neat! Just how long does it last?

The very first time I sprayed it was right before bed because that's when I got to open the box it came in. The next morning my shirt still smelled like it, as did part of my bed. I wore that shirt all day because it was a lazy day, and by bedtime I could still smell it. Those particularly sensitive to strong smells will probably want to avoid being near where this has recently been sprayed, but should be fine later on when it becomes more subtle.

Holy cow, that's a long time! What does it smell like when you first spray it, and does that scent change as time goes on?

When first sprayed, it reminds me a lot of the warm vanilla sugar scent from Bath and Body Works, only with a bit of gingersnap and the light essence of some florals in there as well. As the day wears on the florals and the gingersnap disappear and you're left smelling very much like vanilla, at least to me anyway. It's a warm, rich scent that stays warm the whole time you're smelling it.

Ooh, that sounds lovely. Might you say it smells almost like ... cake?

Um, yes. I guess. If you had to make me come up with something edible to compare it to, I would say that this Indulge perfume from Cake does smell a bit like, well, cake.

Ha! Made you say it! Anyway, what does the bottle look like?

The bottle itself looks a lot like you might expect a perfume bottle to look like. It's round and flat at the same time, more wide than deep. It's about 3" wide, but less than an inch deep and only 4 1/2" tall. There's a silver cap that comes off to expose the sprayer, and the light pink lettering on the frosted glass makes it look like the real honest to god perfume that it is, rather than something trying to masquerade as "not an adult product."

Cool. Are there ingredients listed on the bottle? How about the box?

Nothing on the bottle, but there are some on the back of the cupcake pink box. They read alcohol denat, fragrance (parfum), and water.

I don't suppose you've got a picture at all.

Why yes I do! Here's a picture of the bottle next to the box with a standard Bic lighter thrown in for scale.

My very favorite perfume is Revlon's Fire and Ice. It's a warm yet musky fiery scent with some great vanilla undertones. It's also about $15 a bottle, which I loved. What I didn't love however, was the fact that it only seemed to last a few hours at most. I started to move on to Mary Kay's Thinking Of You which is harder for me to describe, but lasts longer than my Fire and Ice, and even the Bath and Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla that I also love (that one smells like Koolaid). However, none of them can hold a candle to how long Indulge lasts, even if I love all of their scents just as much. It's really opened my eyes that the price of a perfume really can play a huge role in how long it lasts. It always made sense when explained before, but until I actually caved and experience it for myself, I never truly believed it.

I can tell this perfume will last me a long time, and when it's finally empty I won't hesitate to buy a new bottle of it. Literally the only downside I can find for it is that some people are going to think it's too strong and be bothered by the scent.
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