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Intimate | Orgasmics

Intimate | Organics massage balm is an wonderful, lightly scented solid balm that melts, almost magically, into a slippery oil when it hit the heat of your skin. It spreads well, absorbs wonderfully, gives plenty of slickness for a long lasting massage and leaves the skin soft and scented with a hint of rejuvenating citrus.
Reduces friction for a long massage, no oily residue, absorbs well, light scent
Ginger scent could be a bit more prominent
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Uh. Ok. It's really Intimate | Organics but, let me tell you, this stuff makes me feel almost as good as an orgasm so you can't really blame me for the mistake.

I'm talking about the Fresh Orange & Wild Ginger Aromatherapy Massage Balm from I|O and it inspired an entire blog post from me a week or so ago.

While the Eden Fantasys site has this pictured in a tube - and, indeed, it used to come in one! - it now comes in a squat, round 5 oz plastic jar with a screw off lid. The same art decorates the lid as used to decorate the tube and as decorates all of I|O's products; a nude, wet torso and a wet leaf of some sort, possibly aloe, possibly grass. Regardless, it's kind of sensual looking but very tasteful and I have no problem at all leaving these products out where people can see them.

The Massage Balm is, again like all I|O products, filled with organic and natural ingredients. In fact, this one appears to be 100% natural ingredients.

Sweet Almond Oil
Sunflower Seed Oil
Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Carnauba Wax
Candelilla Wax
Vitamin E
Organic Sunflower Seed Oil
Organic Goji Berry Extract
Organic Lemon Grass Extract
Organic Aloe

The only thing in there they may not be natural is the aroma or fragrance -- which is quite light, by the way.

The best thing, to me, about massage balms as opposed to oils, lotions or creams is their solid consistency. They sit in their jar or tube rather like carmex or old fashioned salves, all solid and hard looking. They're like magic, though, because when you scoop a bit out -- or even just run your finger across the surface to grab a tip full -- they immediately get soft and, with just few seconds against the heat of your flesh, begin to melt. The I|O massage balm melts into a slick pool of oil right in your hand -- or on your back, legs, etc -- that spreads like a dream and coats the skin so that you can rub and knead and massage it to your hearts delight.

It lasts a good long while, too, providing enough decreased friction to provide a really good massage. And while it melts to an oil and spreads like an oil, it never leaves you feeling oily. In fact, it sinks into the skin fully, leaving you only lightly scented and soft.

Like nearly all massage products, however, I prefer to use it in the bath. I don't add it to the water -- though you could. I actually open the jar and apply it head to toe while I luxuriate in the tub. It smooths onto wet skin like silk and encourages me to slow down, enjoy that melting magic as I rub it not just on my skin but into it, like a self massage. When I'm finished in the tub and am toweling off any excess gets rubbed off and my skin is left feeling smooth and touchable.

And so we have a dual purpose balm! Massage and bath. You can just as easily apply to damp skin after a shower if that's your preference, too.

Intimate | Organics massage balm is not the least bit gritty, though former reviews from when it was still housed in a tube say it is. Mine is smooth and perfect. Its scent is light and citrusy. I can definitely smell orange and a hint of ginger, as well as a bit of the lemon balm and coconut oil that are in it. It is not a spiced orange scent but a kind of warm yet breezy scent, definitely energizing. Smelling it makes me feel rejuvenated. Not really alert and awake like a shot of caffeine sort of energizing but refreshed like a good power nap or a brisk walk make me feel. The aroma fills my small, steamy bathroom but is not enough, I wouldn't think, to be bothersome or over much to even those with sensitive noses. It's not too sweet nor too heavy, not too girly nor overly masculine. Perfect, really, for anyone. My only wish is that the ginger scent was a bit more noticeable but I can't have everything now, can I ?
Follow-up commentary
I just bought my second tub of this and am, as I was with the first, immensely impressed. It's really the best massage balm I've ever tried and smells even better in the cocoa goji scent.

This has become a must have for me and I will absolutely order some, soon, in the lemongrass coconut scent. Intimate Organics can almost do no wrong...
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  • LicentiouslyYours
    How does this compare to the Love Balm Organic Lube? I know that is coconut oil based and you've reviewed both. Which do you like better?
  • Carrie Ann
    Um... hmmm. My Love Balm was slightly gritty and this one, thanks to the waxes, is a bit smoother and less likely to turn to liquid at room temp. I think I like this one better for full body use, the Love Balm best for use on rough patches of skin and my vulva, both as moisturizer and as lube.

    I like the scent of both equally well. Smile
  • Sammi
    I seriously need to try these. They sound so good!
  • Carrie Ann
    I say get them both. They are good. And the Love Balm actually tastes good, too. mmmm.

    This one tastes a bit perfumy
  • sophie2229
    I'm hungry now... oh and wanting some massage balm Smile Great review!
  • ......
    Very nice review, thanks!
  • Kayla
    Thanks for the review. Smile
  • Selective Sensualist
    Oh, this is the massage product that sounds the MOST tantalizing to me! I love body butters and how they just melt in your hand. And the scent of this sounds amazing! (I now know the answer to the question I just asked on one of your other reviews about which other scent in the Intimates Organics you have tried). Did you ever try the lemongrass scent, too?
    Great review!
  • Carrie Ann
    I did! I think, in order of preference, I like the lemon best, then the cocoa, then the orange
  • damnbul12
    Thanks for the review.
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