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Intimate Organics Massage Balm helps create the perfect intimate massage with its certified organic, vegan ingredients. Paraben-free and DEA-free, the massage balm melts to a fragrant oil between your palms. The balm is long-lasting and requires very little reapplication, if at all. The Massage Balm comes in three scents: Sensual (Cocoa Bean and Goji Berry), Relaxing (Coconut and Lemongrass), and Energizing (Fresh Orange and Ginger).
Organic, paraben-free, not sticky, long-lasting, smells great.
A little grainy, but becomes a smooth oil when rubbed between palms.
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Intimate Organics is a company that formed in 2008 which focuses on vegan, organic, body-safe ingredients. With their massage products, Intimate Organics promises a paraben-free and DEA-free formula. Each tube of massage balm contains shea butter and an assortment of certified organic essential oils.

Intimate Organics Massage Balm comes in a 5 oz. tube. The tube's cap screws off to reveal that the opening of the tube is sealed with silver foil, similar to the safety seals on medicine bottles. This seal is easily removed. It is a good idea, especially in colder climes, to warm up the bottle the first time it is opened so the product comes out easier. When I received my massage balm, I worked the tube with my hands, squeezing it gently to move the product around inside, before the balm was easily squeezed out.

The Massage Balm comes in three scents: Sensual (Cocoa Bean and Gogi Berry), Relaxing (Coconut and Lemongrass), and Energizing (Orange and Ginger). I received the Relaxing scent. The first time the bottle was opened, the balm smelled strongly of lemongrass. After I rubbed some of the product between my palms, however, the coconut scent rose to the front and balanced out the lemon, creating a delightful olfactory experience.

A little of this massage balm goes a long way. I have found that a quarter-sized dollop of balm lasts for an entire back rub, but the amount will vary with the amount of skin the balm is being applied to. As it comes out of the bottle, the balm is gel-like and grainy in consistency. Rubbing it between your palms, however, will quickly warm and melt the balm into a nice, slick oil that you can then apply to the area of the body you wish to massage. Or, if your massage partner likes the texture, you can apply the balm to their skin before all the grains have dissolved for an exfoliating feeling.

If you apply enough balm the first time around, there is no need for reapplication, as the balm absorbs into the skin very slowly. Even 15 minutes after initial application, the balm still reduces friction enough for a comfortable massage without making the skin too slick. At the same time, the balm does not feel sticky or unclean. It is completely safe to roll over onto your back and cuddle after a nice relaxing back massage without worrying about whether lint will stick on your back or if you'll get your sheets dirty.

After administering a massage with the balm, your hands will not feel sticky, but they will feel a little oily. If this bothers you, then warm water and soap will wash the product from your hands. Otherwise, just work it into your own skin and it will work like a moisturizer. This works miracles for your skin if you have chapped hands!

Intimate Organics Massage Balm is a quality massage product that will last for many massages. It contains many certified organic essential oils that are beneficial to your body and smells wonderful for an aromatherapy experience.
My boyfriend and I delight in giving each other back rubs and neck rubs whenever possible. This massage balm quickly became our new favorite massage product after we used it on each other. Past problems we have had with massage products are nowhere to be found with this balm. It doesn't absorb too quickly into the skin, leaving you plenty of time to finish the massage without having to reapply, and it doesn't get sticky like many glycerin-containing massage products tend to do.

My boyfriend adores this massage balm, both in giving and getting massages. He has a very fuzzy back, so my main concern was that the balm would snag his back hair and cause discomfort. My fears were dispelled when it was revealed that the balm completely smoothed over his back and caused no trouble for his fuzz.

Having been massaged with this product myself, I can find no flaws. It's not a warming product, but it picks up and retains heat created by friction, so it feels great without burning sensitive skin. My boyfriend decided to apply some of the balm straight to my skin without dissolving the little grains first, and it felt like a great exfoliating rub until my body heat melted the grains.

On top of that, I LOVE the coconut and lemongrass scent. It is very relaxing but not too heavy. I very rarely give a product a perfect rating, but this massage balm deserves it.
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  • Contributor: Sammi
    This is a bit pricey, but wow - the scents sound sooo good!
    Great review!
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Sammi--Thanks! It really does smell wonderful. I wonder what the other scents (Relaxing & Energizing) smell like in person. I've never sniffed a Goji berry before!
  • Contributor: Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Nice review. I think this line of products is setting a new standard. I like that they are organic & vegan, and the company seems to really care about the quality of products.
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Happy Lady-- Check out their website at []. I was pretty impressed with their product lineup and the information they have on the website.
  • Contributor: Josmoseph
    Organic is so popular today and good for you. Thanks for the review
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Josmoseph-- organic is also generally a bit pricier! I find the price of this massage oil to be pretty generous though.
  • Contributor: Angel deSanguine
    Thank you for mentioning the fact this doesn't make sheets and stuff sticky... nothing ruins a good massage faster for me than sheets that stick afterwards so I have to change the bed and take a shower when I just want to curl up, cuddle and sleep.

    It's also good to know that it doesn't make hair gross and slimy, my hubby is fuzzy too and hates that feeling (can't say I blame him!)
  • Contributor: *Michelle*
    Great review. I might buy this but not the coconut cuz I am allergic....
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review!
  • Contributor: deltalima
    Thanks for sharing
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