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There are many sensual body products on the market that are good, even great - from massage oils to honey sweetened dusts to lickable lotions. Still, as wonderful as any of these may be there is one that stands far above all of them: Intimate Organics Massage Balm. Its consistency, its decadent but not overwhelming scents and its ability to moisturize deep down makes it simply the best available.
Does not spill, thick and luxurious, beautiful scents, not too pungent, deeply moisturizing
Lemon grass scent has a slightly gritty texture
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There is a very good reason why every reviewer here at Edenfantasys that has tried the Intimate Organics Massage Balm has rated it a five star product. It is quite simply the best massage product offered here, and probably the best massage product I've ever tried - period. And I've tried a lot! I love this stuff so much that I have developed a sort of anxiety that the company will abruptly discontinue it; I seriously have to resist the urge to stockpile this stuff fall out shelter style.

It is just a plain amazing product. To begin, this massage balm is made from mostly natural and USDA certified organic ingredients, although do not mistake the "Certified Organic" stamp on your jar for a free pass for the entirety of the product. Look closed and you will see it actually says "MADE WITH USDA Certified Organic INGREDIENTS" - although not exclusively! In fact, there are a number of ingredients that are not organic. Those that are organic are listed as such in the ingredients. These ingredients vary slightly depending on which scent you purchase, but all should contain the following:

Sweet almond oil, Sunflower seed oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter seed oil, Carnauba wax, Candelilla wax, Perfume, Tocopheryl acetate, Certified organic sunflower seed oil, Certified organic goji berry fruit extract, Certified organic lemon grass extract, Certified aloe leaf extract

Intimate Organics products are also 100% vegan and none are tested on animals.

Personally, I appreciate Intimate Organics doing their small part to support sustainable agriculture but that's not really why I love their products. It's really more of a bonus. I do love their products because their ingredients are very wisely chosen and very carefully proportioned. This massage balm is absolutely perfect texture-wise because of this; it doesn't drip or run like massage oils but it doesn't sacrifice spreadable slickness like a massage lotion often will. Instead the waxes and heavy oils such as the coconut cause the mixture to solidify into a pomade-like consistency. It stays relatively solid at room temperatures, although it does start to liquefy in the heat.

The consistency can vary a bit from jar to jar, I've found, and from scent to scent. My goji berry scent is very waxy and thick, but my lemon grass scent is very grainy and slightly thinner. I'm not sure why this is but I have read other reviewers have also had this experience with the lemon grass. I can't say it particularly bothers me. It almost has the gritty consistency of some exfoliating scrubs like St. Ives Apricot wash, which I don't mind.

Because this stuff is thick you don't have to worry about the jar tipping over or you dripping some on your fancy-schmancy silk lingerie or bed sheets. As a very clumsy person who can get just the littlest bit hasty when she's excited ...I appreciate this immensely. It's also very easy to scoop right out of the tub like you would a hair product. Once it's in your hands the balm instantly begins to melt, and a quick rub of the palms together liquefies it. Ta-da! Oil! With the lemon grass you may need to rub a little longer just to make sure the granules are all dissolved, unless you are like me and don't really mind the graininess.

Once you get your hands all greased up and you're ready to go, you'll discover Intimate Organics Massage Balm is luxuriously heavy, thick kind of oil that spreads like a dream. Some may feel it's a little heavy and won't like the feeling of the weight on their skin, but if you rub and knead for 15 minutes or longer the oil will be pretty thoroughly absorbed. I can definitely see this product irking some with a greater tactile sensitivity, but if you love heavy, deeply moisturizing oils like me you will fall head over heels for this potion. It provides a good barrier between your massaging hands and your partner's flesh, but it will only reduce friction for about 15 to 20 minutes before it soaks well enough in that you may want to reapply a little.

Finally, I have saved the best for last: how these balms smell. I don't even know how to explain it. When I unscrew the lid of one of these 5 oz. tubs I almost always put my nose up to the rim just to inhale the concentrated scent of ...awesomeness. Unfortunately I do not have the orange & ginger because every time I have the extra money lying around to get some, it just so happens to go out of stock. It's some kind of cruel trick the universe is playing on me.
The lemon grass & coconut has a sugary aroma that is tempered with just the right amount of tartness. Strong enough to set a mood but light enough to sit well with my very perfume-sensitive mother (who is prone to migraines,) this fragrance is pretty gender neutral and a safe bet for finicky noses. It reminds me of cool scratch lemon meringue pie. I was worried I might smell kind of like a citronella candle or a cleansing bathroom spray with the lemon grass scent. However, there is a sweetness to this scent that makes it decidedly dessert-like and not at all like a household cleaner. I can't say that I detected coconut very strongly which did sadden me a bit because I love coconut so much. This is literally my only complaint.

Unlike the lemon grass, the cocoa bean & goji berry seems to be slightly less universally appealing. I have had a few people tell me it was a little bit "strange" and that something about it just did not appeal to them. For the most part I have found it's a hit, and I personally love it. This is a much more complex scent to my nose, which may be why some people dislike it.

If you inhale deeply with your face close to the jar you'll immediately be hit with a buttery, nutty kind of scent that can almost certainly be attributed to the cocoa bean's fatty oils. Next you will be able to discern a more subtle and slightly tart fruit scent (the goji berry) that fades into an unexpectedly saccharine finish. The smell left lingering in my nostrils after I exhale is almost like bubblegum, it's bizarre. On the skin though you get much more of that marriage of buttery and sweet which is, in a word? Delicious. This scent is definitely a bit stronger and a little less familiar than a meringue pie so be warned it may be an acquired taste (or smell.)

Truly this balm is my favorite massage product hands down. I use these balms for everything, too. I rub some into my skin after a shower while I'm still a bit wet (the water makes the skin that much more slick so it's easier to spread,) I often keep some in my purse and rub a little on my elbows and hands throughout the day, I give massages, I receive massages. ..I do it all! It's really deeply moisturizing so I have found it's awesome for massaging dried, cracked feet with tough, thick callouses. A small glob of this goes a really long way, too. I bought my two tubs months ago and have only gotten barely half way through each. For $16 and some change this is such an amazing bargain. If you get ONE massage product make it this!
Follow-up commentary
I'm sadly out of all but the tiniest bit of my lemongrass massage balm. Edenfantasys has unfortunately discontinued this item, so I've had to move on to other things. Still, nothing has really come close to what I've had with this massage balm. The wax in it was just right to keep it locked in place for a long time, providing a thing protective buffer between my skin and the outside world. The oils in it soaked in the condition and nourish, and the scents were out of this world. I still like this stuff, but once my lemongrass is all out, I won't be able to say "I still like". More like "once upon a time..."
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