Simply sensual body butter - body moisturizer by Classic Erotica - review by Kate

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Simply Soft

Whether you have dry skin or you just want to make sure that your soft skin stays soft, this body butter is rich, reasonably priced and it performs flawlessly! If the day ever comes that I run out of this, I will be repurchasing just like I have done with my other ginger pomegranate products from this line!
Smells amazing, Long lasting moisturizing, Smooth, Unisex scent
Absolutely none!
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The Simply Sensual line from Classic Erotica offers a decent range of body care products ranging from shaving products to bath products to lotions and body butters that will keep your skin moisturized and soft. So you might be wondering, they have a lotion AND a body butter in this line...what's the difference? Lotions typically are thin in comparison to thicker, richer body butters. Lotions rely on a combination of oil and water bound together through the use of an emulsifier. Lotions also tend to go on smoothly and soak right into your skin, absorbing quickly and leaving no greasy residue behind. Body butter will generally consist of 3 basic ingredients: Shea butter, vegetable oil and either coconut oil or cocoa butter. Body butter comes in several varieties: whipped, which usually includes beeswax and makes the formula harder to absorb but it's longer lasting, wax-less and bar-type which are both more easily absorbed into the skin. Because body butter is thicker and richer than lotion, it provides deeper moisturizing! Dry skin can be caused by a variety of things such as frequent washing which can remove the skin's oily lipid layer that protects skin from moisture loss, harsh winter and dry heat. Dry skin happens as the result of skin cells losing essential moisture and it can feel rough, flaky and uncomfortable. Simply Sensual's body butter is thick, rich and it eliminates dry skin successfully while leaving a sweet yet spicy scent behind!
    • Massage
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

I'll admit it, I am a beauty junkie and a total girly girl. I always have a ton of beauty products on hand ranging from cosmetics to bath products to lotions. I stay loyal to my tried and trusted favorites while giving new products a chance. I can honestly say that Simply Sensual's body butter is not only the thickest body butter that I've tried, it's the thickest moisturizing product that I have ever tried! I have included pictures for comparison with other brands available on Eden Fantasys. Simply Sensual's body butter was by far, the thickest. System Jo's Dona body butter is in second place for thickness, it's half as thick as Simply Sensual's, it's thinner and it doesn't require as much massaging for it to absorb into the skin. Kama Sutra's body souffle is in third place, it's thin and light and while it may not be overly watery, it will start to trickle out of it's container when it's left on it's side. Last place for thickness goes to Doc Johnson's body butter, it's very thin and overall it's a watery mess, turn the jar upside down and you'll be wearing it! Simply Sensual's body butter is so thick that I can remove the lid and turn the jar upside down with no worries that it will drip out and create a mess. If you live in a warmer climate, I don't suggest trying this because you may end up wearing it (and not the way you'd like to), although I have yet to have an issue with this. This body butter is a light, pale pink in color but it has no extra shimmer and does not add any color to your skin. Because of how extremely thick this body butter is, I expected my skin to feel smothered or greasy. I shouldn't have made assumptions because although this is so thick, my skin just felt deeply moisturized.
    • Creamy
    • Smooth
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

The Simply Sensual line really seems to favor the scent of ginger pomegranate, most of their products are available in this scent. The only products in this line that offer other scent options are their body lotion, shave creme, after shave protection mist and after shave and wax powder. The first ginger pomegranate product that I tried from this line was the body scrub and I was very pleasantly surprised with the scent. I don't normally like ginger but I love pomegranate. The ginger pomegranate scent of Simply Sensual's products is very pleasant and best of all, it's unisex! It isn't floral or powdery and there isn't an overwhelming fruity smell or anything that would give this a girly smell. It has a sweet scent to it, almost with a little bit of citrus mixed in but the citrus was far more subtle than it was in the body scrub. The body scrub definitely had a grapefruit smell to it. This body butter has a sweet smell with a spicy scent mixed in as well, the spicy/sweet ratio seems to be balanced pretty evenly and this scent is strong but I found it to be lighter after 30 minutes. I'm not sensitive to the strength of scents but I wore this around people who are and they had no complaints and actually complimented the scent. As with many products, the scent is strongest when you first apply this body butter and massage it into your skin. After approximately 30 minutes I noticed that the scent had weakened but not completely faded, it remains light and pleasant. So far I have developed my own Simply Sensual ritual (just like with System JO Dona) and layered the ginger pomegranate products that I own to make the scent last longer. As part of my routine on days when I choose to stick with this scent, I start with the ginger pomegranate shower creme, follow up with my ginger pomegranate body scrub and finish off with the body butter. I don't find it overwhelming but it definitely makes the scent last longer! I will say that if you choose to do this, I would avoid wearing your usual perfume and just stick with this. If you do choose to wear your regular perfume either after layering as part of a ritual or even if you have only used the body butter, you more than likely will find that the scents will clash and if you are sensitive to scents or anyone around you is, it will probably just be a recipe for a headache! This product is not flavored because it is not designed to be edible and doing so may cause harm so please avoid ingesting this. While small amount probably wouldn't hurt you, I can't imagine that this would taste very good, I imagine that it would leave a waxy texture on your tongue as most lotions tend to do. Because this is a scented product, please also take care to avoid contact with your eyes and genitals because it may cause irritation.
    • Smells good
    • Strong smell
    • No taste


Simply Sensual's body butter is packed full of ingredients that provide skin with intense, deep moisturizing. This body butter contains Vitamin E, Coconut Oil & Shea Butter, the combination of all 3 ingredients make for a very rich body butter that I believe will provide intense moisturizing to the driest skin. Shea butter is an all natural, healing Vitamin A cream, it's an ivory colored fat that is extracted from the nut of the African shea tree and it is widely used in skin care products for it's skin conditioning properties. Coconut oil works to hydrate the skin while Vitamin E is used as a skin conditioner. Vitamin E can heal and soothe skin but it can also reduce the appearance of scars and reduce the signs of aging by keeping skin moisturized and plumping out small wrinkles such as crow's feet or fine lines around the mouth. The performance of this body butter has far exceeded my expectations. Besides JO Dona's pomegranate body butter, I really haven't had the best of luck with body butters in the past and was forced to stick with lotions. I kept coming back to body butters because my skin is sensitive and it gets dried out so easily, if I don't moisturize on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day, I'm left with very dry skin. I have Keratosis Pilaris, that combined with sensitive, fussy skin that doesn't always react well to scented products usually leaves me with another jar of product that I only used once and it gets tossed to the back of the cupboard. Because of how dry my skin is, a body butter is definitely what I need to use on a daily basis. Because body butter is richer in moisturizing properties and thicker than a lotion, it works best for people who have dry skin. Because lotion is thinner, it works best for people who don't necessarily have a problem with dry skin but they want to feel softer, smoother and add a little more moisture to their skin. The best way I can describe it is, in my opinion, lotion is for when your skin just needs a little sip of hydration, body butter is for when your skin needs to gulp in that moisture! And did my thirsty skin ever drink this body butter in! The butter absorbed within approximately 5 minutes and the best part? It wasn't greasy! It wasn't sticky! That is the problem that I often came across when trying out body butters in the past, they would feel gummy and sticky like they were smothering my skin or they would leave my skin feeling greasy and worried that anything my skin came into contact with would be stained. I can happily say that between this and Dona's body butter, I have found 2 great body butters that my skin eagerly drinks in every time! My tattoos look so much better when my skin is moisturized, they go from looking really light and faded before I use this body butter to looking like I just had them done after I've massaged the body butter into my skin and let it sink in.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Long lasting
    • Performance


Simply Sensual's body butter is available in one size: a 7 oz plastic jar. When the twist off lid is removed, the jar has a reusable plastic seal with a tab on top for easy removal. On top of this seal sits a small plastic spoon to spread the body butter on if you choose not to dip into the jar with your hands. Because the seal doesn't peel back, instead it sits on top of the jar before putting the lid back on, it's reusable. I have kept the plastic insert seal in my jar of body butter because it's convenient for the plastic spreader to sit on top of it between the lid and the seal. I haven't bothered with the spreader, I use my hands to apply this body butter but I have held onto it in case I ever have a need for it. Simply Sensual's body scrub comes with and identical plastic seal and spreader as well, it's a convenient feature to have since not all products are resealable. The only thing remotely suggestive about the packaging that would possibly make it not so discreet is the mention of pheromones and the back of the jar says "Infused with pheromones...nature's sexual attractant". The plastic jar features a label that has the company and product name on the front as well as a symbol that states it is paraben free. The back of the jar gives a product description and a list of ingredients as well as mentioning that this body butter is cruelty free and made in the USA. This would make a great gift, I would also consider it to be travel friendly but as with any beauty products this should be stored in a sealed plastic bag when traveling.
    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Travel friendly

Special Features

Personally I didn't notice any pheromone effects from this but I can say that they aren't exaggerating with the "skin toning" and "cellulite reducing" claims. My skin not only looked firmer after using this for a week, it felt firmer. The appearance of cellulite seems to be reduced as well, now whether or not that's true or wishful thinking, I'm not sure. I can confidently say that my skin feels firmer, it is deeply moisturized (goodbye flaky skin!) and I feel like I can't stress enough how pleasantly surprised I am with this body butter!
The ingredients are listed on the label on the back of the jar and they are as follows:
Water (Eau)
Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
Caprylic/Capric/Myristic/Stearic Triglyceride
Ethylhexyl Palmitate
Cetearyl Alcohol
Polysorbate 60
Aminomethyl Propanol
Bupleurum Falcatum (Chai Hu) Root Extract
Butylen Glycol
Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)
Caprylyl Glycol
Coenzyme A
Helianthus Annuss (Sunflower) Seed Oil
Reconstituted Androne
Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
Fragrance (Parfum)
Red 33 (CI 17200)
If you have had sensitivities to scented products in the past, I would recommend doing a patch test and applying a small dab of body butter to the inside of your wrist. Allow the product to absorb and note of any reactions within the next hour or so, if none are observed then you may be ready to apply more but everyone does react differently.

Personal comments

I've been so impressed by the quality of the Simply Sensual line that I have taken a break from Dona. We haven't officially ended things but I've been devoting more attention to Simply Sensual and I have to admit, it's been a nice change. While Simply Sensual doesn't offer as many scents, I have tried the green tea and the ginger pomegranate and enjoyed both. Between the two, I do prefer the ginger pomegranate and luckily there are more products available in that scent. This body butter is part of a very reasonably priced line full of high quality products and I have yet to find one that I didn't love. So far I own Simply Sensual's body scrub (It buffs my skin wonderfully and I'm almost ready to restock again!), shower creme (I'm on my second bottle!),body butter,shave creme,shave protection mist,body lotion (on it's way!) and refreshe body mist with pheromones (on it's way!). I'll always have a soft spot for Dona but when it comes to body butters, it doesn't get any better than Simply Sensual. Simply Sensual is, in my opinion, the best moisturizer available on Eden Fantasys. It smells amazing, the price can't be beat and it performs awesomely!


While I am still working on trying every Dona product, I needed a change and Simply Sensual has been an amazing breath of fresh air. I never eat the ginger included with my sushi and until Simply Sensual came along, I never owned anything with ginger featured in the scent. To say that I went into this with an open mind wouldn't be totally honest. I love pomegranate but I wasn't so sure about the ginger, what would it smell like? Would I hate it enough that it would cancel out my love for pomegranate? I can honestly say that although I was initially a bit skeptical, ginger pomegranate has won me over and it's been a nice change from Dona's pomegranate. The balance of sweet id evenly matched by the spicy kick that this scent has. It's not easy to describe but it is very worth giving this body butter (or any ginger pomegranate product from this line) a chance! Besides this, I own the body scrub, the shower creme (I'm on my second bottle) and the body lotion and body mist are on the way...all in the ginger pomegranate scent. Not only do I find these products to be priced very reasonably but they all have performed awesomely. You really can't go wrong with this body butter, if you have tattoos and want them to look moisturized and vibrant, give this body butter a chance. If you are prone to dry skin, try out this body butter, a little goes a long way so the jar will last for quite some time. Not only will your skin gulp it in and drink it up, it will definitely thank you when it's left silky soft and smelling delicious!
Follow-up commentary
I still love this body butter just as much as the first time I tried it. It's thick, moisturizes deeply without leaving me feeling greasy or sticky and you really can't beat the price. One jar of this will last me for quite awhile but should I ever run out, I will definitely buy another!
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