Sweets for the sweet!

I love using this kit with my partner, and I also love using it for my own bath time on nights that I'm home alone. It's great for a luxury spa night when I need to feel pampered. The scents put me into another world, and I'm so relaxed after using the essence, foam, and massage oil. The Lovephoria scent gets me every time! It has such a delicious scent!
Large variety of bath and body products in kit, luscious scents.
Some ingredients aren't the best.
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The Love Candy Kit by Kendra is made by Evolved Novelties. This kit would be spectacular for couples for home use or for travel, since the lotion, oils, bath essence, linen freshener, bath foam, and body drizzle come in smaller, 1 oz. sizes. The products in the kit are paraben free, cruelty free, all natural, and petroleum-derivative free. I like using some of the products when I get to take a bath after a long day, and also after I get out of the bath. This kit has it all!

There are two products intended to be used during bath time. The first is the bath foam and the other one is the bath essence.

The bath foam is best used to invigorate the senses with the stimulating properties of goji berry and mangosteen. It's a subtle, fragrant bath foam that creates a sensual escape for your body.

The bath essence energizes the senses with the powerful benefits of goji berry and mangosteen as well. To use, just add a desired amount to steaming bath water for an exhilarating aromatic experience.

What's included in the kit?
- Package of 30 Rose Petals
- Package of 2 Dice
- 1 oz. Rendezvous Aphrodisiac Infused Room and Linen Freshener
- 1 oz. Smitten Aphrodisiac Infused Invigorating Bath Essence
- 1 oz. Lovephoria Aphrodisiac Infused Sensual Massage Oil
- 1 oz. Sweet Crush Aphrodisiac Infused Lickable Body Drizzle
- 1 oz. Lovephoria Aphrodisiac Infused Hydrating Body Lotion
- 1 oz. Aphrodisiac Infused Invigorating Bath Foam
- Massager

1oz Rendezvous Aphrodisiac Infused Room and Linen Freshener Purified Water, PPg-26, Buteth-26, Hydrogenated castor oil, Lycium barbarum- (Goji), Garcinia Mangostana- (Mangosteen), Coffea Arabica- (coffee seed), Euterpe Oleracea- (Acai), Camelia Sinensis- (Green Tea), Glycerin, Morinda Citrifolia-(Noni), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylexyglycerin, Fragrance, Punica granatum-(Pomegranate)

1oz Smitten Aphrodisiac Infused Invigorating Bath Essence Glycerin, Panax Ginseng root extract,Ginkgo Biloba seed extract, Centella asiatica leaf extract, Paulinia cupana seed extract, Ptychopetalum olacoides root extract, Turnera diffusa leaf extract, Arnica montana flower extract, Pausinystalia yohimbe bark extract, Lycium barbarum- (goji berry) Fruit, Garcinia, Mangostana fruit - (mangosteen), PPG-26 buteth 26, Hydrogented castor oil, Fragrance

1oz Sweet Crush Aphrodisiac Infused Lickable Body Drizzle Purified water, Capric triglyceride, GlycerinCitrus aurantium sinsensis, Fiber,Flavor, Lecithin,Cannabis sativa seed oil, Macadamia ternifolia seed oil, Vitis vinifera seed oil, Lycium barbarum, Coffea arabica, Euterpe oleracea, Morinda cittrifolia, Punica granatum, Camelia sinensis, Garcinia mangostana,Tocopheryl acetate, Xanthan gum,Cellulose gum, Sucralose, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate. May contain: FD&C Green#4, FD&C yellow #5, FD&C yellow #6, FD&C Blue #1

1oz Lovephoria Aphrodisiac Infused Sensual Massage Oil Carthamus Tinctorius seed oil,Olea europaea fruit oil,Ethylhexyl olivate,Tocopheryl acetate,Pasiflora edulis seed oil,Oriza sativa bran oil,Euterpe oleracea pulp oil,Orbignya oleifera seed oil,Aleurites moluccana seed oil,Cannabis sativa seed oil,Argania spinosa oil,BHT,Fragrance

These ingredients didn't cause any irritation to my skin.

My partner, who has sensitive and somewhat allergy prone skin, let me put the products on his arms and back. There were no allergic reactions recorded, and he didn't have any issues with itching. In fact, he commented on how smooth the lotion and oil felt on his body.

These are great for foreplay, and this whole kit will be great as a gift. I would love to receive this for our anniversary, Valentine's, or Christmas as a gift. The boxes and packaging are especially nice for this use.

These oils and lotions are not to be used on open cuts, sores or rashes. These are also not intended for masturbation use, as some of the products have ingredients that shouldn't be used on mucous membranes. These oils are not meant be used for lubrication during intercourse.

The rose petals that are included are meant to be used by placing them on a bed or floor area. They give an intimate appeal and are visually stimulating. They are a pretty red in color.

The massager is best used for massaging the back and shoulders. One end of the massager is a bit wider than the other end. The wider area of the massager wouldn't be idea for small areas on the body. The massager is 4-1/2" long and about 4- 1/2" in width.

The two dice that are included with this kit help make the massage oils into a game for lovers. The dice are very cute, with hearts and flowers on them. Each dice has 6 sides, and is 7/8" X 7/8".

The first dice has:
-Rub Vibe
-Oil up
-Your choice

The second dice has:
-Your choice
  • Who / How / What
    [ ? ]
    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Bridal gift
    • Gift
    • Massage
  • Where
    [ ? ]
    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Bath / shower
  • Body / part areas
    [ ? ]
    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Back
    • Chest
    • Legs

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Each of the products in the Love Candy Kit has a different texture and thickness. I will describe them below, listed by each product.

Aphrodisiac Infused Invigorating Bath Foam
The bath foam almost feels like a body wash or shampoo. It lathers nicely and leaves a white sudsy film when it goes on the skin dry. I used it with a bath poof and it really lathered well. It rinses off easily and leaves no residue behind.

Rendezvous Aphrodisiac Infused Room and Linen Freshener
The room freshener is water based and is as thin as running water. It doesn't leave a film or spots on any furniture when sprayed. I placed a few sprays on my pillow and there were no oily spots left from the droplets or fine mist. It sprays out like a pump style body spray.

Smitten Aphrodisiac Infused Invigorating Bath Essence
The bath essence feels like an oily body wash or a thicker massage oil. It doesn't lather up, and it stays in oil form. It does leave a hint of oil on the sides of the tub after use. It's easy to wipe off, and it leaves a very soft feeling on the skin afterwards. It can feel really slick.

Lovephoria Aphrodisiac Infused Sensual Massage Oil
This massage oil is runny, and it is thinner than the bath essence. This spreads out on the skin slower than the lotion. A small amount went a long way for me. It leaves a silky feeling on the skin, and it absorbs quickly. It doesn't just sit on the skin like some oils. It leaves a nice subtle shine on the skin, afterwards.

Lovephoria Aphrodisiac Infused Hydrating Body Lotion
This is my favorite of the set. The lotion is so creamy and dreamy. It's a slick lotion that is not the thickest that you'll find, but the creamy texture slides evenly on the skin without clumping or taking forever to absorb into the skin. Once absorbed, it will leave your skin feeling moisturized and velvety. It's not thin, and it's not really thick. It hits in the middle for me, which is a perfect thickness. It's not sticky or greasy.

Sweet Crush Aphrodisiac Infused Lickable Body Drizzle
The body drizzle can be squeezed onto the skin by the bottle. It comes out like a lotion and not like it's being poured. The consistency is like body lotion, and it doesn't absorb into the skin. It's a thicker drizzle than some others that I've tried. It's not sticky after being used. It also doesn't leave a residue; it wipes off easily with plain water.

Rose petals
The rose petals are a fabric material, and they do not stretch. They are a bit stiff, but they won't be itchy or scratchy if you have them on or underneath your body.

The massager is plastic, and is very smooth with no texture at all. There are some seams on the massager, but they aren't on the parts that will be on the body. I did try to run it on my arm where the seam was, and it didn't scratch me; I barely felt it.

The dice are plastic, and they seem to be the same plastic that was used for the massager. The dice don't have any sharp points or seams. There is writing on the dice, and the lettering is white. The letters are engraved into the plastic, and then some type of white paint is used to fill in the grooves for the letters.
    • Creamy
    • Slick
    • Velvety

Taste / Aroma

The Love Candy Kit smells of delicious, sweet, candied fragrances.

The sensual massage oil, hydrating body lotion and invigorating bath foam are my favorite scents in this kit. The sweet smell of acai, pomegranate, goji berry, and mangosteen envelope you with rich, fragrant scents. I only wish I had these in a larger size. I will be using these quite often because my partner loves these as well. These scents are nothing like a real candy scent. They are a grown up scent that us adults can appreciate and pamper ourselves with.

The massage oil, bath foam, and bath essence are clear in color. The lotion is white colored.

The invigorating bath essence smells more of an adult sweet tart scent. The bath essence also has goji berry and mangosteen. I don't love this scent as much as the ones mentioned above, but I do like it. The scent changes a bit with warm water. It becomes lighter and fresher.

The room and linen freshener smells like a citrus and peach scent with goji berry and mangosteen. I like the scent, and I like the citrus smell. It comes out strong, but stays on linens for quite some time. I was surprised by how long it stayed on there. In the air, it diffuses quickly and doesn't linger long. It lasted a few hours on my pillow, even though the scent was dramatically lighter.

The body drizzle smells like a sweet chemical scent with a hint of grape. I really didn't like the scent of the body drizzle. The taste was like a grape favor, although it was a sweet taste; it left a fake aftertaste behind in my mouth. I wasn't pleased with this, but I'm a bit picky about things with unnatural ingredients going in my mouth or near my mucous membranes. Some people may love the taste. The color of the body drizzle is a muted purple. The taste is fairly strong for my liking.
    • Light smell
    • Light taste
    • Smells good


I really like the whole kit from Evolved Novelties. The actress/TV star, Kendra Wilkinson, did a great job on these. She hand picked these products so you can take your sexual level to a new height! The goal of these products is to keep you feeling your best from bath time to massage time – right down to the box of rose petals to throw around your sheets! Make your romance come alive!

I like using all of these products. There are none that I totally dislike. Some of the scents could have been a bit lighter, but none of these smell awful. These are only 1 ounce bottles, and they won't last a very long time if you use them a lot, but if you use these on special occasions they should last a while.

I would have liked for this kit to have a small travel bag included, that would fit all of the essentials into. With all of these placed together, these still take up only a small amount of space. I placed them into a new makeup case that I own, and they all fit perfectly except for the massager. This kit doesn't really have to have the massager for every use. I really liked using the massage oil and using my hands to rub it into my partner's skin. This worked better for me than using the massager. The oil absorbed into our skin better with our hands. I truly loved the scent of the massage oil while it was on my skin. It lasted a while.

Some may want to check out the list of ingredients, just for allergy concerns.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Allergy concerns
    • Performance


The Love candy kit arrives in an outer box that is mostly red, with a black stripe going across the middle of the box. The box measures 11" x 9", and it's 3" deep. The box reads "Love Candy by Kendra" in all silver, shiny lettering. The box is pretty basic, and this would be wonderful for gift giving to a newlywed couple, for an anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or a birthday gift.

This packaging is discreet with no pictures of anyone naked, but it does say Love Candy on the front.

Once you open the main package, inside there are 9 boxes placed neatly inside the box on a raised piece of cardboard that has a foam insert on the top. The top of the foam has a velvet, black material and it has 9 cutouts for each of the product boxes. Each of the 9 boxes fit perfectly into these cutouts. The box would work great for storage as is, or you could take out the raised cardboard sheet along with the foam and put them all back inside. You would have more room to fit other massage oils in here if needed.

Six of the boxes are the same size and they are 5 x 7/8". The rose petal box is 4-1/2 x 2". The dice box is 1-7/8" x 1". The massager box is 4 x 2-5/8".

All of the oils, lotion, drizzle, foam, essence and spray boxes inside have a specific scent name:
Room & Linen freshener- Rendezvous
Bath essence- Smitten
Body lotion- Lovephoria
Bath foam- Lovephoria
Massage oil- Lovephoria
Body Drizzle- Sweet crush

The big box wouldn't be suited for travel because of its size, but the smaller boxes would fit neatly into a duffle bag or backpack.

There were no instructions or any paperwork included with this package.

All of the bottles arrived with a foil, inner seal that didn't leak. I also tested these out by shaking them over a sink and nothing came out. The bottles have the push button cap style. They have basic black lids. The body of the bottle is a slim, clear, cylinder shape that stands upright. The push top dispenser bottles are 4" tall, 3" in circumference, and 1" in diameter. These are a perfect size for travel. The room and linen spray bottle is 5" tall and 3" in circumference and 1" in diameter.
    • Discreet looking packaging

Special Features

When I first received the kit, I was so excited to use it. I wanted to be able to use all products, so I made a night of romance for my partner and myself.

My partner ran me some hot bath water in the tub, and he added a few drops of the bath essence into the water (this is how the bottle described the use for the essence). This made a soft, sweet smell in the water.

The bath essence and foam have certain ingredients that may cause irritation to females in the genital area, so be sure to check the ingredients out thoroughly. After it was in the water, I then used some of the bath foam on my bath poof, and it really lathered nicely and rinsed off easily. It left nothing on my body after I got out of the bath.

Once I got out, I walked into my bedroom, and my partner had placed all of the rose petals on the bed. There were 30 rose petals total in the package. He then told me to lie down on the bed so he could give me a nice massage; I didn't argue with that! I took out the dice and rolled them on the bed. The dice landed on -Oil up- and -your choice-. He took the sensual massage oil and dripped it on my skin. It poured out easily as he shook the bottle over my back. When he needed more, he squeezed the bottle lightly and it dispersed the oil over a larger amount of my skin. Next, he used the bottle lotion and rubbed it onto my legs, stomach and breasts. I loved this part; it really got me aroused.

I used the linen spray to spray around on the comforter and bed skirt, and this scent is totally different than the Lovephoria. Some may prefer this scent, but I like my Lovephoria. I like that this kit includes several different scents that may appeal to many different people.

None of the oils are warming, cooling, or tingling.

Personal comments

I'm giving this kit 5 stars because it offers a multitude of endless possibilities for foreplay and bath time. I enjoy trying many new bath and body products. This kit seems to stand on its own with the beautiful packaging and yummy scents.

The massager is basic, and I have one that is almost identical to it. I purchased the other one while I was in a store looking for paper for Christmas wrapping. I was walking up to check out, and then I saw this little massager. I laughed to myself and thought about all of the massage candles that I've purchased from Eden. That was enough to make me buy it, since I haven't had a chance to purchase the Contour M yet. The massager that arrived in the kit works exactly the same; they are even shaped similar. They both work well, and they serve their purpose. The massager glides across the skin very smoothly when enough oil or lotion is applied. It can really work out those tired and sore muscles.


Before this kit, I hadn't found a full kit that offered so much. This kit has it all. From bath time to play time, it doesn't disappoint. I love most of the scents and like the others. My least favorite product that I like is the body drizzle. It may just be me, but I'm not into body drizzles because of the tastes. I'm just extremely picky with tastes and flavors. I'm a chocolate girl, and this had more of a grape smell and taste. I'll let my partner use it on my skin since he liked the taste of it more than I did.

I would have liked to see more natural ingredients, but all in all this kit will get a lot of use.
Follow-up commentary
This is still one of my favorite kits. I have been saving it to use for Valentine's Day with my sweetie. This is going to be so great for those special occasions.
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