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Mini Magic wand

Wand massager by Vibratex

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The ultimate prepper's vibe of awful vrooms

I must admit that other than the FANTASTIC charging adapter, I don't like ANYTHING in this vibe!

Its flexible neck prevents much pressure on my flesh, it is only splashproof (not that I care much), and HOW HORRIBLY WEAK, TOTALLY USELESS IT IS!!!

But for me the charger is plenty of reason to have one of these vibes, and inside this review you will find out why this is the most amazing off the grid toy invention ever! I am so friggin' happy for that charger!!!!!!
MIND-BLOWINGLY INNOVATIVE UNIVERSAL CHARGER, Material, Discreet, Long runtime, Provided pouch
HORRIBLY WEAK, Pricey, Just splashproof officially, Not too discreet packaging
Rating by reviewer:
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Wow, look at that charger!

Knowing that Mini Magic Wand is a USB rechargeable vibe it was enough for me to rush away and grab one as quick as I could! And though pretty much the only thing I am hooked on is my laptop, and not cell phone and other fun but not truly necessary items, I still fell in love with the seemingly limitless possibilities to give this little one its yummmy feed of juice to run on! I must admit that the fact that vrooms are added to the whole idea was just an extra for me, my imagination already running wild to guess if the white adapter could be used for other toys! And man (and woman), was I right!

After receiving my white (sniff-sniff, the black one was out of stock) Bcurious, I was startled to see that it didn't come with the USB charger I expected with it because of the reviews I found on it on the net! I was growling, I was hissing, about to send it back for a refund - and almost in the last moment, I just gave a try to the Mini Magic Wand's charger... Holy cows, it does work with Bcurious! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!

And here comes the funny part: for me it is enough that a vibe uses USB power, and that was the only fact what eased my soul up after I found out that both Bcurious, and yes, Mini Magic Wand as well, are so extremely weak that it is impossible for my power-hungry taste to enjoy any of them! Even with my greatest kind of patience and enthusiasm to try to enjoy them somehow, they fell short to please my flesh in an acceptable way!

Because of this I rather say that unless you are a mighty sensitive lady or gentleman, or a rabid off the grid toy collector (like I am), you won't find even the slightest joy in this fantastically charged vroomer! And if you fall into the first category then Mini Magic Wand will serve you as a pleasantly patterned clit arouser, or to use on any other female or male bits for some pleasing vrooms.

And it's good for your neck by the way. But why in the world would I get something only to use on my neck, especially that I have much more versatile, much more powerful massagers for that?! Though, I assume, the hilarious charger is the reason again - yep, that's pretty much the only good thing in it...
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    • Couples
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • On a bed only
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    • Travel friendly
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The magenta loveliness is made of most wonderful materials: level 10 safety silicone, and level 8 safety hard plastic, both being completely non-porous, food-grade, hypo-allergenic, and latex and phthalates free.

All the parts are smooth to touch like a dream, and the smell and taste are the always pleasant, very subtle scent and flavor of pure silicone and body-safe hard plastic. The 3-ridged neck is flexible, and the head has 5 rows of ridging around for a heightened level of pleasure. On the top of mine's head I wonder if it is some defect or acceptable flaw, as shallow "holes" have you think about it: why in the world are they there?! Whatever the reason may be, they aren't disturbing at all, and I don't really care anyway as they are very subtle.

I do think that the head has a versatile enough design, as haters of any texture can enjoy the smooth top, and lovers of ridging can revel in such delights, not to mention that the side seems to be more powerful than the top of the head.
    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

Mini Magic Wand is among the smallest wand massagers, and with its ergonomic design you'll see how easy and comfortable it is to use it. It is only 7 inches long, with its head being 1 1/4 inches long and 1 1/8 inches of diameter. We could speak about insertable length, but as it is only splashproof, and it is mentioned nowhere that it may be intended for internal use, I DO NOT advise you to use it for anything else than a pleasant tease at the very entrance of your flesh! And same goes for your hind regions, so be VERY careful with it! (Though the manufacturer says that it was tested fully submerged, running just fine for an hour with all 6 patterns on - but it is not advised to submerge it for prolonged times if you want to preserve its engine life.)

Its size isn't larger than your classical, average traditional vibe's, not to mention that it comes with a brandless-emblemless, white velvety pouch, looking so excellently casual that nobody would think at first look that you are hiding a pleasure vroomer inside! And who would care much to hide a massager anyway? As long as it doesn't have a phallic shape (and Mini Magic Wand, indeed, doesn't), it is good to go as a body massager! And we all love body massagers, even old grandmas and your neighbor's dad, don't we?

If you plan to travel with it, you can slide it into your fitting purse, your glove box, a mighty large pocketed winter coat, or just carry it in your hand, because of its "acceptable" concept. Not too many pleasure toys are undercover companions, am I right?
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Mini Magic Wand works in the simplest way possible: after a good, healthy charge you hit the single button it has to turn it on, change the speeds/patterns the same way, and hold it pressed for 3 seconds to turn it off. (At least it is 3 seconds in my experience.)

To charge it you "ehem" its butt with the jack plug, and you will probably be thinking what in the world I am writing about here, as I was literally torturing that bottom for a while first! It is a white, barely translucent silicone cover in a rounded shape on the very bottom, and it reminds you of the flipping covers you have to open to plug the charger in. I was trying to tear it off too, because indeed, there is no friggin' way to move it easily! I had to look it up what to do with it, and see a miracle, I have found that you just sink the jack plug into the silicone cover, and no worries, because it just looks too tight, but the plug will slide in juuuuuust fine!

Yep, it did, and blissfully I didn't ruin anything with my previous fighting with the cover - so the next step is that you plug the USB plug into your computer for example, which won't recognize it as a new device by the way. On the top side of the white charger you'll see a redly glowing tiny light, and the pinkness will have a gorgeous shade of blue in two spots, as it glows above the control button, and shines through the bottom's silicone cover.

The initial charge is always needed when it comes to a new rechargeable precious, which will take 3 hours just like for the future, to have yer little vroomer run for 60-90 minutes. 1 hour charge allows you to enjoy it for 30-60 minutes - as we all know, the runtime always depends on the level of speed you use a vibe on.

The already mentioned 6 patterns are:

1. low constant vibration
2. medium constant vibration
3. high constant vibration
4. one short pulse and one long pulse, long one being three times as long as the short pulse (no breaks between them, rather with a fast speed)
5. escalation is five pulses, always getting higher and higher (rather with a medium speed)
6. escalation, changing into pulsation halfway and in the end as a break to stay on the current power level with two pulses (rather with slow speed)

After the last pattern hitting the control button will turn the vibe off, and the next hit will turn it back on again with the very first listed pattern of course. When you turn it off manually (by holding the button pressed, instead of cycling through the patterns) you won't be able to avoid it to go to the next patterns as its first reaction to your button pushing, and you also want to know that Mini Magic Wand has no memory chip inside, meaning that it will always start with the very first listed pattern, not remembering what the last pattern you used was.

The vrooms are extremely deep and rumbly as you hold this little one in your hands, but in actual use they weren't even close to the level of power my flesh needs for a satisfying encounter! It is lucky as hell that I give it 3 vrooms, and its only saving grace is one single pattern to make it deserve it somewhat, and I'm going to tell which one it is just in a bit.

It's not a noisy vroomer, but you definitely don't want to be content with blankets covering it! Through a closed door you won't hear this kind of vrooming in my opinion, but it isn't silent enough to use next to your sleeping precious or gods forbid a roommate! (Though you can always have the excuse of enjoying it as a body massager!)

It seems to me that the higher the level of power gets the buzzier the vibrations are, which is one of the most screwed up system I have ever seen in my life! Because those who prefer lower levels are just fine with lighter tease (I assume, correct me if I'm wrong), and those who need a punch of force will want to feel as much of it as possible! It enhances lower speeds what power queens like me aren't interested in, and ruins higher speeds what such ladies need so badly! The only pattern what makes me give 3 bees to this thing is the last, escalation pattern: it's like a helicopter, throbbing so hard and so powerfully on the lower speeds that you would think it's really going to fly away, tearing the floor up to take it with itself! The only somewhat ok vrooming in this vibe, and without it I would really call it totally useless!
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Just use warm water and mild soap or toy cleaner for this little one, and you can also apply 10% bleach solution for such purposes. You want to be sure that only water based lubricants touch the splashproof silicone head!

Cleaning this vibe is somewhat of a pain because of the ridges, but as it is silicone it isn't as terrible to go through like in the case of other materials. Other than that the design is mighty practical, and I've been storing it in its original package as it isn't overly larger than needed. Ok, it is three times as thick as the vibe itself would need, but that won't be a problem after this review and the video get published. After that Mini Magic Wand will rest in its velvety pouch with the little charger, and oh what a charger it is...!!!
    • Easy to store


Yes, like I mentioned, the packaging isn't overly larger (having exactly the needed length), but its totally cool, stylish triangle shape is rather a waste of the space and material! Which is transparent plastic, just like the cradle inside, and a somewhat hard piece of paper gives background for the front and info for the back. On the front the only word related to pleasure uses may be the brand name, Vibratex, and the back has plenty of info to give you a reason to hide that package away! It's pretty much some basic knowledge about this pleasure toy, though no thorough material info and water-resistance knowledge is given to us in it! (I had to look such things up by myself, not to mention how hard it is to find anything better detailed about Mini Magic Wand even on the internet!) You also find a piece of paper inside, as a basic pictorial charging manual.

Oh the charging...! I know, you've been waiting for this part like crazy, am I right?


First, it has the jack plug to "ehem" your vibe with. Then come the different charging ports, which are:

1. casual computer USB to plug into your machine
2. iPhone/iPod touch hole
3. mini USB hole
4. micro USB hole
5. au hole
6. docomo FOMA/SoftBank 3G hole (or are they one thing only - I don't know to tell the truth)
7. 2.5 DC hole
8. 3.5 DC hole

This Japanese loveliness shows all of the holes with their name to you with an added arrow for each, with the Tokyo Design emblem in the center. The pictorial manual presents an example for anything else than casual USB charging, in which you plug the jack plug into the vibe, and slide your cellular charger wall outlet into this amazing adapter. It also warns you that if you inserted more than one charging plug at the same time it would cause damage - so you want to avoid doing such foolishness!

Though not everything is written in the most proper English (for example the funny "Please charge it before use it."), we still get to know that we can charge it with the wall chargers of most smart phones, like iPhone or Blackberry.

This simple and unique, one of a kind construction blows my mind sooooooooo much that, like mentioned before, the charger only was enough to make me get my paws on this little vroomer! And I would be willing to obtain more pieces of it if some daring future experiments ruined the charger in my enthusiasm to try it with other toys - like the blissfully successful experiment with the Bcurious for example! It is just simply WOW!!!!!! Unbelievably incredible piece of technology!!!

And because of that you bet you want to spread the word about this fantastic vroomer, so know that somebody may want to receive it as a gift! You already know that the packaging reveals pleasure related uses, so you either send it as it is, and tell the chosen person that (s)he is going to receive an object of delight, or you just manage another kind of packaging by yourself for a less obvious presentation. Either way you do it, it must be casual looking enough so nobody will see anything "unusual" around the gifted person! And really, who wouldn't want to own such a charger?
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

I can't repeat it enough what a fantastic "prepper's vibe" this set is! Even if you decide not to use the vroomer (in case of enough successful tests with other fitting vibes), the charger is a whole source of possibilities for your purrrrrrfectly prepared needs!

Let's see casual USB charging for example: there are solar chargers for laptops nowadays, mighty affordable to give your precious machine a feed to nurture your lovely vibe. There also are solar chargers for cell phones, which would work for this adapter I am more than sure! And of course you can always have solar power set up as your home electricity, to charge anything with it. Not to mention the always handy emergency radios, which come in 4 ways of charging too nowadays, solar power being among them. And they charge phones with their USB options, which is an excellent reason to have one for your off the grid vroomers!

I bet there are sooooooooo many ways to use this adapter for solar charging that I couldn't ever list them all - so THIS IS THE VIBE you want to own when it comes to Mother Earth-friendly ways to feed your precious pleasure toys you cherish from the bottom of your heart!

(One more, additional note: I have just typed in a related search into the Google shopping results, and wow, you can find similarly versatile, totally mind-blowing charging adapters for much-much lower prices! But as Mini Magic Wand's adapter is, as we can see, for a pleasure vibe, we already know that there is this very adapter provenly working with other vibes! So I advice you to go ahead and obtain one, before you venture into obtaining those other adapters and gods forbid ruining any of your vibes! With the free Eden Points program you are able to obtain all the pleasure toys you want to anyway, so, because of not having to spend your money on such things, that is one good reason to be daring enough. As you can always make more points to get a second vibe, not restraining your creativity to play around with such pleasures of adapter experiments!)
    • Partner play
    • Smooth
    • Weak


I have given it two tries to enjoy this little vroomer, and I must say that both times were disappointingly unsuccessful! First, after receiving it and giving it the initial charge, I put it aside after a few moments of frustration. For the second time (last Night) I was extremely turned on, after a wonderful time with my Master, and totally relaxed, open and excited for the sweetest pleasures with my lovely toys! It was pretty damned ridiculous to see that even in such sensitive, aroused moments of my craving flesh Mini Magic Wand ended up put aside, with a shake of my head and a judging growl about its HORRIBLE WEAKNESS.

I have tried to enjoy it for a third time now, while reviewing it, and even the long periods of having it on my sweetest spot didn't even remotely encourage my flesh to have a break in my typing!

The power is managed in a most ridiculous way, and without the charger I wouldn't even look at this vibe in the coming years! Let's just admit it, I won't be using it, only its amazing charger for some daring experiments with some of my pleasure vibes!

For the price you can get brilliant adapters elsewhere, and like I said, I find this purchase worth the points invested into it only because of the charger I know I can use with my vibes. I do say, give it a shot, because you never know when you would have to rely on the described methods to charge your lovely toys! Or, if you are into the magickal technical details of vroomers of delight, or know someone who knows such things good enough, let us, lovers of pleasure technology, know if those other, non-pleasure-toy adapters are good for our beloved vibes too!

And until then... Rejoice for this most special charging solution! I can't wait to see more of such toys around! Fantastic invention! I am so extremely happy I have one!!! WWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHH!!!
    • Not discreet
    • Would make a nice gift
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