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The Venus Escape (Cucumber Melon)

Venus Aromatic Mist is available in a wide variety of scent options and one of them is Cucumber Melon. It is very refreshing, fruity, earthy, and clean aroma you can mist on yourself, clothing, furniture, or a room. The faint smell is not overpowering and doesn't last long, but it is great for those who are sensitive to other perfumes.
Scent options, good price, faint smell (for some), and fine mist.
Faint smell (for some), some ingredients allergy causing, and pump sticks.
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Venus aromatic mist can be misted on your body, in the air, or on any furniture to awaken a fresh scent. There are a variety of scents to pick from like Milk, Jupiter, Peach, Mandarin mango, Man, Pomegranate, Lavender, Green Tea, Pineapple Tangerine, and Cucumber Melon.

I picked Cucumber Melon, since this has always been one of my favorite scents and Venus was no exception. I use this mist as a body mist mostly, but also to freshen up the aroma of the room before others come over. I am one who usually doesn't like any perfume, Cologne, or body mist, however Venus aromatic mist is a light scent that doesn't make me sneeze.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The Venus mist comes in a 4 oz spray bottle with a light green cloudy liquid inside. The top is the usual hair spray pump bottle that can get stuck sometimes, but when you spray it a fine mist comes out. You control the number of pumps. When the mist comes out it is fine and quickly is absorbed into the area it is sprayed. Inside of the bottle the mist is watery, but the bottle is sealed and doesn't allow for spillage (at least yet.) Once sprayed the mist stays in place if you spray it onto a surface it can be absorbed in, but if you spray in the palm of your hand it would be watery and runny. It doesn't leave any feeling behind on the skin or any other surface.

Taste / Aroma

I tasted my skin after having sprayed it on my skin and allowing it to dry, it reminds me of when you get hairspray in your mouth, but you really shouldn't eat this spray.

The smell is very lovely and light, which is nice. It's fruity, clean, earthy, and refreshing. The smell is good enough to eat. If you open the container to smell it you can smell the alcohol in it, but as a mist it doesn't have that smell.


Depending on how much you spray it will last different amounts of time. I usually spray 2 pumps onto myself, which usually lasts about a few hours, but it is not a smell that passerby's can smell. It is very faint to none, so those who like/need stronger smells won't like the Cucumber Melon, but might like another scent option. This spray is great for those who find themselves easily irritated by stronger scents. If you wish to wash the scent away than you will need to change your clothing or take a shower if you sprayed yourself. If you don't like it as a room mist, than just air out the room by opening the windows and fanning out the room. The smell will fade way within a matter of time. Even after you spray this mist, it is so faint that you hardly notice it without putting your nose right into the area.

I like the smell of the mist and I love that it is so faint. I am easily ill from many smells and this one is very pleasing my my senses. I don't think there is a single con for me except that the pump sticks sometimes.


The bottle is the packaging. It comes in a 4oz bottle with a peal off sticker. The sticker tells you the ingredients and labels your product, but no other useful information.

Special Features

Aqua-(Water) the most universal compound, since it is tasteless and odorless it can be added to most things. There are some people in the world who are allergic, but this is rare.

Propylene glycol- an organic alcohol used as fragrance, viscosity control, and skin conditioning. It is a known allergy causing irritant for those with dermatitis.

Alcohol- (ETHANOL) considered toxic and linked to birth defects if ingested, but the risk is smaller in personal care products than when ingested. It is used as Antifoaming Agent, Antimicrobial Agent, Cosmetic Astringent, Fragrance Ingredient, Solvent, and Viscosity Decreasing Agent.

Fragrance- the scent that is added to the product; in this case is Cucumber Melon.

DMDM hydantoin- an antimicrobial formaldehyde that is a preservative. It is known to cause allergies.

may contain:

FD&C yellow #6- Colorant.

FD&C red #33- Colorant.

FD&C Blue #1- Colorant.
Follow-up commentary
I still use this perfume from time to time. I prefer the Dona linen spray because it has a stronger aroma. I never picked up anymore scents from this line because this one didn't have a strong scent.
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