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Y-style tweezers with clit clamp

Y style clit and nipple clamps by PHS International

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Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad!

The PHS International Y-style tweezers with clit clamp are available in three current color options: pink, black, and silver. All are made of sturdy metal with porous rubber tips. These tweezer style clamps are completely adjustable and should fit a majority of users.
Color options, sturdy, intense, and adjustable.
Clit clamp wasn't for me and the porous tips, but otherwise nothing at all.
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Do you like nipple play, but you're looking to add a bit of a twist to it? Do you desire to have the feeling of pinching pulling down on your nipples? What would you say to adding that same pinching feeling to your clit?

For those who are desiring all of the above, the PHS International Y-style Tweezers with Clit Clamp might be your next step.

What are Y-style tweezers with clit clamp?
Y-style is a type of nipple clamp. This means there is a clamp for each nipple, but there is also another chain that either ends with a weight, cock ring, or a clit clamp. Therefore, the Y-style tweezers with clit clamp are nipple clamps with a detachable clit clamp. The clit clamp being detachable allows you to decide if clamping your clit is actually for you. Clitoral play, like this, isn't for everyone.

Tweezers refers the type of clamp. There are a variety of styles that clamps come in. Clothes Pin Style, Clover Clamps, and Tweezer Style. Clover clamps and Clothes Pin style are, usually, the most intense. They are more suited for those who don't have sensitive nipples and know they like nipple torture. Tweezer style clamps are the most beginner friendly.

Material / Texture

These clamps come in silver, black, and pink. This review will be about the pink.

PHS International doesn't note the material on the packaging. This can be distressing to those who are allergic to nickel or certain types of metal, because these clamps are are of metal. However, they do have rubber tips. The metal is originally silver. In certain areas you can see the pink color flaking away. The metal appears to be heavy duty and well put together. It can be pulled and tugged on without coming apart. Metal is a non-porous material that is also latex and phthalates free.

The rubber tips only cover 0.5" on the top of each tweezer. They appear to be on there well. After some pulling, they remained glued on, but that doesn't mean that they won't come off at some point. These tips can only be described as a rubber like material. Neither the packaging nor the manufacturer's website note this material.

Rubber is latex and phthalates free, but any rubber-like material is porous. Therefore, it isn't recommended for sharing, especially if coming into contact with bodily fluids. Should you decide you want to use lube with these clamps, you should stick to a water based lube. This is because this rubber material isn't noted and other lubes could break it down.

There is no smell or taste to either material. Neither material has any texture. The metal will be cold to the touch until it heats up from your body temperature. The rubber will help the clamps be more comfortable during use.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

These clamps start off with two 2.75" long tweezers that are connected with a 12.5" chain. At the middle of this chain is a single O-ring that has a clip attached to it. This clip is attached to a 13.5" chain that has a 2.75" long tweezer on the end. Each tweezer has black rubber tips that cover 0.5" down. At the base of each tweezer is a metal O-ring that is wrapped around the tweezers. This is so you can adjust the tweezers to your liking. This O-ring can stick, but for the most part it's easy to use. The tweezers should fit the majority of nipples and clits. They open up to 1" and can close until the two sides of the tweezers touch.

You will want to measure the diameter of your nipples and the length you will need for nipples to clit. The best fit for these clamps will be someone with 1" in diameter or less nipples. And, in order to be able to use the clit clamp, you must be 15.5" or less from nipples to clit.

Care and Maintenance

The nipple clamps won't need much care unless they come into contact with bodily fluids. However, the clit clamp will need cleaning before and after every use! Don't share your clit clamp with anyone because of the porous tips. You can share the nipple clamps as long as they didn't have contact with fluids.

You should wash these clamps down with a bleach/water solution for the best cleaning, but avoid the rubber tips. You should wash the rubber tips with soap and water or toy cleaner. Be sure the metal is completely dry before you store it. I would even recommend you dry it with a paper towel so the metal doesn't start to rust.

The clamps should be stored away discreetly, because they might make wondering eyes curious. I find it best to store all of my clamps in a large toy pouch. You could stuff these in your jewelry box and they would likely look like a necklace from afar, but snoopers would know what they are.


This is your basic clam shell packaging. There is no useful information on it.


I've been on a quest for the best nipple clamps. I've tried a a decent amount of them now. My favorite have been the Clover style clamps because they give a great bite. I have tried one other pair of Tweezer style clamps, but they did not have a chain on them. I wasn't too impressed with how they worked for me, so I wasn't sure how these would work for me. However, I was eager to try them because they have the attached clit clamp.

Upon arrival, I ripped into the box and begun to tweak my 0.75" nipples. I have found that in order for me to successfully attach nipple clamps, they must be erect. Once they were hard enough, I clamped on one tweezer and moved to the next. I did this while I was sitting upright, so the weight of the chain was pulling down as well. This feeling was really awesome. It felt like someone was pinching my nipples with a set of tweezers. Oh wait, that was me!

I laid back so I could attach the clit clamp. My clit is 14.5" from my nipples (damn saggy breast!) When I laid back, my breast fell to the side, as I am a DDD cup. Usually the weight from this really hurts with Clover Clamps on, but I did not have this with the tweezer clamps. I found attaching the clit clamp not the easiest of tasks. While I was able to clamp it on myself, it was hard to position right. If you have a wall mirror or something similar, that might help, but going in blindly is a little difficult. Of course, if you have a partner, it would be much easier, but mine was at work. I did manage to get it on after some trial and error, but I wasn't a fan of it.

I couldn't really feel the clit clamp clamping on the clit. Perhaps this is because I am used to using a clover clamp on my clit, so these tweezer style clamps didn't give me the same feeling I am used to in a clit clamp.

Overall, I am really pleased with the nipple clamps. They worked out better for me then I thought, but the clit clamp part wasn't for me. Hence my title "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad!" I'm happy that the clitoral clamp can be removed, so if I don't want it hanging down I can undo it from the chain. If these were just nipple clamps, I would have given them 5 stars, but since there is a clit clamp and it didn't work so well for me, I have given it 4 stars.
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