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A Towel Just for Sex!

Depending on what you want it for, the Sensual Bath Towel may be exactly what you want or may not be. It's slightly softer than average, but it also isn't very absorbant with water. If you want to show your support for Close2You, though, this towel is cute, and it seems like it's going to hold up well.
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Not very absorbant, White
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The Close2You sensual towel is a white bath towel with the Close2You logo embroidered in it. It's the size of an average bath towel, and it comes packaged in a plastic bag for shipping. It's a cotton towel.

The design of the Close2You towel is exactly as pictured on the website. It's a plain white towel aside from the logo on the one side of the towel. The logo is on one of the edges, so it's very unobtrusive and out of the way. The rest of the towel (including the back) is plain white with no design on it. The stitching ofthe Close2You logo is actually very well done. There isn't any loose threads, and it all seems to be well-sewn on there. It doesn't seem like this design will be coming off anytime soon. You can see the back-side of the design from the back-side of the towel.

The towel is not the softest out there, but it isn't the least soft either. It beats our $3 Wal-Mart towels, but when it comes to towels our roommate used to have (Some soft, really-expensive European material that was really plushy), it doesn't beat those. The material doesn't feel plushy at all. It feels slightly thicker than our Wal-Mart towels and slightly more soft, but it's not very thick.

For showers, the towel is okay. I honestly do not think that shower-usage is its strong point. It's just not very absorbant. It's not scratchy at all, though, and it feels soft against the skin. For drying off the entire body, it was pretty wet before it had "finished" its job, so that didn't work well. It actually worked pretty well as a hair-only towel because of its thinness, though. It kept the hair out of my face, didn't scratch my skin, and didn't feel too thick sitting on the top of my head.

I must admit that I get a kick out of the fact that my towel came all the way from Germany. Flensburg, Germany, to be exact. I don't have any Germany-originated towels at this point until I had this one, so that's a neat little trivia fact to think about.

If given the thought, I think the best use for this towel is probably for sexual bodily fluids from regular intercourse or masturbation. The towel is white, and most bodily fluids are white (which can show up on darker-colored fabrics). But placing down this towel, you have a specific "sex towel" which might make the act of having a towel a little less un-sexy. Just be aware that it really wasn't meant to be waterproof; it will just help avoid a huge wet spot on the bed, but if you have a female ejaculator or enjoy wet and messy play, it may not absorb it all. Because it's such an obvious white, though, it really isn't suitable as an "anal" towel because any messes from that will obviously show on the towel which may be embarrassing (depending on your preference).

We have just been tossing this towel in to wash with the rest of our regular towels. It seems to be doing okay that way, and we haven't had any issues with any of our other clothing changing the white. If you have brand-new bright-colored clothing, though, make sure to wash it separate from this towel to avoid color-changing the white-ness of the towel.

Overall, when it comes down to it, it's a slightly-better-than-average towel. Depending on what you want it for, the white color is either a pain-in-the-butt or just what you need. The towel itself is soft, but it's not amazingly soft either. The logo is pretty on the towel, and if you love Close2You toys, this may be a fantastic purchase, but it isn't anything too extraordinary either.
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  • Contributor: NicNat
    Great review.
  • Contributor: Ryuson
    Thanks for such an in-depth review on such a basic product! I LOVE Close2You but don't know if I want them on my towel.
  • Contributor: SecretToyLover2
    Great in-depth review! I like the looks of the towel, but absorbency is a huge issue with me. I'd rather have my towels ready to soak up a mess than look pretty!
  • Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast
    Great review thanks I agree with the rest of the ladies.
  • Contributor: Subbi
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Cookie Monster Mike
    Thanks so much for this extremely useful review. I honestly was thinking of getting this towel. I was hoping for something a little bit better than I have now but based on your descriptions of the material, how wet it gets etc I just feel this one will be a one time use for me and I'd donate it or something. So I will pass on buying it I think, thank you again
  • Contributor: shirley15461
  • Contributor: shirley15461
  • Contributor: cbmb716
  • Contributor: eeep
    Great review, thanks.
  • Contributor: Mistress Jezebel
    Great review
  • Contributor: link82
    Fantastic review - so thorough, thank you!
  • Contributor: ellejay
    Ahh too bad it's not very absorbent. Still, a sex towel is always good! Thank you for the review.
  • Contributor: DiamondKoala
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: yarii
  • Contributor: libra777
    Great review, thanks.
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