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While I don't love my Purple Lace Devine Toy Box as much as some of my other Devine gear, it does continue to be a much beloved part of my storage collection. With plenty of room, a discreet and unassuming exterior and a lock mechanism for added protection from prying eyes, it's a great way to keep your toys safe and out of sight. Spoil your favorite vibrators, dildos, restraints, clamps and other odds and ends in this beautiful storage container.
Gorgeous design, stores a lot, discreet appearance, ribbon "hinge" and lock mechanism
Lace showing signs of wear (loose "hairs"), cheap lock, not all edges are well sealed
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You know the Red Bull Girls that show up to concerts, clubs and festivals giving out free Red Bulls and generally acting really excited about the product? They look all cute, smile, and it's supposed to make you want to buy it - their chipper attitude combined with the free sample of their decidedly awesome product.

I'm thinking I should propose a Devine Toy Box Team to the ladies at Devine Toys. Why? Because I think I could do that job with more zeal than is probably normal. I got my Lace Devine Toy Box recently in order to compare it with my Corset Toy Box (and to keep it company, naturally!) I am absolutely in LOVE with, ALMOST more than the Corset Box.

Initially, I was anxious about this one. I ordered mine in purple because I decided having two pink corset boxes would be redundant in my larger toy chest. However, the pictures on Edenfantasys just...didn't wow me. Upon arrival I was stunned at how much more beautiful I felt mine looked in real life as opposed to the pictures. My camera seemed to be no good at capturing its loveliness either, although the Devine Toys website does have a charming photograph that seems to do it the most justice that I've seen.

This picture captures the warmer, redder violet color of the soft satin that lies beneath rose patterned black lace. The purple pattern extends over the top and rear panels, and extends partially over the front panel to close with a small metal closure. A lock is included, but it is not of the best quality for the long term so if you plan to use this closure you may wish to look for a more sturdy lock at the hardware store. The remaining panels are covered with black faux leather, but unlike my Pink Corset Box this material is not very squishy. It's rather hard and sounds a bit like a light weight, thin piece of wood when knocked upon (although I believe it's actually covering a sturdy piece of cardboard).

Overall I found this box not quite as well made as my other Devine Toy Box. Both of my boxes stay inside of a larger locked chest and do not endure any sort of of rough treatment, but after a few weeks and only very light use, the lace of this box is already beginning to show wear. Fuzzy little hairs are starting to puff up around the lace roses. The top panel also does not appear to be padded as nicely as the other box - the foam beneath the lace and satin feels stiff, cheap and thin. Thankfully, I am not too worried that this will be an issue for any of the things I keep inside, but this may be a concern for some other buyers.

Which of course brings me to the question "What do you keep in there?" Well, the Devine Toy Box is a thing of utter magic; nearly 10" long, and 5" in both height and width, this baby can hold a lot more than you'd think just by looking at it. Right now I use it to hold only four items, though there is enough space at the top of the box that I could probably fit another similarly sized item in if I were clever about arrangement. The contents of the Purple Lace Toy Box are currently:

- ASLAN's Chin-up Harness
- ASLAN's Commando Harness
- ASLAN's Jaguar Harness
- Liberator's Pink Galette Bra & Panty Set (stored in a large Jopen sack)

Between the straps of the harnesses and their various buckles and such, these pieces do take up quite a bit of room. Still, after all those bits and pieces there is still room for a latex lingerie set in a pouch and probably another harness could be stored up on top.
Generally speaking, I do absolutely love this box. For a few reasons - some of which may just be quality control on the manufacturer's part - I didn't love it AS much as the Pink Corset Toy Box. The satin that is glued to the inside of the top panel is a bit puckered and wrinkled in certain spots which makes it a little unappealing to the eye. As I mentioned above, the lace has a tendency to get a bit ragged around the roses (though the netting seems to be doing just fine) and the foam doesn't feel as sturdy as the Pink Corset Box. I believe this may have something to do with the faux leather that's used in the Pink Corset's construction; it just feels squishier and fluffier to me.

Overall they're both fabulous purchases. They each hold a ton of stuff, look adorable and are pretty damn durable for what you pay. They are more delicate than a plastic Tupperware, so if you're looking for something to toss around, kick under the bed and snatch back out again then you may not want to spend for these. But if you want something to display on a bedside table or bureau - protected by a lock, of course, to keep sneaky peepers out - this and the other Toy Box options are really awesome.

Beautiful. Dependable. And with only a few small, negligible quirks. I'm pretty much sold on the whole line, and foresee more of their stuff populating my toy chest in the future!
Follow-up commentary
Somehow, the little pin in the clasp of this box has come loose. I can't get the damn thing to stay put for the life of me, so it no longer closes fully without a lock in place. I don't use a lock with this, so it never quite sits perfectly closed. This really shouldn't be, considering that it's used gently and sits snugly in a larger toy trunk. Still, besides that, I love this box. It's lovely and otherwise sturdy. Still holds a whole lot and still looks great doing it. I recommend it even with its quirks!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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