Devine toy lace box should be considered divine.

This box is perfect for someone with a small collection of toys under 9" long. I can fit my cleaner, my lube, and my vibe in here without any issues at all. This is sexy, discreet, and perfect for anyone ranging from shy and secretive, to proud and open.
Small, discreet, sexy, pretty, holds a lot, changeable lock.
Provided lock sucks, could be too small for some, rather expensive.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I love this little box. That's exactly what it is too. It's little, but not a bad little. It's a little discreet and it’s small enough that you could be hiding jewelry, a diary, or personal mementos inside it. It becomes less believable that a giant locked box is just for memories (the innocent memories, anyway).

When I got this in the mail, it came wrapped in very delicate white tissue paper that I tore through like an eager child on Christmas. The tiny lock and keys also came wrapped in tissue, and plastic. It was a lot smaller than I imagined, but it still excited me.

Immediately I thrust my 9" vibrator, my large Maximus lubricant bottle, and my before and after toy cleaner inside. Everything fits perfectly. The toy box was almost made to fit my prober. Any toy OVER 9 inches however, will not fit... unless you like turn them diagonally or something, so they lay across the box floor like this / <-. I still have room in my toy box, and I am eager to fill it up.

Let's start with the box's design: The box is sturdy and on the outside, the back, all the way across the lid, and onto the lip where it locks is covered in a deep red satin. Overlaying this crimson fabric is a delicate black rose patterned lace (at least, it looks like roses to me). The sides and front wall-under the locking lid-lip, are covered in some sort of pleather. The entire interior is covered in red satin, a very passionate color and a very sensual texture.

There is virtually no visible stitching, everything is seemingly seamless (haha pun). There is a thin black ribbon connecting the lid to the side, which enables the lid to stick straight up in the air. This keeps the lid from slamming shut, or falling back all the way, which is probably a good thing for the 'hinge'. The lock is annoying, the keys are dinky, and this aspect of it is -very- cheap. I've upgraded my lock to a luggage lock, to prevent myself from getting locked out of the box when the cheap lock breaks or something.

The good: It's so pretty, and small enough to be deceptive. Even if it is small however, it has great internal space! You can put in your own lock if you dislike the provided one. Very well made, and it's got a sort of sexy aura about it, with the red satin and black lace- also the fake leather. Toys up to 9" can fit easily. However when your collection gets too big, you could always use this for something else- cigarettes, stash box, diary, pictures, ect.

The bad: It is not impossible to see what's inside, just by lifting up the lid you can peek inside at the contents. The provided lock is a piece of junk, flimsy and unreliable. It wouldn't be a good choice for someone who has a large collection, or just a small collection of large toys. Anything over 9" will not fit. Also if someone gets close enough to it, the label "Devine Toys" is embossed into the pleather. That just might just be a dead give away to some! It's also pretty expensive, at 40 bucks a pop.

My Choice: I am happy with this box and have labeled it lovingly ‘My Pleasure Chest’. It keeps my treasures safe and sound. Even if it would be easy to just pull up the top and have a look inside, I'm not too worried about someone doing that. Was it worth the 40 dollars to me? Yes. But it might not be the perfect choice for everyone. This would get 5 out 5 stars if the lock was better.

To see more pictures of this box's details, I've uploaded some to my new Eden Specific Photobucket - Click here to see the Devine Toy Lace Box.
Follow-up commentary
The inside of this box is now a little cruddy, which could be avoided if I didn't have to sometimes throw things into it hastily. It's begun to get too small for my growing collection, and I'm thinking it is time to move on, and look for bigger and better options. This was a great beginner case, and though I'm gonna hate throwing it out, I'm not sure it would be that easy to clean the insides considering the box is formed of cardboard.

Also, the strap that connected the lid to the box, that kept the lid from flopping open too far broke about a month ago, which is kind of annoying. For as expensive as this item is, I don't know if it's exactly worth it. I did love it while it lasted, but I think for being a 40 dollar box it should last for more than just under a year of heavy use. Maybe that's just me, maybe it stood up well to the test of time.

Anyway, I leave you to draw your own conclusion. I loved it, and now I am kind of neutral on it. It has it's good points that I love, and it's bad points that I hate.
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  • Contributor: Nashville
    I love the pictures however, I would have loved to have seen how many toys you could have stuck inside! Sad face
  • Contributor: Backseat Boohoo
    Really good review; it's pretty, but I definitely agree that the size is an issue. Too bad the lock sucks. =/
  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    It dies look pretty cute. I never thought you could peake inside...could the toys be pulled out if you mnaged to catch one with a finger? Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Luscious Lily
    Good review! The pictures are a nice touch. Too bad the lock sucks, for the price you'd think they'd include a decent lock.
  • Contributor: God is a Woman
    Sleeping Dreamer - I'm sorry, I only have the one toy right now, or I'd put in a menagerie of toys just for you =) Maybe when I get a few more, I will add more pics in the followup review.

    Backseat Boohoo - The size is an issue for big collectors, most definitely. But if you just have about five and under toys that are under 9" it's perfect. And the lock does suck, but I suppose it should be expected- if the box is greatly done, -something- has to be crappy! That's like the ying and yang of products.

    Naughty Student - Hmm, I haven't tried, but I'm sure if you had a smaller vibe- like for example one of those pocket vibes, or a lipstick vibe, or if you kept condoms/cock ring/little tidbits, it'd be rather easy. I'll try it right now for you. Okay, I have the jelly flex prober, and it is rather long/thick. I can manage to pull it up into solid view, but I cannot pull it out. I cannot get a good enough grip on my maximus lube though. I suppose the thicker the object, the harder time you have in gripping it. Smaller toys I'm sure I could pull out of there.

    Luscious Lily - Thank you- and as I explained before- it's the ying and yang of products haha. If one part of it is fantastic- Something else has to suck =)
  • Contributor: Mamastoys
    sorry the lock sucks..I have another carrier that the lock sucks on too! Pretty though. thanks for the review! Hopefully wou will get more toys soon to fill it up! Winking
  • Contributor: ThePornLibrarian
    Too bad about the lock, because this one looks great.
  • Contributor: removedacnt
    NIce review, thanks!
  • Contributor: Hannah Savage
    I've wanted this ever since I first visited EF. It looks so, so pretty.
  • Contributor: sbon
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: darkkitty
    Good job!
  • Contributor: pinkzombie
    NIce review!
  • Contributor: VioletMoonstone
    I love this! I need it... hopefully it's around when I finally save up enough. Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
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