Devine box of awesome!

Just buy one (or more) already! Seriously, everyone should have at least 1 of these boxes around. They are nice looking and the construction seems solid. I love the 2 designs. Buy an extra set of keyed locks from the hardware store because the one that ships with the Devines suck! 5* even with the minor annoyances.
Beautiful storage boxes in cool designs
Nice size
Construction feels solid
The original lock sucks
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So the Devine toy box in the croco color is simply beyond awesome! This thing can pack a load of toys. Even after reading tons of reviews, I wasn't sure just how much would fit in there. The thing I was most curious about is if the G4 vibes from Fun Factory would fit in there. Well....not only do they fit, but it's like the box was designed FOR holding them. I took pictures to illustrate how perfectly they fit. I have the Big Boss and the Patchy Paul both packed in there and because they lay flat, there's tons of room on top of them even. Chargers, clit vibes, wipes, cock rings, all that in addition to the G4s. I love the Devine box so much that I also bought the pink corset one.

Here is a picture showing how perfectly 2 G4 vibes fit in the Devines:

The size is perfect as it holds a lot of toys, but it's not so big that it needs wheels or something. With dimensions of 10" x 5" x 5" I can keep multiple Devines around the house and they don't take up much space. Both designs look great and are pretty unassuming, except for the lock.

Now about the lock, as this has been a complaint among other reviewers. The lock sucks, plain and simple, it is awful. The day that my Devine box arrived, I went out and purchased a set of 2 small Master brand keyed locks. It's a small fix and it was only about $6 for 2 locks. I wouldn't trust the lock that comes with the box at all....I mean seriously, it looks like it came out of one of those toy machines where you slap a quarter in and get some cheap crappy toy in a plastic bubble. I feel much more confident having a better lock on there!

The construction on the Devine toy box seems pretty solid. It's got thin walls, but they feel like they're well built. The only annoying thing (aside from the lock) is the ribbon that is holding the top of the box to the bottom. The ribbon is there to prevent the lid from flapping back. Sure, it's great to have, but I think I'm going to mod it and either lengthen the string by adding a spacer or replacing it with a longer piece of ribbon. As it is now, the top doesn't stay open on it's own. It's a very minor complaint. Lengthening the string by even 1/2" to 3/4", I think it would stay open unassisted.
I mentioned that I also purchased the pink corset Devine box. The lock is the same on the pink one, but the ribbon that holds the lid onto the box is slightly longer, so the lid stays open on its own. I took pics so you can see the difference. I'm not sure if it's just a variation in the production or if this is something new, hopefully all boxes will have this longer ribbon eventually.

I have no hesitation giving these Devine boxes 5 stars. The only minor flaws are the lock and the length of the ribbon, but both of those are such minor gripes that I can't take any stars away for that. The dimensions might not sound all that big, but let me reassure you that these boxes will definitely hold a lot of toys!
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    Thanks for the review!
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    Great review.
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    I agree; the lock is subpar. I mentioned in my own review that I found a flaw in my lock tha tallowed it to be opened without a key.
  • Contributor: catgirl9
    Thanks guys!

    Yaoi, whoa that's crazy, definitely glad I got some beefier locks. I wish EF still carried that purple and black one that you have.
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    Great review... Good to see you upped your locks...
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    Nice! I want one. Been looking for a box and I think I just found it
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