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Devine Toy Box-Pink Corset: Modern Day Treasure Chest- Keep your Booty Safe!

This beautiful satin and faux leather toy box will allow you to worry less about you and your toys' privacy and focus more on pleasure! As a discreet box, it can be used to store anything, and the locking mechanism provides added security. The box is well made, has an amazing texture, and can store a surprising amount of booty. Utterly divine!
Lovely color, corset design, durability, locking feature, satin fabric,stores your favorite toys.
Slippery ropes, wish it was slightly bigger.
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The Devine storage chest is literally divine. For many years, I have been hiding my toys in shameful places... The back of my dresser nestled in a sock, under my bed in a dusty tupperware, maybe underneath the mattress where no one would ever look. As my collection has grown, I realize that it's time for my toys to come out of hiding and be placed where they belong, in what I like to refer to as "My treasure chest."

As I gleefully tore open the shipping box that my toy box arrived in, I was initially a little disappointed that it was a little on the small side. I hadn't looked at the dimensions closely as I was focused on how pretty and girly it was. However, upon placing all my favorite toys inside, I realized I had plenty of room for all my faves. Be sure your toys are compatible next to one another skin-to-skin and acquire protecting covers or pouches if they don't mix well.

The product comes in a thick plastic bag with a little tag that displays the DevineToys logo. There is a small logo on the outside right corner of the box. The laces come fully strung, so as others have said, take caution not to accidentally cut them.

To give a general idea of size, the toy box is about the size of a small shoe box, The dimensions measure: length: 9 1/2" and width: 5". I was able to store eight toys including a Form 2, Eroscillator (not including cord) a couple clit vibes, a couple condoms, lube, and two G-spot vibes. I also placed a little basket to separate small attachments and to hold my batteries (You can't ever forget batteries). With this load, the box is about 3/4 full. I really only store my "Frequent fliers" in this box and have left my not-so-favorite toys under the bed in a tupperware prison. The top opens from the back, and when left open does not flop backwards, rather stays open at a reasonable angle. There is a lock loop attached to the bottom portion of the box and a metal holder that slides over it when closed. The lock is then placed through the loop and prevents opening. This small lock option can keep your treasure chest a secret; it comes with two silver keys. If you want maximum security for your toys or have an especially invasive roommate, in-law, or child, I would recommend purchasing a lock with more heft. Keep in mind the small diameter of the locking loop when purchasing a new lock.

As for performance, how can this delightful box go wrong? I love the outer black fabric, it has a smooth faux leather finish with a small amount of texture, easily washed if you drip some lube on it. The loops that hold the laces are sewn firmly into the faux leather border, and underneath the laces lies a hot pink stripe that feels like a silk or satin; take caution not to drip lube on this portion of the box as it may stain. It feels very luxurious and in my very plain bedroom provides a great pop of color. The inside of the box is a smooth black satin. It can be very discreet when closed as it can just look like a small storage box for pretty much anything.

One very small complaint I have is the slipperiness of the strings that tie the corset. They are too long, and very loopy and droopy. Any knot or bow you tie comes undone quickly and the ends fray. I purchased some thin, smooth, lace ribbon and re-strung it and it looks and functions much better.

Overall, I find this item to be a great purchase. It has held up over the last six months of use, held all my favorite toys, and makes me feel secure about my toys' secrecy. I am a creature of organization, so this made me very happy! Now I can keep all my toys on hand, but no one will know. Genius.
Follow-up commentary
I am still enjoying this toy box for my favorite toys. I have not experienced any breakdown or discoloration of the fabric and the box has held its shape. The toy box ribbons are still intact, although I did change them to be less slippery. I rarely lock this chest but keep it out near my bed.

I have had to re-direct some curious friends from investigating the contents of my treasure chest; it's just so unique people want to look at it!

Currently, I have my form 2, Life by Leaf, MiMi, 1 bullet, 2 g-spot vibes,small buttplug, favorite lube, handful of condoms, and extra batteries.

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  • Contributor: Breas
    Thank you for the review! I probably wont get this because I find the price to be a bit steep, but great review anyhow!
  • Contributor: BeautifulDarkness
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: - Kira -
    Thanks for the review! I keep getting distracted by how pretty it is as well, but I think it would be too small for me.
  • Contributor: P'Gell
    Thank you for the review.

    I've been looking at this, but at this price, it seems a bit small. I adore seeing people's toys in their storage boxes in pictures. That way, we get an idea of what kind of room the box has.

    I'm sorry the string didn't work well. I'm glad you found a solution.
  • Contributor: SMichelle
    I, too, found myself tempted by how pretty it is, but never gave much thought to size...

    Reading your review, I realize that it's likely too small for my needs. Thanks for your review!
  • Contributor: badk1tty
    Thank you for your review, especially the size layout
  • Contributor: Stinkytofu10
    ty for the review!
  • Contributor: NoOneNosMe
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: calliope
    Thanks for the review. Love the title.
  • Contributor: Secret Pleasure
    good job
  • Contributor: elli
    thank you for the review!
  • Contributor: Thomas90
    Great review, thanks!
  • Contributor: Upyourreviews
    Nice! I've been wanting to get one but just couldn't see how it would beat out my big plastic tub, especially since I don't need a lock. However, this sure is pretty...
  • Contributor: Calypso05
    Thank you for the review!
  • Contributor: Huff
    Great review, thanks
  • Contributor: laceypanties
  • Contributor: SimpleHedonist
    Love this box, thanks for the review!!!
  • Contributor: Hubby80
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Real or memorex
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: treehugger
    Great review, thanks!
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