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There may be cheaper ways to store your flavored lubes, condoms and sex toys, but you'll be hard pressed to find anything this sturdy and adorable for less. Devine Toys' Pink Corset Toy Box is a gorgeous and high quality way to keep your gear organized and protected from prying eyes with its locking closure. It may not be the most discreet toy box around, but it's absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly spacious.
Creative and sexy design, holds a substantial amount, lockable, sturdy and well made.
Some color discrepancies, not very discreet.
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If you're a toy junkie like me, there comes a time in your collecting when you realize that instead of springing for the uber-expensive realistic dildo... maybe you should invest in some storage. This realization occurs at different times for different people. Perhaps you've just tripped over a slippery, lubed up Pure Wand left on the floor by the bed and stubbed your toe badly. Maybe your dog just chewed up your favorite masturbation sleeve because you were forced to leave it on the counter for lack of space.

After trying for some time to remedy my storage issues with a lot of stuff, I have finally come to be a loyal customer of Devine Toys. Particularly, my storage situation has been majorly de-cluttered by the Pink Corset Toy Box. I will admit that I was not initially convinced that a big Tupperware container from Target wouldn't be just as effective, as well as a hell of a lot cheaper. I finally decided that I love my toys enough that I did want to splurge on this beautiful storage container. Some people collect records or high heels - I just happen to collect dildos. Though it was more economic, I decided against stacking my vibrators up in shoeboxes and opted instead to shroud them in pink satin and serpentine ribbon-work!

I could not be happier with this purchase. The Devine Pink Corset Box came to me in a modest plastic bag, but who the heck is going to be mad that a storage container doesn't come in re-usable packaging? I tore open my plastic pouch to inspect my new box and noticed pretty quickly that mine was missing the included lock for the metal closure. I looked around on the carpet to see if in my zeal I had accidentally cast it aside, and I poked around in my Edenfantasys box as well, but no luck. It's possible that it did somehow get lost when I was opening it, or maybe my particular piece was accidentally skipped over when it came time to throw the lock in. I didn't submit a support ticket because 1) others have mentioned they found the lock cheap and flimsy, many ended up replacing theirs with a sturdier one and 2) I wasn't looking to lock mine up anyway. If you're considering purchasing this, don't be deterred by my experience because it seems to be a one in a million kind of thing. My luck is that I always get items that are irregular or missing something!

The Toy Box itself is surprisingly spacious - it exceeded my expectations for its holding capacity. Measuring 5" in height by 5" in width, and extending lengthwise nearly 10", I was extremely pleased with what I could fit in it. I don't own many dildos that are longer than 8" in length, so unless you are seeking to store particularly large dildos and vibrators then you shouldn't have any difficulty stacking a few of your favorites in here. I was able to line two large dildos (1" - 1.5" in diameter, between 5" - 8" in length) side by side and then stack another pair of dildos on top. On top of that pair I could fit a couple of cock rings, a few condoms and I was able to slip two smaller vibrators in the spaces between.

Of course, this was just my sex toy storage test run, because my true motive in buying this was to hold miscellaneous BDSM gear that doesn't really belong anywhere else. My Corset Toy Box is currently holding my Jaguar Wrist Cuffs, my LELO Boa Cuffs, four large carabiners, Doc Johnson Pink Pussy Pump (cup and hose,) ASLAN Face Harness, Kinklab Leash & Hogtie, two Spartacus cock cages and my Ruff Doggie Styles Diva Collar. These pieces all fit very comfortably and are not crammed in tightly. If I were to squeeze I could easily fit a few more small things or one or two larger items, but I don't want to run the risk of damaging anything by packing things too tightly.
The Pink Corset Toy Box measures up impressively regarding its construction as well. The inside of the box is lined entirely with securely adhered black satin. I should mention that the promotional pictures on EF show the inside as pink, though mine is most certainly black. It may be a case in which EF receives mixed stock where some boxes have pink lining and others have black, or I happened to order when they had a black batch in. Should the lining color be a deal breaker then you may want to check with the good folks here at Edenfantasys to see if you can be guaranteed your choice color.

To me the color was irrelevant; I love this lining because satin doesn't leave lint all over rough unfinished leather or silicone that is being stored openly in the box. So you can fearlessly put anything, even mega sticky Cyberskin in here without the danger of your box giving your toy a bad case of the fuzzies. Lubricant should be kept in a tightly sealed plastic bag if you're going to store it in here, however. Should any fluid leak inside of the Corset Toy Box, it would be difficult to clean the delicate satin.

The lid of box folds over the front most panel of the shape, and it has the neat little feature of a ribbon "hinge" which can be seen in this picture. The black ribbon keeps the top of the lid from flopping back too far. This is thoughtful design for at least two reasons: it keeps the material along the hinge side from being worn out by excessive movement, and it also stop the delicate surface of the lid from coming in contact with a potentially messy surface. Decorative pink satin and black satin crisscross lacing covers the top and rear panels, and black faux-leather lines the remaining three side and single base panel. The box is quite durable; if you knock your knuckles against it as you would a door, you hear a nice medium high pitched frequency (different densities create different pitches!) It feels like it's likely lined inside with very dense cardboard. Take care with spilling on the satin lined top, but do feel secure in the stability of those nice sturdy faux-leather walls!

Overall, I couldn't be happier with the Pink Corset Toy Box. I'm most certainly going to be springing for another one to hold my harnesses and gags and such. If you don't mind spending a little money, this is a beautiful product with a lot of space and it holding up wonderfully. For me it's worth the cash because I find myself using products that I had forgotten about or lost now that I actually know where to find them! Between this Toy Box and the Devine Carry-ons I have, I am getting the best use out of all of my stuff by keeping them all concentrated in one area and easily accessible.
Follow-up commentary
Without a doubt, hands down, just plainly the best. I love this thing. I am NEVER the kind of person that wants one of something in every color. This toy box? Oh, yes please! Fire engine red, tangerine orange, goldenrod yellow...I've thought about this before, can you tell? Currently, my toy trunk has been overhauled. This box currently holds all of my clitoral vibes...and there's a lot of them. This is the only place I'd want my luxury, ultra-costly vibrators. Sucks to the pretty boxes they come in! God save Devine!
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    Love your video review, such strategically placed displays of the products! Very well done. Lovely review.
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    Aaw... I was just thinking about using a shoe box... decoupaged with sexy pics of naked ladies and sex toys. Now I really want that Corset toy box, though. Which do I have more of: time or money... I'm gonna have to geek out a little and figure it out.
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    P.S. I love your video. Never knew a video about storage could be so hot!
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