Storage container discontinued

Such a cute and perfect little box!

It is a nice size, lockable, and it's super cute; what more can you want with an adult toy box? I fit it right in my underwear drawer, so it's not something too bulky to find a spot and it's perfect for those wanting a little bit of extra privacy... perfect!
Cute style, good amount of room.
Initial smell.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I bought this lockable toy box to keep all my toys in one spot and to keep some privacy if somebody were to be looking through my things. First of all, I loved the look of it! It is super cute, and I'm glad I chose this style. The silky texture is also something I enjoyed when I first got it; it's smooth and sleek! I have seen other toy boxes in the past, but nothing struck my interest like this one! I love it.

As for my intended use, I fit multiple toys in the box. I have quite a few right now (7), and had to puzzle fit them inside as some are on the larger side, but it is a good size and will most likely fit all your toys inside it. I even threw some extra batteries and my lube in there.

I read some reviews about the lock not being sufficient, but the simple lock worked well for me, and I don't see any reason to upgrade to a better one unless you believe people might try and snoop into it, but with my little analysis of it, you would really damage the box if you managed to peek inside with the lock on it... just keep the keys in a hidden spot, and you shouldn't worry.

One thing that I didn't like was the smell of the box; like many new things, there was a smell to it. And it happened to take on the smell of the rubbery toys that I have, which was equally annoying, but it's just a smell so it doesn't really cut into the appreciation of the product.

I have had this box for about a month so far, and still haven't had any problems with it. No cleaning instructions came with my particular box; I don't know if it was just missing or not. I did get some lube on the outside once and warm water cleaned it right up. Enjoy!
Follow-up commentary
I still love this box. It's super cute and a good size, but I seem to have to puzzle things in there more now. I don't want to really upgrade my box for a larger one; this kind of forces me to try new things and replace older vibes! My limit is now what will fit, haha.

Right now I have 5 vibes in there: one is really large, another is a small lipstick, two are average sized vibes, and lastly, bullets. If you're a person that doesn't need a lot of storage, this is for you! Nothing beats how cute it is!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    How much room was left in the box after you fit in your seven toys? I have quite a bit more than seven
  • Contributor: Newlyinclined
    Hey! Thanks for the review! I was just wondering abou the size of this, what were the toys you put inside?
  • Contributor:
    Nice review. I actually purchased this toy box with my very first purchase here at Eden.
  • Contributor: 00
    I love the look of this box and would love to have one, but only if it was a lot bigger. It isn't nearly big enough for even my bedside "go-to" toy box, much less the toy box for the rest of my stuff. But it would make a lovely gift for someone just starting out in sex toys. Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Sammi
    This is such a cute storage case!
    Nice review
  • Contributor: LanaBean
    The box is small, about 10x5'' so if you have a lot it won't all fit in there, but if you just want a small box to throw under the bed/in your dresser that's lockable for some privacy, like me, its A+!
  • Contributor: fghjkl
    Nice review, thanks!
  • Contributor: mllebeauty
    I love the look of this box but it seems far too small for me. Seems like you're having trouble fitting everything in there as well. Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: The Mother of a SiNner
    im gettingthis i think awesome review
  • Contributor: The Mother of a SiNner
    im gettingthis i think awesome review
  • Contributor: Secret Pleasure
    good job
  • Contributor: tami
    thanks for the review
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