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The Freedom to Fuck!

I'm able to try things I was too timid to try before. I can be as crazy as I want without having to worry that I won't have the support I need. The Ramp/Wedge combo makes sex an adventure!
Vast combinations of sexual positions.
The pillows slide around if you use them one on top of the other because of the slick covers.
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extremely useful review
For years I'd see the advertisements for the Liberator in the back of my fashion magazines. I was always curious if the product was as good as it claimed to be. I went searching online about a year ago to see if there were any reviews and all I found was Liberator's website, tooting their own horn. It wasn't until my husband got both the Wedge and Ramp that I was able to see for myself just how good it was.

The Wedge came before the Ramp and oddly enough, I wasn't very impressed. It wasn't very tall and didn't do much to improve positions for me. It ruined doggy style and being my favorite position, the Wedge was more of a nuisance than an effective positional aid. The only time I was able to enjoy the Wedge was during oral sex; it lifted my ass off the bed so that my husband didn't have to arch his neck or distort his body into some weird position to be able to fully and comfortably perform cunnilingus on me.

When the Ramp came I immediately fell in love. It was a big pillow and the box it was shipped in was just ridiculous! When my husband put it on the bed I was more excited to use it than any other sex toy that preceded. For years I'd annoyingly stack decorative pillows and blankets under myself trying to improve angles; the Ramp took away the countless minutes spent achieving the right combination of height and the worry of pillows tumbling out underneath me.

When we used the Ramp and Wedge together it expanded the possibilities of sex. We were able to revisit old positions and make them into something new. My favorite of all was when my husband had the Wedge supporting his head and neck, and had the Ramp supporting his entire back by lifting up his knees and gradually slanting down to his shoulders. When I climbed on top of him I felt comfortable and more energized than I had ever been before. It made that position better because only limited parts of us were touching, the most important parts. I was able to focus on penetration solely and had the freedom to work my body the way I wanted without having to worry about love handles, belly rolls, or jiggly bits getting in the way. My husband also had incredible neck support and was able to bite at my nipples whenever they came too close to his mouth.

The Liberator Wedge Ramp combo|Liberator wedge ramp combo is a dream. When using both pillows you have options and don't have to suffer with limited positions or limited mobility. For the craziest of times you never have to worry that you won't get the support you need because these pillows are firm and solid. However, because of the slick microfiber covers they tend to slide around if using them with one on top of the other, so some caution is advised.

Liberator's combo has certainly opened my eyes to fresh ideas and I love having the freedom to fuck exactly how I want!
Follow-up commentary
Wow! If you're like us and want to have sex anywhere, the Liberator combo was made for YOU! It makes having sex on the floor THAT much easier. I'm not particularly fond of fucking on the floor but my husband seems to have a fancy for it. Floor sex isn't exactly comfortable, my knees would always get red and raw during doggy style from the pressure of all my weight and his weight being forced on them. With the inclusion of the ramp it takes most of the pressure off of my knees as the pillow now gets the brunt of our weight. I can also lay comfortably down on my back as my head is now elevated and I'm allowed more freedom to move. But besides these multifunctional positional pillows having their place in our sex life they also have their place in our every day life as well.

I use the wedge whenever I'm laying in bed reading, I've also used the wedge under my legs in bed to elevate my feet when they felt a little swollen from the summer heat. The ramp it seems has found a more important use, my husband and I have recently started trying for a baby and we've used it as a way to elevate my butt and legs after sex.

The pillows have also found their way out of our bedroom and into other rooms in the house, I don't know how many times we've used these to comfortably lay down in our office or living room to watch a movie. We even brought these with us camping this summer because it made sleeping on the ground a whole helluva lot more comfortable. The wedge goes with me on long car trips and we even made good use of it at a drive-in back in August.

I could go on all day and sing the praises of these pillows because of all the options they offer. While they've made our sex life so much easier they've certainly helped make other tasks in our lives easier as well. I love them.
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