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My Shaggin Pillows!

I'm really glad to have purchased the liberator wedge ramp combo! It's comfortable, washable and has tons of possibilities! The foam is firm and comfortable without being too squishy. I'm sure it has many more potential uses other than for sexual positions too! With these position pillows and your imagination, the possibilities are endless!
Endless possibilities, washable covers, comfortable.
Because of it's size it can be hard to store but, not sure how that can be improved upon.
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I have been eyeing the liberator wedge ramp combo|Position pillow by Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear ever since I found this website! I just couldn't help but wonder like so many others, if they were just over priced pieces of foam. So, when hubby expressed his interest in this particular item for his birthday, I was more than happy to comply as I was actually looking for an excuse to buy this product! Am I glad I did? Hell yea! I wish I had bought them sooner!

I kind of laughed a little to myself when the UPS man arrived with this huge box but, couldn't wait until he left! Keep in mind, because of the size of the liberator wedge ramp combo, there is an extra charge on shipping but, it's minimal when you actually decide to pay the price for this set. I opened the massive brown box to find what I was looking for. The ramp and wedge were both wrapped separately in white plastic. After the white plastic was removed, the wedge and ramp were both covered in black storage bags with handles. When the black storage bags are removed, the wedge and ramp are covered in the microfiber covers that can be removed, washed in cold water on the delicate cycle and tumble dried on low heat. Believe it or not, there is yet another cover underneath this cover! The final cover, covering the wedge and ramp is Teflon coated and the instructions say that this "liner" should not be removed but, you can wipe it clean with a damp rag.

Inside the box, I also found a position guide to help give you ideas on how to use your new purchase. The position guide does cover more liberator shapes than the wedge and ramp but, you can also just use your imagination and come up with some pretty interesting techniques! One of our favorites is using this for doggie style because it just takes so much stress off of me and gets me aligned perfectly for intense g-spot stimulation! I just turn the ramp with the tall end facing me and lay down on it and I'm ready! Hubby loved giving me oral when I layed on the ramp with my head going downhill. It really took a lot of strain off of his neck! He also got a much better view than he was accustomed to!

One of the things I was the most concerned with about these position "pillows" was the fact that when I think pillows, I think soft and squishy. I was quite pleased to find that these "pillows" are not squishy at all! They are firm and comfortable so you don't have to worry about smooshing it down when you sit on it. If you have a soft bed, it may squish down into the bed itself some but, you could always just place it in the floor. We've tried that too! You seem to be able to get more "leverage" in the floor than on the bed mattresses.

We really didn't notice too much of a problem with these pillows moving on us during use unless we got a little too rambunctious while using them. They did seem to have more of a tendency to move about if no weight was on them. For instance, I had the wedge under my head while I was laying downhill on the ramp and hubby was giving me oral. I lifted my head up in excitement and the wedge had moved away from it's original position. No real biggie for us but, worth mentioning.

All in all, I highly recommend the liberator wedge ramp combo to anyone looking for more position opportunities or just a more comfortable sexual experience. This would probably especially benefit those with disabilities in having a more enjoyable time. There's just so many different ways you could use this combo it seems limitless! If you've been debating on the liberator wedge ramp combo like I was, stop wasting your time and go ahead and get it! I really wish I had gotten it sooner! After all, it's a treat for both of you! Just plan ahead on where you will store them!
We really enjoyed using the liberator wedge ramp combo for doggie style because it kept me lined up perfectly, effortlessly and the g-spot stimulation was marvelous! It's also fantastic for going down on someone! Hubby found my sensitive parts so much more accessible and totally loved the view! Talk about 69! With hubby laying downhill on the ramp supporting his head with the wedge, it was so easy to straddle his face and reach his cock! The possibilities are endless! I'd definitely buy this combo again!
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  • Teflon coated liner. I wonder if that's the same thing inside the throws to keep them waterproof.
  • Oggins
    Hmm, that's a good question! I really can't say though since I don't currently own one. I hope to get the safari throw soon! =)
  • Jimbo Jones
    My understanding is that the Teflon is for stain resistance not waterproofing. I think that the material itself is considered waterproof. I think that the same material is used to make the throes waterproof.
  • Jimbo Jones
    Oh, I forgot, Oggins, great review as always and welcome to the club! These things are the best.
  • Oggins
    I think Jimbo has it down on the material. At least, that's my best assumption as well. Thanks for welcoming me to the club and thank you also for your great reviews. This is another example where your review pushed me over the edge to actually buy it! Hubby requesting it was just the icing on the cake! =)
  • Ugh, I want them, but so much money.
  • Nashville
    We use them for everything from sex to car trips. The ramp is tricky to use in bed as our bed is very high off the floor so I'm a fan of it on the floor. Go you for taking the plunge and buying these babies, they're fabulous!
  • Oggins
    Epiphora, if you get the chance, you really should get these! They are well...liberating! =P I really hope you are able to get them soon!
  • Oggins
    Sleeping dreamer, after reading your review, you've made some really good points on alternate uses for this combo! Fantastic ideas! These babies are fabulous and versitle too! =)
  • Nashville
    They're positional pillows.. while some may think that just limits them to sex, the Lib combo really has so much more to offer.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Oh if I only had the money & the room. One day, one day. :)
  • Oggins
    Sleeping Dreamer, you're absolutely right! I can't believe how much I'm starting to use these for other things! I love them!
  • Oggins
    Beautiful Dreamer, I really hope you get the chance to get these soon! They're amazing!
  • MaxD
    Great review Oggins! I want these " Shaggin pillows" too!
  • Howells
    That 69 idea looks amazing. Thanks for a great review!
  • salaciousrex
    Very good information, thanks ))
  • Pinkhare
    thanks for the review
  • kawigrl
    good review
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