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Ultra? More like Superior in every single kind of way!

Ultra, made by the Wicked company, is exquisite in every sense of the word. The lubricant can be used in various sexual ways and lasts forever. It is never sticky and never greasy. It makes me feel like it is completely natural. It is also vegan and never tested on animals. When you touch the product for the first time, you'll want to just rub it into your skin because it feels so smooth and velvety. This is my go-to lubricant and I couldn't be happier with this product. My girly parts agree.
Silicone based, silky/velvety feeling, lasts forever, no glycerin or parabens.
Can't be used with silicone toys, nothing else!
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Wicked really did make this lubricant purely superior to any other lubricant that I've ever tried. I've tried literally every lubricant that I can get my hands on, and this by far is the best of the best. It is the slickest and the most natural to my own lubricant, and it doesn't have any nasty ingredients. I am honestly astounded by this stuff. I won't be switching to anything else; I have definitely found the lubricant that is best for me.

Men or women can use this lubricant care free. You can use this lubricant either vaginally or anally. You can use this lubricant for masturbation and for certain toys that aren't silicone based. The only downfall I have with this lubricant is that it is silicone based, and I can't use it with most of my toys, which is disappointing. I am dying to try their water-based lubricant for that purpose alone. For sex? I have had problems with dryness down there; this really makes the difference. It is unlike any lubricant that I have ever tried.

It is glycerin and paraben free. If you have any other allergies, read the ingredients section to make sure you can use this lubricant safely. As far as I know, this is also vegan and has ingredients that should work for the majority of people who use lubricant.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture feels like silk. It is like velvet. I just wanted to rub it into my hands because it felt so nice. It is not a thick lubricant that you would take for some kind of water-based lubricant. It is pretty thin, but in a good way. You do have to put this lubricant in the place you want it quickly. It still isn't a race; it doesn't run that badly, but it is quite thin. I don't mind that because it just works so exquisitely.

It pours and comes out of the bottle very nicely. It has a push-down pump that I really enjoy. You can twist the cap and lock it in place, or you can twist the cap and it unlocks for your lubricant needs.

Ultra stays in place in the best kind of way. My boyfriend and I never need to reapply this lubricant, and it lasts just so long. I know I shouldn't be thinking about lubricant when I am having that special intercourse time, but the first time we used this lubricant all I could think about is... this is so natural, it lasts so long, oh my god.

There is never a sticky or greasy feeling with this perfect lubricant. I have never encountered that with this product.

    • Slick
    • Smooth
    • Velvety

Taste / Aroma

There is absolutely no taste or smell for Ultra.

I want to explain the ingredients right about here, so you all know exactly what is in this incredible lubricant and you can get as excited as I am.

There are only two ingredients listed on the bottle.

Dimethicone : This is basically a silicone oil that has many uses such as in hair and skin products.

Dimethiconol : This has healing properties such as moisturizing and is a kind of ingredient that is far from being ever greasy. It is also used in hair conditioners, thus -- moisturizing in a really natural way.

Apparently, it will help your hair too! Who knew?
    • No smell
    • No taste


The product seriously lasts forever. I have never had to reapply this lubricant at any point in time during use. You only need one or two pumps from the bottle, which I received in a 4oz bottle. I have used this lubricant countless times, and I still have more than 3/4 of the bottle left. That is a lot of lubricant, and it goes a long way.

You do have to wash your hands, parts of your body that it touches, and wherever it touches. As a woman, I always wash up after sexual encounters anyways, so this was no surprise to me. It was easily washed off and "out" of me.

It almost did feel like it was moisturizing my "parts", and I did a little experiment of my own. I rubbed some of the lubricant vaginally and inserted a little to see if it felt any better or any worse. After about six hours, I checked what was going on down there and it was actually moisturizing my vaginal area. I felt less inflamed, since my vaginal area does get irritated easily from a lot of products like soaps and body washes.

I was even more convinced that this lubricant was for me just from that experiment alone.

Just a little warning yet again: you should not use silicone based lubricants with silicone based sex toys. It will damage the toy, and you want those toys to last forever. I seriously cannot wait to try this style of lubricant in water-based. I'm literally ordering it as I'm writing this.
    • Feels natural
    • Long lasting


There was no packaging for Ultra, but it has a very sleek and visually appealing bottle that I wanted to comment on.

The front of the bottle says "Wicked" and "Ultra", it also says "Fragrance free, Silicone based, Intimate Lubricant".

On the back of the bottle it says a lot more that really intrigued me.

"Ultra silicone lubricant is luxuriously sensuous and long lasting. This high performance, velvety, smooth formula will enhance pleasure without feeling heavy, greasy, or tacky. Ideal for water play, Ultra enriches intimacy and gives way for intense sensation and heightened ecstasy"

"Never sticky, Fragrance Free, Glycerin Free, Paraben Free, Long Lasting, Vegan - No Animal By Products or Testing!"

It does say that it may stain fabric. I haven't really got this on any fabric, so I don't know if that is true or not. I don't think we would intentionally try to stain our fabric unless it is some old thing that we don't care about anymore. It could be a fun experiment!

    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Travel friendly

Special Features

A very wise person from the Eden community told me a secret to writing lubricant reviews. I put a drop of lubricant on my finger and circle it around until it goes away. Let's do this experiment!

Okay.. well.. I circled my fingers about a hundred times and it is still not going away, or greasy, or sticky.

Can we say...winning?


My experience with Ultra has been one of the best lubricant experiences that I have ever encountered. I have seriously found the right lubricant for me, my partner, and our sexual needs. It works for all kinds of intimate play and doesn't let me down. I seriously cannot rave about this lubricant more. I will definitely be ordering this product again and again. I do plan to order the water-based lubricant in this line and try that out, since I love this one so much; my toys need some lovin' too.
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