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Evolved Novelties' Toy Lube is a light, very natural-feeling lubricant that does what it says it does: lubricates toys. It comes in a small-sized bottle so you can buy several of them, and then you can always (...usually) find one when you need it.
The bottle says what it's for.
It performs well.
It feels natural.
Some people are sensitive to glycerin or worried about parabens.
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My husband and I use several different types of lube, mostly for anal sex but occasionally for vaginal sex, and we've tried a few flavored lubes for oral sex. I've never used lube for masturbating with toys, but since I've been trying out a wider variety of toys recently, there are occasions when I need a little "something extra." So I went shopping at and came across this water-based lube, which says it is made to use with toys.

(Note: 4-ounce size shown in all pictures)

I like that it is available in a 2-ounce bottle, because I can put it into a toy bag or box and store it with my favorite toy-of-the-moment, without it getting misplaced or snagged for something else. Which is what I assume happens to those lubes that "just disappear." Does this happen to you? You have your lube stored next to that favorite toy in your bedside drawer (if you're careless like me), right where you "know you can find it" when you have a few stolen moments to yourself...Kids? At school or at a friend's house. Husband? Out running an errand or permanently ensconced in headphones, playing the latest computer game. Cats? Sound asleep on the couch. Mailman? Already came...I know some of you know what I'm talking about. So you shut or lock or barricade the bedroom door, heave a sigh of relief, strip your bottom half, and reach for your toy. Aah, Black Label Jack Rabbit, how I adore you.

Then, just a couple drops of...lube? You tear apart your drawer, finding nothing. You consider dusting off your less-lube-dependent-sized Ina 2, but the moment has passed. Undoing everything you've done (toy back in drawer, pants back on, door open), you head off to do that chore (the one you were planning to avoid by masturbating), considering, "Where DOES that lube go?" Husband fixing those squeaky door hinges? Not likely, they still squeak. Very large ants? No, you probably grabbed it yourself in the heat of passion while asking, no, begging, husband to insert his whatever into your whatever...if you're like me. There is probably a whole sex shop assortment of lube in the toybox or wherever my husband puts it while I'm cleaning up, or finding out what the child wants, or getting the chocolate chip cookies and milk necessary to replenish our strength after a marathon sex session.

Back to the point of this review. This lube comes in a small bottle, is clearly identified as "Toy Lube," and is water-based so it won't hurt your toys. It can be used for any other lube requirement, but with my lube ADHD, I find that if I think of it only as masturbating-with-toys lube, I can actually find it when I need it. Since I like it so much, I have purchased the 4-ounce size also, and this larger bottle has taken up permanent residence in my bedside table. I hope.

Toy Lube contains the following ingredients: Glycerin (can contribute to yeast infections in some people), water, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben.

Note: not recommended for solving squeaky door problems.
    • Bridal gift
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Toy Lube is a light-to-medium thickness lube. If you put a couple of drops on your toy, it does start to run down the side of it, so I usually pump it on and then use my finers to smear it around a little. If you just let it run down without smearing it, most of it will run to the lowest point of the toy before you're ready to use it. I think the consistency is just perfect for the toy use; when you just use a little bit it allows for easy penetration, without being so slick that it keeps you from enjoying the toy's texture. It also doesn't get sticky or dried out. If you are a person who needs lots of lube on your toy, you might want to try a thicker lube instead, because this does distribute itself over the toy rather than staying in the place where you put it. It is probably too thin for anal use.

I don't find it to be sticky or greasy. It's a very natural-feeling lube, and is definitely my favorite for using with my toys for masturbation. If I am using toys with my husband I usually don't need or use lube, unless it's for anal use, in which case we use something thicker.

Taste / Aroma

When I twist the top off the bottle, I can just barely pick up a faint chemical scent. I have never noticed any scent while actually using this lube. I didn't taste it, but it probably wouldn't be anyone's first choice as a blowjob or cunnilingus aid, with all those interesting flavors that are available in other brands. Besides, if you use it for anything other than toys, you won't be able to find it when you need it. Trust me.


Toy Lube works really well for me. I usually need just a drop or two when I'm using larger toys, to help with insertion and thrusting, and sometimes a tiny bit on a clit stimulator if the toy has one. I usually get wet myself pretty quickly, and this just blends in with my own juices and enhances their action. When I use such a small amount, it feels very natural. It gets absorbed into my skin fairly soon, and I don't feel the need to jump up and clean myself. While it lasts fairly well, if you are someone who really needs quite a bit of lube to help with your play, or you're having an extended play session, this lube might not be long-lasting enough for you unless you use a lot and/or reapply it.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely


Toy Lube comes in a small, clear bottle with a printed transparent label. On the label are the brand name (Evolved Novelties), product information and suggested uses (it makes a point of saying that it is condom-compatible), and ingredients. To keep it from leaking during shipping, there is a clear thin plastic covering around the top of the bottle which you peel off when you're ready to use it for the first time. It has a good pump--you can press it slightly to pump out just a drop or two, or press it down all the way to get a generous amount of lube.

Even though it has the brand name and says what it is on the front of the label, this lube isn't anything that I would be embarrassed about having on my bedside table, especially if it was there mixed in with other bedside necessities like moisturizers and Kleenex. (Warning: if you keep it on your bedside table it will probably disappear, thereby defeating the purpose of buying special Toy Lube. It would at my house, anyway.) The label isn't completely discreet, but it is very tasteful and doesn't draw attention to what the product is.
    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense

Personal comments

When I first saw this lube, it was released along with Female Lube, also by Evolved Novelties. I have both, and they are very similar in how they feel and perform. The difference is that Toy Lube is glycerin-based, while Female Lube has propylene glycol instead (also, Female Lube is inexplicably priced $1 more than Toy Lube in the 2-ounce size, and $3 more in the 4-ounce size. Both products contain parabens). So if you're sensitive to glycerin, get Female Lube and you will have a very similar product. It won't say "Toy Lube" on the front, however, so you will have to be extra vigilant if you want it to stay where it belongs.
Follow-up commentary
I've been using this lube for several months and I love it, and even more, I love that i can find it when I need it!
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