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Add Some Oomph to Your Touch

Chandra isn't the most powerful clitoral vibrator, but it's easy to hold onto and works well during sex. The moderate vibrations and texture add some oomph to the motion of a finger, which is great for those who have difficulty orgasming from fingers alone. It's rechargeable, so there's no annoying watch batteries, and it's more affordable than most rechargeable toys. The manual includes information that could be helpful for women who have never experienced orgasm.
Rechargeable, easy to hold onto, great for use with a partner, affordable, informative manual.
One speed, not waterproof.
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Chandra is a finger vibrator made by Emotional Bliss. It is ideal for clitoral stimulation, or for teasing external areas. Chandra isn't the most powerful vibrator out there, but it is definitely more effective than a finger alone. It works well for masturbation, during sex, or to have a partner use on you. For women like me who have a hard time orgasming from manual stimulation, Chandra might add enough to push you over the edge.

According to the manufacturer, Chandra's 110 Hz vibration frequency is geared towards women over age 30. It's sister Isis is designed for women 18-30, with a frequency of 80 Hz. I would take the age ranges with a grain of salt. Although I'm only 21, I know I need strong vibrations, so I chose Chandra over Isis, and I'm glad I did.

Material / Texture

First off, I'd like to explain that my Chandra is light purple, rather than orange. I contacted customer service about it, and was told that EF received some purple models as samples from the manufacturer, but they aren't being sold yet and I got one by accident. I didn't mind the mix-up since I actually prefer purple, but I know a lot of people would have been disappointed about that. There was also a previous version that was bluish-green, as can be seen in ~LaUr3n~'s video on the product page. If you order a Chandra, it should be orange.

The white portions of Chandra are made from hard, ABS plastic with a matte finish. The coloured portion (which will come in contact with the body) is coated with TPE. It has a bit of drag to it, and isn't squishy.

The TPE has an antibacterial property, thanks to silver ions. When it is in contact with moisture, a microscopic layer on the outside of the material will dissolve, exposing silver ions to the surface. The silver ions are 99.9% effective against a wide range of micro-organism.

Chandra has some texture, in the form of raised rings around the tip. These add some stimulation when rubbed across the clitoris or other sensitive parts.

Design / Shape / Size

Chandra is 2 1/2 inches long, 3/4 inches wide, and 1 1/4 inches high, without the finger attachment. It is only slightly shorter than my finger, and more than double the height. It's a bit bulkier than other finger vibrators I have seen, but I don't find it to be too large or awkward to use. In comparison to other toys, it is quite small, which makes it easy to store or travel with.

The tip of the toy is softly curved, and provides a relatively broad area of stimulation.

Chandra comes with 3 finger attachments, which I would consider extra small, medium, and extra large. It's nice to have size options, but the majority of people are going to use the medium size. I have small hands, and the smallest finger attachment will still only fit on my pinky. The largest attachment is much too big, even on my thumb. The medium attachment works for both my small hands and my boyfriends larger hands, but it fits better on my middle finger and his pointer finger.

The finger attachments are comfortable to wear, although I do find that my finger gets sore from applying pressure. That's really not a problem with the design of the toy, but I need a lot of pressure, and I'm used to having it spread out across several fingers instead of focused onto one.

The attachments slot onto a nub on top of Chandra, beside the charging port. The charging port is left uncovered, but can still be a bit difficult to access when the finger attachment is on, so you'll probably find it easier to remove it before charging.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Chandra has a single button, located on the end of the toy. It won't get bumped accidentally, but I can control it with my thumb if my other hand is busy.

Chandra only has 1 setting, so it is extremely simple to operate; just press the button to turn it on or off.

Since the toy is so small, the vibrations travel throughout. They can easily be felt in the finger, and can cause it to go numb.

The vibrations are decently strong, and will work for most people. They are a bit on the buzzy side, but not as buzzy as a watch-battery powered bullet, and stronger than one as well. I'm not very sensitive, and the vibrations aren't quite enough for me when held against my clitoris, but when I combine the vibrations with a rubbing motion, I can get enough stimulation to orgasm.

The vibrations are quiet. They won't ruin the mood if you're with a partner, and won't be heard through a door if you live with others.

Chandra has an open charging port and isn't waterproof.

A full charge lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. The initial charge will take 12 hours. A light will glow blue while Chandra is charging, and turn off when it is fully charged. The battery can't be overcharged, so you're safe to leave it plugged in.

Care and Maintenance

Although the material has an antibacterial property, it is still important to thoroughly clean it between uses. Chandra can be cleaned with soap and water. Since it isn't waterproof, you need to keep water away from the charging port, and should use a cloth to wipe it down. For some strange reason, the instructions say not to use cleaning wipes. I have used Eden toy wipes on mine several times with no problems, and I think wipes are a great solution for cleaning toys that aren't waterproof.

Chandra is compatible with water or silicone based lubes.


Chandra comes packaged in at attractive box made from dark pink cardboard, decorated with a floral design. It is attractive, feminine, and modern, but not discreet since it has picture and information about the toy.

It includes a detailed instruction manual. It provide instructions for charging, using, and caring for Chandra and the other toys in their line. It also provides some great information about the female sexual response cycle, tips on setting the scene ,and different ways to use the toy, with a partner or during masturbation. It seems to be geared towards women who have never experienced an orgasm before, and could be very helpful for them.

Chandra is made in the UK.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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