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Be Your Own G-Spot Conductor

Are you ready to conduct your own symphony of ecstasy and pleasure? The Opus will help you and take you on the best g-spot journey you could ever imagine. With its superior quality, 8 choices or vibration, and gorgeous design you will be begging for an encore as soon as you recover!
Silicone, amazing design, packaging, tons of sample goodies, AMAZING ORGASMS, & 8 vibration modes.
A little loud, but who cares when you are screaming even louder!
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This gorgeous and uniquely shaped multi-speed vibrator does wonders for helping females find their g-spot with ease. In addition, the deep vibrations flow through the entire toy to deliver sensations to the clitoris. Its intelligent 180 degree design makes this toy live up to its name of The Opus; meaning a special work of art.

This vibrator is for a person of any experience level who appreciates high quality, not only in price, and demands an amazing performance. With the Opus, you won't be able to wait for an encore whether for a solo or a duet piece. Your sexual arousal will climax with rhythmic perfection on par with Beethoven's 5th.
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Material / Texture

The Opus doesn't fall short of superior. The majority of the toy is made of the highest grade surgical silicone. This material is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, and latex free. In addition to being safe for your body, it is safe for the environment by being phthalate free. Another plus is that the material has no taste and very little smell. There is a slight odor, but it so faint that it will likely go unnoticed.

The silicone feels amazing to the touch. It is silky smooth and pliable. The silicone is firm and solid while still flexible. This flexibility is maintained with insertion making the toy extremely comfortable to use. There is a velvety finish to the silicone material which makes it tougher to insert without some sort of lubricant or natural wetness. Be sure to use some sort of lubrication, whether natural or synthetic.

The end of the Opus, on the handle side, it is made of plastic. This is also the battery compartment, control, and power unit. This part of the toy should never go inside of you. Even though this part doesn't have to feel great, the creators of the Opus, Close2you, didn't skimp on quality here either. This section is made of plastic that is coated in a luxurious feeling smooth, velvet finish.

Design / Shape / Size

The Opus, as its name suggests, is a special work of art. Having superior quality and cool colors, doesn't mean much if the design is flawed. NO problems here, again Close2you doesn't fall short of amazing. Aesthetics first, this vibrator looks amazing. Shape aside, the colors offered are gorgeous. The pink and rose, as well as the lavender and violet color combinations are in perfect harmony. The colors look great on the gorgeous design.

It is the design of this vibrator that allows it to work so well, finding and pleasing the g-spot. The shape of the Opus is kind of like a capital "D" with the bottom right curve missing. On one end of this partial D is the battery compartment and controls. This plastic end leads into a thick silicone shaft that thins and curves around to match the curves of a woman's body. At the end of the silicone curving shaft is a slight bulbous end designed to tantalize the g-spot upon discovery.

If un-coiled the Opus is 13 inches long. But curled, it is about 7 inches long. The insertable length is about 4-5 inches long. The insertable part is about an inch wide for the majority of the curve. Towards the bulb end the silicone shaft it widens to about 1 1/2 inches. The size of the shaft is great. It isn't too small to be effective, and not too big to not be used by someone of any level of experience.

The battery compartment was also designed with ease in mind. The control end either pulls off, or screws off to reveal the battery compartment. It is super easy to just slide the two AAA batteries that are needed into the slots (yes, only two AAAs!). The top is then screwed back on or pushed down into place. That's it, you are ready to go!

Because of this toy's unique shape and design, it doesn't stand out as much as say, a giant dildo, but it will draw attention to itself if left out of its package. The Opus does have a packaging option that makes it travel friendly.

Functions / Performance / Controls

When the Opus is inserted, it will help find your g-spot with ease. This alone feels amazing. Adding vibration will drive you over the edge. The Opus doesn't just sing one tune. It knows EIGHT amazing vibration modes. They are as follows:

1. This mode is a basic level of steady vibration. It is comparable to the middle level of the average multi-speed toy. Even at this lowest level, this vibration setting is able to please. The noise level at this vibration is 3 out of 5 bees.

2. This mode is step up from mode 1 and is still a steady stream of vibration. There is not too much of a difference between the two levels but it does add a bit extra. The noise level is 4 out of 5 bees.

3. This mode is a larger step up from mode 2 and is still a steady stream of vibration. The noise level is 4 out of 5 bees.

4. The 4th mode is a gradual climb and drop continually. This mode will bring you close over and over and tease you until you can't take it anymore! The noise level is 4 out of 5.

5. Is a steady pulsing at the same level as mode 3. The noise level is still 4 out of 5.

6. This mode starts climbing like number 4 and goes into a vibration like number 5. This repeats. The noise level is the same.

7. This mode is rapid pulsing at a high level and then a constant stream of vibration before starting over again. This mode is very noisy at 5 out of 5 bees.

8. The final mode is a steady vibration at high level, a complete stop, then another shorter steady vibration, followed by pulsing. This mode is also loud at 5 out of 5 bees.

The controls to cycle through these different modes are very easy to use. The controls are right at your finger tips because of the design. There are two buttons. No difficulty here! One button turns the Opus on and off, the other with each press will change to the next mode. The vibrations are felt throughout the ENTIRE toy. The vibration is located in attached to the battery compartment and is inside the silicone shaft for at least half the way.

Because the toy is so easy to bend, it is hard to tell if there is an additional micro bullet in the bulb head. Regardless, the vibrations amazingly are just as strong at both ends. One end will vibrate against the g-spot and the other end lays against the clitoris and outer labia. Hold on for a wild ride! Want to take your adventure to the seas? Go for it! This vibrator is waterproof!

Care and Maintenance

The Opus is made out of silicone which means that this toy can be sanitized. But unlike other silicone toys, this one should not be put in a dishwasher or boiled to achieve this. The mechanical parts could be compromised even though this is water proof. Close2you recommends using anti-bacterial wipes, soap, and warm water to clean the toy before and after use. It is recommended that condoms are used because of the inability to completely sterilize. The insertable part of this toy can be dipped in boiling water for partial sterilization.

NOTE: Make sure to use water based lubricant during play. Do not use silicone lubricant. It will destroy your beautiful Opus.


If the Opus wasn't amazing enough... the packaging it comes in is like a prelude to the amazing symphony to come. The packaging is ingenious. It can be placed on a bookshelf and look very discrete. Or placed to show the drawers and placed on a shelf to look equally discreet. Your Opus will arrive in a sturdy white box. If stood up like a book, there are little clues to what is inside. If turned to the side, there is a picture of a couple lightly printed on the front. The top where this is printed lifts open to reveal the beautiful opus. There are two drawers. By pulling out the first, the Opus can be removed from it safe home of thick foam. Below this is a second drawer. Inside are a bunch of little goodies for you to try out. Included are:

1. A purple, velvet, pouch to put the Opus in for travel or if you want to not have the entire box.

2. A sample toy cleaner wipe by Close2you.

3. A .25 oz sample of Glissando lubricant by Close2you.

4. A purple silicone cock ring/band also by Close2you

5. A booklet in at least 10 different languages that describes the different toys offered by the company as well as care and use instructions.

6. Batteries included!

Personal comments

NOTE: When I received this assignment for descriptive review, I did some research and looked it up. This toy is from Europe and is just now showing up in US sex toy stores and sites. In fact I'm fairly certain edenfantasys is the first to have it. The stores there are selling this for $99-$120 USD. I thought edenfantasys would give a comparable price. They priced this at a steal! This toy is so good that at $59.99, I would buy it for a few friends! You are getting so much more for your money than many toys of similar price. Don't pass this up!


I used the Opus for its intended use as a g-spot and clitoral stimulator. It worked amazingly. I also used it to stimulate a male's perineum, which also worked great. This toy can be used anally as well. Be sure to use extra caution when doing so and clean thoroughly after play.

My experience with the Opus was unbelievable. I had my boyfriend play with me. He inserted the Opus and then used the part that was outside of me as a handle to rapidly thrust in and out while it was vibrating. I was brought to literally screaming orgasms. My boyfriend had so much fun bringing me to orgasm after orgasm that he made sure I placed this on the top of my large toy pile. I gladly did!

The Opus deserves a standing ovation for its amazing performance as well as 5 shining stars, 4 bees, & 4 vrooms on average.
Follow-up commentary
I found another situation to use this awesome toy in! Because of its curved design I was able to use it to curve around the edge of a pillow. I laid on this during sex while my partner was behind me (kind of like a laid down doggy position). The vibrations are so strong that it stimulated my clit to orgasm. The toy is soft enough that it was comfortable to lay on and I didn't get poked by the hard end which was under the pillow!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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