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Not hitting all the high notes

Opus is a unique shaped silicone vibrator intended for dual stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris. If it happens to fit your anatomy, you'll be having yourself a symphony of pleasure from this work of art. It may have vibrations on the weaker side but its design hits the G-spot just right, and being quiet and waterproof only adds to its appeal.
Amazing packaging and accessories
Included batteries
Easy to use
Won't fit everyone's anatomy
Vibrations are on the weak side
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The Opus by Close2You is designed to be a dual stimulator, providing vibrations to both the G-spot and the clitoris. It is not the traditional rabbit design that most dual vibrators are, but rather it is a C-shape toy with one end used for insertion and G-spot stimulation and curing up into the opposite side of the C-shape which is suppose to stimulate the clitoris by resting against it and vibrating.


The unique shape of the Opus will not fit all anatomies, it may work wonderfully for some for dual stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris, and not be able to hit the right spots for others. The Opus can be used on other erogenous zones too, it's shape makes it a bit awkward for teasing nipples but you could wrap it around your partners testicles and penis for added stimulation during foreplay. It has the added benefit of being waterproof, so you can take the Opus with you into the tub or shower if you wish.

The entire Close2You line has a musical influence, the Close2You slogan is 'Music is the key to a woman's heart.' All of the toys in the Close2You line have music inspired names, Opus is a Latin word an artistic composition. It seems that Close2You has stuck pretty close to the music influence in their product, they call the accessories included with the Opus encores, and the vibration patterns even seem to have a musical rhythm to them.
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The Opus is made out of beautiful silicone. Eden Fantasys rates silicone a 10 on their material safety scale, it is one of the safest material options for a sex toy to be made out of. Silicone is a food-grade material, it is hypo-allergenic, completely non-porous, and phthalates free. Because silicone is non-porous is can be completely sanitized and safely shared between partners with proper cleaning. I did not notice any strong odors coming from the Opus when I received it, I washed it right away and still have not noticed any odors. Silicone is odorless and taste free. It does have a slight drag to it, so use of lube with the Opus makes for a more pleasurable experience to keep the drag of the material from causing painful friction on delicate tissues. Because it is silicone you can only use water based lubes with the Opus, as silicone based lubes could bind to or melt the surface and ruin the toy. The battery compartment cap on the Opus is the only surface that is not silicone, it is plastic. There is no texture on the Opus, for the most part the silicone is very smooth and velvety. The Close2You logo is embossed near the end with the controls, this end is not meant to be inserted and therefore you should not notice it in use. There is a seam visible running down the toy, but it cannot be easily felt.
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Opus has a 180 degree angle to it for reaching, as Close2You puts it, the deep seated G-spot. I think the Opus looks kinda like a sexy boomerang. It has a C-shape to it; one end is meant for insertion and G-spot stimulation, while the other end has the controls and is meant to lay against the clitoris for external stimulation.


From my measurements the Opus is 14 inches long from one end to the other, with 5 inches of that being insertable. The insertable end does have a slightly bulged head at the the tip for targeting the G-spot. The tip of the Opus does a very good job at targeting your G-spot, and even though the Opus is flexible I find that I can still get firm pressure on my G-spot when using some leverage. The tip is about 4 inches in circumference while the rest of the insertable portion is 3.25 inches in circumference. The insertable half of the Opus is very flexible, the flexibility of this end aids in insertion and handling of the toy. The other side of the 'boomerang' is not meant for insertion, at the top of this end you will find the battery cap and controls. This end gradually flare out to a circumference of 5.5 inches.

While the insertable portion of the Opus is not very large, the shape of the toy makes it bulky and it seems large. Overall I think the size of the insertable portion would make this toy suitable for beginners or users of all experience levels.


Functions / Performance / Controls

The Opus is powered by two AAA batteries, and Close2You provides them in the package. There are 8 different vibration patterns, 3 are steady vibrations and the other 5 are patterns. Being that the whole Close2You line is music inspired, I was pleased that the patterns had a harmonious rhythm to them. They seemed to have a bit more of a melody to them than some of my other toy's vibration patterns.

vibration patterns

There are two buttons located on the battery cap of the Opus, one is for power and one is for switching vibrations. When you turn the Opus on it will start at the lowest steady vibration pattern. Pressing down on the button for vibration control will cycle you through the 8 settings, pressing the power button will turn the Opus off. The Opus will always turn back on to the lowest vibration setting, so if you find a pattern setting you prefer, you will have to cycle through all of the settings to find it again with every use.


The motor for the Opus is located towards the end of the Opus with the controls. The vibrations have to travel through the silicone to the insertable portion of the toy. I find the vibrations from the Opus to be on the weaker side, I prefer G-spot toys to have deep rumbly vibrations, and I just don't get that with the Opus. I think the design would be improved if there was a motor located in the G-spot head of the toy as well. Where the motor is on the Opus is right about where the Opus is suppose to lay against the clitoris, so if the Opus fits your anatomy you will be pleased to have the vibrations right against your clit. I find that I have to use two hands to get this to work properly for me because the Opus just doesn't fit me right. Overall the Opus is very quiet, if you are worried about discretion you can safely use this under covers or behind a closed door without having to worry about someone hearing the toy and figuring out what you are doing. The Opus is also waterproof, just make sure the rubber o-ring stays in place when changing batteries and you can safely enjoy this toy in the tub or shower, or if you are lucky enough to have access, even a hot tub or pool.

motor location
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

Being that the Opus is made from silicone it is incredibly easy to take care of. To clean the Opus you can use warm water and anti-bacterial soap, or your favorite toy cleaner. If you wish to sanitize the Opus you can soak it in a 10% bleach solution. You cannot boil the Opus or run it through the dishwasher because doing so will damage the Opus motor. I find that the silicone Opus is made from attracts lint and pet hair like a magnet, so I make sure and rinse this off before each use. Close2You was generous enough to include a velvet pouch in the packaging for storage. This will help protect the Opus from lint and dust between uses. If you do not use the storage pouch you could always store the Opus in the wonderful package it came in.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store



Close2You's packaging is very impressive. I would expect a much higher price tag on a toy that comes with this quality of packaging. The Opus comes in a sturdy white box, the top of the box has a flap on it that lifts to show the Opus through a window. There are two drawers on the side of the box, the first drawer pulls out and contains the Opus sitting in a soft foam insert. The second drawer contains accessories from Close2You including a purple velvet storage pouch, 2AAA batteries, a product manual, a bottle of Close2You's water-based lube Glissando, a Close2You toy wipe, and a Close2You purple silicone cock ring called Dulce Ami. Sticking with their music theme, Close2You calls all of these accessories the encore. I was shocked that Close2You includes such an impressive assortment of accessories with the Opus. I also am very pleased with the quality of the box that the Opus comes in, and I have kept it because it is perfect to store the Opus in between uses. If you do not wish to keep the box, or you do not have room for it, you can always store the Opus in the included toy pouch. The packaging also makes the Opus a great gift.

open box
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

The shape of the Opus will not fit everyone's anatomy, it does not fit mine very well. I can still use it, and it is amazing for manual G-spot stimulation, but it does not work well for simultaneous clit stimulation for me. In fact I found using the Opus a bit on the painful side at first. It took some patience but I was determined to use the Opus and find a way to make it work for me. I did not want to give up on it after one use so I kept with it. I am very pleased I did as the Opus works well for G-spot stimulation. I find that it works best to rock the Opus rather than thrusting it, and because the vibrations are on the weak side I cannot simply hold it still and let the vibrations do it all for me. I have to put in some work and time to be able to get off with the Opus, this is not for the lazy masturbator. If I want to get clit stimulation with the Opus I find I have to hold it in place over my clit in order to feel the vibrations because the shape of the Opus does not match well with my shape. Everyone's body is a different shape so the Opus may work very well for others but it just didn't fit me.
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