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Music to Your G-Spot

A uniquely designed vibrator with a variety of eight different vibrational modes. It's made out of quality silicone, comes in beautiful colors and is waterproof too! Sadly the Opus won't fit everyone perfectly, but it's still able to be used for effective G-spotting, clitoral, or anal stimulation separately.
Silicone, unique vibrations, gorgeous packaging, tons of freebies, waterproof, flexible.
Won't fit all users as intended, may not be strong enough for some.
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The Opus is a vibrator from the musically themed sex toy line Close2you, which also contains other musically named products such as the "Sinfonia," and "Harmonia." It's a uniquely shaped vibrator intended to stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. The shape also makes it safe for anal play, without having to worry about it being sucked up into the rectum. It's flexibility allows the user to adjust it for maximum comfort. It's suited for users of any experience level, or gender and can be used for solo or partner play.
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Material / Texture

The Opus is made out of smooth odorless and tasteless silicone. The material is non-porous, phthalates-free, hypo-allergenic, and latex free! The silicone has a nice matte finish to it, and also a little bit of drag. Make sure you use some kind of lubrication to make insertion and thrusting more comfortable.

The silicone is squishy, but also firm enough to retain it's general shape. The area right above the cap is the firmest, as this is where the motor is located. The rest of the silicone body is very flexible, in fact I was surprised by just how flexible it is. Think Gumby. The hook can be curved towards the interior to look like a P, or stretched out to look like a left angle. It's kind of hard to explain just how malleable the Opus is, but I do demonstrate it's flexibility in the included video.

The Opus has a seam that runs along the back of the vibrator on parallel sides. This seam was slightly noticeable to the touch, but not noticeable upon insertion. I think the silky feeling of the silicone makes the seam less distinct.

The cap at the base of the Opus, where the batteries are inserted, is made out of a smoothly coated plastic. The buttons are made out of the same silicone as the Opus itself.

The color of the Opus is absolutely gorgeous. Mine is a rose Color on the silicone area, and a light pink color on the battery compartment. The rose color contrasted against the pink looks very nice. The Opus is also available in a lavender/violet combination, which is also quite appealing to the eye.

The Opus is a notorious little lint-picker-upper, it can and will pick up every little particle within a 3 inch radius, so unless you enjoy inserting lint covered toys into your sensitive regions I would suggest not only washing it after every use, but also before.

Design / Shape / Size

Ah, the design of the Opus. It looks like a big hook, kind of like Captain Hook's Hook but not exactly. The design of the Opus is a masterpiece in idea, but when it comes to execution it hits some speed bumps. It's intended to stimulate both the G-spot and clitoris at the same time, and though it will work exactly as it was intended for some users it will not appropriately fit everyone. I just so happened to be one of those women that it didn't fit perfectly. It didn't line up appropriately with my clitoris when I had the hook stimulating my G-spot. Even if it doesn't fit you correctly though, you can still make it fit you as intended. The flexibility allowed me to curve it's body against me so I could achieve dual stimulation. However, this did require extra effort and two hands. Which, can become a little tiresome after prolonged use.

Even if the Opus doesn't fit you exactly as planned, it can still be used for effective g-spotting, or clitoral stimulation separately. The ball at the end of the hook feels very nice when rubbed against the g-spot or clitoris. The toy could also be used facing backwards, with the area where the motor is located resting against the clitoris. As for p-spotting, I haven't personally used it this way yet, but I would think it could work quite well for this purpose.

The Opus is a total of 13 inches in length with an insert-able length of 4 inches, and a circumference of 5 inches. At the end of the hook is a bulbous head which is slightly larger in circumference.

The light pink cap can be removed to insert two AAA batteries, by gripping the silicone area right above it and twisting the cap off. The cap will pop off to reveal the battery compartment. Inside on either side of the area where the batteries are inserted are little diagrams that show you how the batteries are inserted. There's also a black o-ring to keep the water out. To put the cap back on, place it over the battery compartment and push and twist. Make sure you close this area tightly, because if not water could potentially get into the battery compartment.

Although this vibrator is unique in design, I think it is also easily identified for what it is. It comes with a purple velour-ish toy pouch that makes it a lot more discreet, and is perfect for bringing the Opus on trips, or for stashing it in a drawer.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Opus comes with a variety of different vibrational options. It has three different vibration intensities, and five different vibrational patterns. It's difficult to describe the vibrations, but the included booklet comes with a diagram which does a good job at illustrating the vibrations. Overall, I would say the Opus is a medium strength vibrator, the vibrations are strong, but if your looking for a powerhouse, than this probably isn't the vibrator for you. There were a few times I was using it where I wished it had a slightly more powerful vibration level, but more often than not it was strong enough to get the job done. The vibration patterns are unique and unlike anything I've personally experienced during my sex toy travels.

The buttons are located on the light pink cap. The buttons are placed in a vertical line. The power button has a raised power symbol on it, and is responsible for solely turning on and off the vibrator. Below the power button is a slightly larger button with a raised dot. This button changes the vibrations. There is only one way to travel through the vibrations, so if you happen to pass the one you would like, you'll have to go through the whole cycle to get back to it.

The vibrations are centralized right above the battery cap where the motor is located. They are also dispersed throughout the body of the vibrator, but they aren't quite as strong at the tip as they are at the base.

I was surprised by how quiet the vibrations of the Opus were compared to the power of the vibrations. In fact to get the vibrations to register for my video I had to hold it up to the microphone. The vibrations are loud enough to be heard through the covers, but probably not through a closed door.

The Opus is a waterproof vibrator if the battery cap is closed tightly. If you don't close the cap tightly, than there is the possibility that moisture will be able to get into the battery compartment.Even if a tiny bit of moisture gets into the battery area, the O-ring should keep it away from the batteries, but it's better to be safe than sorry so always make sure you give it a nice tight twist to close it.

Care and Maintenance

The Opus is made out of silicone and is therefore a vibrator which is able to be sanitized. It's waterproof and can be cleaned by putting it directly under the faucet. It can be cleaned with hot water and antibacterial soap, or with toy cleaner. I wouldn't suggest placing it in a dishwasher or submerging it in a boiling pot of water, because the battery cap is plastic, and the mechanical parts could possibly be ruined. However, it can be wiped down with a 10% bleach solution if you want to share or sterilize it.

Only use water based lube with the Opus since silicone based lubes could potentially destroy the material of the vibrator.


The packaging for the Opus is some of the nicest I've seen for a sex toy. It comes in a white box with a picture of a man and a woman embracing and the man reaching around the woman's side with the Opus. The top of the box opens to reveal a clear window which showcases the Opus in it's drawer. The bottom of the box has a little blurb about the Opus in ten different languages. Perhaps my favorite part of the packaging are the two drawers on the side of the box. The top of the box says "Opus" and opens to reveal the Opus sitting in a foam cutout. This keeps the Opus in place and from moving around too much. The drawer beneath that says "Accessori" and opens to reveal all the free goodies the Opus comes with. The "Accessori" drawer contains an instruction booklet in a variety of different languages with information about the opus, Close2you's other products, etc. The booklet is really useful and I suggest taking a look at it before you begin using your vibrator. There's also a purple velour-ish storage bag in case you want to take the Opus on the go, a toy cleaner wipe, a silicone cock ring, and a sample of their lube Glissando. The Opus also comes with a set of triple A batteries, which is always a nice little extra.

Personal comments

I wanted to love the Opus, but even though it was a quality vibrator it just didn't work for me the way it was supposed to. I hope to try another one of the products from the Close2you line in the future since they seem to be a company that produces quality products, with unique vibrations.
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