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Bunny Under Pressure

In my quest to collect all of the Jopen line, the Vr6 has become a fast favorite. I was unsure about the upward pressure that the curve produces but the pleasure-pain it gives was just too good for me to resist. This feeling might not be for everyone. The power of both the shaft and attachment are to die for - strong and rumbly. Add to that the fact that this vibrator is waterproof AND rechargeable and you have a winner. Do make sure this will be a good fit for you anatomy before buying.
Strong power
Will fit smaller anatomies
Upward pressure from curve
Can accidentally hit buttons during use
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The Vr6 is one of Jopen's dual stimulator rabbit-style vibrators. A dual stimulator has two arms - one for internal stimulation and one for external stimulation. The external stimulator can be placed on the clitoris or rotated to stimulate the anal area. While it does not have a flared base, I would venture that it would be difficult to lose this if used anally due to the rabbit arm extension. I suppose nothing is impossible.

This vibrator can be used for solo or partner play. I found it was best used with light movements, so if your parter enjoys thrusting, this might be better as a solo toy in that situation.

As with any dual armed vibrator, a lot will come down to your personal anatomy. For some information on women's anatomy and how it pertains to rabbit vibrators, I would recommend taking a look at this thread. It goes over how to take your measurements and how that affects your choice in a rabbit style vibrator.

Material / Texture

The Vr6 is made of silicone. This puts it at a 10 on the saftey scale. Jopen's silicone is on the draggy side. I found that of my Jopen vibrators, my Vr6 seems to be the least draggy. My hand glides more smoothly across the Vr6 than it does on my other Jopen's. It does still have a bit of a drag when I run my fingers down it, but it's not the hop that I get on my others. I'm very happy about this as I found the super drag to be a bit of a downside to the others that I own. You still will need to use lube when you insert this vibrator or you will get a lot of unwanted friction, but you won't have to drench it in half a bottle just to use it.

The texture is completely smooth. There is no added ripples, nubs, or bubbles. Because the design curves upward on the head, I think this is a smart move for this particular vibrator. Lovers of texture may be a little disappointed in this.

There is no smell to the Vr6. There is a slight silicone taste, but it is very light and dissipates quickly from the tongue.

Beginners and advanced users should be able to enjoy this material. If you are used to a super velvety silicone I would just caution that this will not be exactly the same as what you're used to. The drag on this silicone, while less than my other Jopen's, is still significant. It still has a velvet feel under the drag, if that makes sense. Regardless, it's a quality silicone and should be enjoyable to all users as long as a proper amount of lube is applied.

Design / Shape / Size

The Vr6 is a smaller rabbit, coming in at 7 total inches in length. As per my measurements, 2 inches of this is dedicated to the rabbit arm and 2.5 inches extends beyond the rabbit arm. This gives a total of 4.5 inches insertable, give or take. The product page says 4.25, which is probably accurate since you can't exactly insert all the way to the attachment. I did get a discrepancy on the diameter. I'm getting 1.75 for the bulb. The product page says 1.5. This looks bigger than my 1.5 inch diameter toys. Now, I downright suck with a measuring tape so the odds are that this falls somewhere between what the product page says and what I'm saying. However, I'm not getting 1.5. Take that with a grain of salt. Near the slimmer part, I get 1 inch in diameter. The rabbit attachment is also 1 inch in diameter.

If I hold this right to the tip of my finger, it comes to my wrist. In the photos, it comes a little below because I'm not holding it exactly to my fingertip. I took some pictures from two angles so you can see it from the side and front for size reference.

The Vr6 is a little thicker than what I am used to, but is a good size for me in terms of length. Because the diameter tapers down, I find that I am able to accommodate the larger size easier than I would if it were a full 1.75 (1.5?) all the way down. While it takes a bit of effort to get this inserted, once I get it in I have no issues using this. It gives a full feeling toward the back, but not a stretched out or too full feeling in the front.

Here's where I want to mention a bit on anatomy. The Vr6 actually undershoots on me a little. I've NEVER had this happen before! Traditionally sized rabbits overshoot on me and smaller rabbits tend to fit just right. I've never actually had one where I had to extend the clit arm to get it in the right place. On this one, I actually had to pull the arm out ever so slightly to get it just right. Now, mind you, if I didn't pull it out the arm still did hit my clit, I just wasn't getting the full force of the vibrations and it wasn't able to go under my hood which is my personal preference. This still technically "fit" without modification, just not to my personal liking. The attachment arm has a decent amount of flex to it and I was able to move it out and get it where I wanted it.

I measure about 1cm from clit to vaginal opening. I had a hard time taking measurements from clit to urethra, as per the thread, but it is somewhere between 16-18mm. Thus, I am on the smaller side of the anatomy scale. I would again direct you to this thread where you can see the vast differences in women's anatomies and get your own measurements.

If you are on the small to smaller-average scale of the anatomy poll, this rabbit should work for you. If you are further out on the poll, this rabbit may not hit the right places. The clit arm does flex out, but only so much. It doesn't have a ton of flex where you can maneuver it to fit every possible anatomy.

I don't think there should be any issue in terms of beginner or advanced user, just simply if this fits. Any level of user can enjoy the shape granted that it fits your anatomy. I would also mention again that the bulb is a bit large, so if you're sensitive to larger sizes right at the start of the vibrator, this might not be the best choice.

Another thing I wanted to mention is the upward curve to this vibrator. The upward curve of the Vr6 creates an internal pressure. It pushes up against the vaginal walls to create this sensation. Depending on who you ask, this is either very pleasurable or very painful. This is something to consider when looking at this vibrator. The pressure it creates is very intense. Personally, 9 times out of 10 I found this to be a good thing. The other time, I did find it to be a bit on the painful side. It's not the same type of pressure you get from a traditional G spot vibrator. It's much more sharp than what I'm used to getting from those. It also seems to give that pressure over a broader area. It's almost a pleasure/pain sort of feeling. Like, an it hurts so good pressure.

The Vr6 is not very discreet. It looks very much like a rabbit vibrator. It is smaller though and can be hidden fairly easily.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are two buttons that control the Vr6. It is a dual motor vibrator and each button operates a motor. I'll show you the diagram and then give you the details.

Sorry the picture is a little blurry. For some reason my camera just didn't like that picture.

Here are the buttons.

The buttons sit mostly flush with the vibrator, raised only slightly. The top button controls the shaft and the bottom button controls the attachment arm. For both of these, the control works the same. To turn it on, you press once. That part is easy. The rest is a little different than most vibrators. Instead of pressing quickly again to go up, you hold it. So if you continue to hold it down it continues to go up. The longer you hold it, the stronger it gets. When you reach the desired power level, release your hold on the button. To go up further, hold it again. To turn it off, press quickly once. There is no way to go back down once you reach a level. If you get it to a moderate level, you cannot go back down to low. You have to turn it off and start back over. I keep mine on high, so this doesn't really bother me. It might bother you depending on how you use your vibrators.

Because of the controls, it's hard to say exactly how many power levels there are. At the lowest level, the shaft vibrates at a mid/high level one vroom. At the highest setting, the shaft is a full five vroom level. The clitoral arm's lowest level is a low level one vroom. At its highest, it gets to a very high level four, arguably low level five vroom levels. There is a great range offered here. No matter what power level you like, the Vr6 is sure to please.

There are no pattern options to the Vr6. This is a plus for me, as I never use a pattern and tend to get annoyed when I accidentally end up on one. If you feel the same, you'll be happy to know you won't have that problem with this toy.

The vibrations of the Vr6 are incredibly rumbly. There is no buzz to the shaft at all. It is just deep, rumbly vibrations all the way through. The attachment arm is a little buzzier than the shaft, but still not what I would call "buzzy." It still falls on the rumbly end. If it were paired against anything else, it would be very rumbly, it's just when it's next to the super rumbly shaft of the Vr6 it seems a bit buzzy in comparison.

The vibrations of the shaft are distributed evenly through it. They do not seem to be stronger in any one particular area. The attachment arm is strongest at the tip.

The only negative thing I have to say is that I do accidentally press the buttons during use. They are very easy to press and not in an ideal location. They are exactly where I grip my hand and the one touch off control means this vibrator is accidentally off more than I'd like. Other than that, I have no complaints.

For all the power offered, the Vr6 is quiet. I cannot hear it through a closed door, though I can hear it slightly under covers.

It is a rechargeable toy. It will need an initial charge of about two and a half hours (at my count). This should last about four or five hours of playtime. The charger plugs in at the back of the vibrator near the base of the toy.

The Vr6 is also waterproof. I still don't understand how because the charging port is open. It appears that the charging port forms an air bubble around itself when submerged. I don't know how this works exactly, but it does and this is safe to submerge.

Care and Maintenance

As a waterproof toy, the Vr6 is easy to care for. Soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner will do just fine. I use my toy spray and water for my Vr6.

Silicone lubes should not be used with this toy. Water based only. Silicone lubes can potentially destroy the material.

Jopen includes a pouch with the vibrator for storage. It's a lovely pouch and that's what I use to store mine.

If you decide not to use the pouch, just don't store this next to other silicone toys. Like the lube issue, silicone doesn't play well with other silicone and this could potentially destroy the material.


If there was something I could change about the Jopen line in general, it would be the packaging. For as much as these cost, the packaging is minimal. I know that's something silly to care about and ultimately it's far more important that the vibrator itself work. However, I always feel like if I'm spending a lot of money on something then I should at least get a pretty package to go with it. Ah, well.

The Vr6 comes in a white cardboard box with "Jopen Vr6" written on the front and the signature "V" for "vanity." The back has a picture of the vibrator on it and some details about it such as the fact that it's waterproof and rechargeable. When opened, the Vr6 sits in a cutout inside the box. Underneath the Vr6 is the pouch, instruction manual, and charger. I noticed that the cut out doesn't exactly fit the vibrator perfectly. Another silly thing, but something that bugged me none-the-less.

The pouch is lovely, however. It is a nice quality and about twice the size of the vibrator. While I could leave the packaging, I love the pouch that is provided.

The instruction manual is actually a manual for all of the Jopen vibrators. It is a picture manual. The picture I posted in the last section is the instruction manual for the Vr6. Pretty simple, right? It has pictures like this for every vibrator in the line. This means you only have to keep one manual no matter how many Jopen vibrators you own. I'm certain this is really a sales tool, but whatever. It's nice I only have to keep one of them.

Personal comments

This is a highly recommended item from me with a few caveats. The first is that this sounds like it would fit your anatomy. If your spaced on the wider side, this may not work. I'd hate to recommend anyone to buy something that potentially may not fit and my thought is that this may not work for those who are above average on spacing. For those on the smaller side, this is a heaven sent.

The other thing is that the amount of pressure this provides is no joke. I wasn't expecting it to be as intense as it was. If you've tried toys with a large upward curve like this before and haven't liked them, this will be no different. If you haven't, just note that it will cause an internal pressure feeling that isn't like other vibrators. It can be a little on the painful side and I might not recommend this to those who are very sensitive.

Other than those two situations, I would say scoop this up! The power variations should please just about everyone from those who like their vibrators on the lowest of low to the highest of high. The rumbly nature of them is also sure to please.


I've had this for a few weeks now and was holding off on writing this until I decided how I felt about the pressure the curve of this applied. I'd never had a pressure curve in a vibrator before and I couldn't decide if I thought it was great or hated it. I've finally decided that, most days, I really love it. Yes, it's a little uncomfortable and sometimes borderline painful. But, oh, the pressure feels tantalizing. I've tried to think of the perfect way to describe it and "upward pressure" is really the only way I know how.

Other than the curve, I'm also thrilled with the power on this vibrator. I'm especially happy with the power on the attachment arm. On my Vr3, the power of the shaft is lovely but the arm isn't as much to die for. On this one, both boast extreme amounts of power. In fact, I can cum from just the attachment alone. I need at least a mid-level four vroom in power to orgasm, for reference.

I can honestly say that this vibrator has given me some of the most intense orgasms I've ever had with a toy. The combination of the pressure the curve applies with the power of the shaft and arm attachment just send me over the moon. I'd write another five paragraphs gushing about how amazing I thought this was, but I'm sure you don't want to hear all that. Suffice it to say, this has become a new favorite.

I've found that, like my Vr3, the best way to use this was to make small twisting motions. I was able to twist less with this than my 3 because of the curve, maybe an inch or so either way. Despite the small amount of movement, the result was mind blowing. I can't thrust with this due to its size and wouldn't want to anyway because it would take the clitoral attachment away from my body.
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