Vanity Vr6 - sex toy by Jopen - review by Shellz31

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing!

This rabbit vibrator is very pretty and innocent looking on the outside, but packs two massive weapons of mass destruction internally. The motors are so powerful that they are almost too much for me on the lower levels - it never fails to leave me in a crumpled mess every time! It may seem like an awful lot of money to fork out for a vibrator, but it is more than worth every cent. Just be warned, once you try a VR toy you may not want to go back to the cheaper versions.
Upward curve
Dual motors
Control style
No colour options
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When the first VR vibrator came out, I was curious and in hope that the company would vary the colours for each style. As much as I love purple, this shade isn’t a favourite unless broken by another more simple colour. It’s very rich and full on. I make a habit of buying a few styles from each company line, but I always like each one in a different shade to spice things up. I was disappointed to learn all their VR range would be the exact same colour. Needless to say, I (somewhat) got over my ‘colour’ issue and chose this stunning toy as my reward for reviewing. Great choice Shell!


I’m pretty sure this vibrator would be strong enough for most, assuming the shape works for your body. Although it could be used anally by any sex, it is primarily created with the feminine body in mind. Again, depending on your anatomy the clit arm may be a hit or miss when the shaft bulge is stimulating the g-spot. Be sure to apply a (water based or non-lubbed) condom if you plan to share this vibrator with someone you’re not fluid bonded with.
If you require a toy that is quiet when it comes to vibration noise, you can feel confident in using this one. If using in a shared bedroom arrangement, you may want to play some soft music and use this vibrator beneath the covers; unless your roommate is a sound sleeper.

Material / Texture


The Vanity VR6 is a Jopen creation which is produced using premium silicone and is made in China. Due to the high material qualities, this rabbit vibrator earns itself a safety rating of 10. When it comes to artificial lubrication, only water based should come into contact with the silicone surface. Using a silicone lube may result in the breakdown of the silicone material; causing it to become tacky.

When the vibe first arrived there was a very slight new odour which is standard with most silicone toys. This fades with a good wash. I have noticed that the silicone takes on a brief aroma of the toy cleaner or soap I use to wash it each time.


Unfortunately the VR vibrators only come in a solid dominant purple. I’m a big purple lover, but I'm not really a fan of this shade. Even so, I would still love this to bits even if it was orange with pink polka dots!

It has a beautiful soft, smooth, satin surface with no ribs, nubs or any other types of texture for added pleasure. On the top of the handle section is two medium sized raised control buttons. At the back of the base is a raised circle around the charging portal along with a slightly raised DC 5V and Power Bullet. I don’t notice any of these while in use. There is a seam that runs down the middle of the entire toy which is quite noticeable to the fingers in some areas, but I haven’t had any issues while using it.

Design / Shape / Size


VR6 has a nice flowy shape with the insertable shaft having a very pronounced upward curve. Towards the tip of the shaft is a large bulge for awakening even the most elusive g-spot. This bulge has a circumference of 4 ¾”, but it is the length of this shaft that depends how well it will work for your anatomy. From the base of the clit arm to the shaft tip is 4 ¼”. The clit arm has a length of 1 ½” when measuring the underside and has a gap of only ½” from the main shaft. This clit stimulator has a girth of 3 ½”. The entire vibrator is just over 7 ¼” long; measuring in a straight line rather than along the curves.

I fear breaking my new wonder toy if I use too much force, but the clit arm does have a very slight flexibility to it. I was able to create a 1” gap between the main shaft and clit stimulator. The main shaft on the other hand is quite flexible mid way along, allowing it to perform a straight line with very little pressure.
The handle section is only 1 ½” in length before the clit arm slope begins and has a 4 ¼” circumference.

Functions / Performance / Controls


Jopen have decided to make their vibrators very simple to operate. Unfortunately this means there are no patterns for those who do love a range of variety in their vibes. The VR6 features two medium sized raised buttons on the top of the handle section; at the base of the clit stimulator arm. There are no markings on the buttons. The button closest to the clit arm operates the insertable shaft. It starts off on the lowest rumble speed. If pressed a second time, the vibrations will stop. To increase the speed/intensity, hold the button down until the desired level is achieved. There’s no countable levels as such.
Naturally, the second button is in charge of controlling the clit stimulator and works in the same manner as the shaft.
When each a button is activated it will emit a steady red glow. So the g-spot and the clitoris are fully stimulated, the motors are placed in the tips of both shafts. The vibrations are deep and rumbly with the clit motor having a slightly higher pitch than the other.

Like with most rechargeable toys, this baby features a travel lock for peace of mind. Simply press and hold both buttons together until the red glows cease. The vibrator is now ready to pack safely in your luggage with no risk of accidentally activating. To unlock, repeat the previous steps. But this time only the insertable shaft button will emit a red glow initially. Once the clit button lights up the toy is unlocked.

The position of the buttons on the handle may prove to an issue for some, although I have never accidentally pressed them while in use.


The VR6 may not be quite as quiet on the top speed as my Lelo vibrators, but I’m still very impressed with this one. I live with others, so I require vibes that aren’t going to give away my exact pleasure habit sessions. This one (while on high) won’t be heard through a door unless someone was deliberately listening at the door and had fantastic hearing. The insertable shaft motor is slightly louder than the clit one, but it is diffused once inserted.

As with most high end vibrators these days, this one is rechargeable via mains power and will require an initial charge. The book states 3 hours, but mine took less than 2 hours and has produced a lot of usage so far. While charging, the vibrator will emit a red glow which goes off once the process is complete.
The charging plug is 110/240 volts which means all that is required to charge in AU is an adaptor; no expensive convertor needed.
The cable plugs into a small portal on the underside of the handle.

I find the intensity of the VR6 is one of the strongest I have experienced. But I don’t own a Hitachi wand and also don’t require a huge amount of power. I use both shafts on the lower levels, depending on my power needs at the time. There’s plenty more power in this toy that goes to waste in my case.

Care and Maintenance


Pure silicone toys are some of the easiest to care for. Even though VR6 is fully waterproof, this can’t be boiled or placed in the dishwashers due to the motors. Simply wash with anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner and allow to dry somewhere safe from lint. Although this particular silicone doesn’t attract hair and other particles like most, it will still pick up small lint pieces. A 10% bleach solution can be applied for extra sterilising. Just be sure to thoroughly rinse off the residue. A wipe can also be used as a temporary measure for cleaning.



My Vr6 arrived in a white semi-solid cardboard box with a large purple V on the front. Apart from announcing Vanity by Jopen VR6, the lid is completely discreet. Turn the box over and it’s another story with an image of the vibrator and the toy specifications. Along both sides of the lid is a semi-circle cut out to making opening the package easier. Inside, the vibrator sits snugly in a cardboard cut out of the toy with the information booklet, pouch and charger sitting in the lower section.

I love it when a company completes their great quality toys with a storage pouch. Jopen went above and beyond when they designed their black stretchy drawstring bags. It’s a slightly slippery t-shirt type of fabric which doesn’t produce lint. On the front is JOPEN printed in white. The size of this thing is astonishing with measuring 10 ¾” deep and 10” wide. It’s so big that the box the vibrator comes in can fit completely.
I use mine as a book bag whenever I go out and need to take reading material.



I personally find this kind of operating system annoying to work. All my other toys, apart from my VR12, work where each time you press the button it takes you to the next level. Old habits die hard cause each time I use this one it’s like I have to learn how to control it all over again. At first I always make the mistake of taking my finger off the buttons after activating them. It’s a small lesson to learn each time for such great results.

I’ve always found rabbit vibrators fit my anatomy perfectly (for my liking) and this one is no different. But I have to state that I don’t like direct clitoral contact with a toy, as I’m too sensitive. I found the clit stimulator sits very comfortably up the side of my clitoral hood which is where I prefer my toys to work their magic. At the same time the shaft bulge reaches and massages my g-spot.

The fact that the VR vibrators don’t have patterns isn’t a concern at all for me. Although I don’t mind vibes that have them, in case I have a change of heart in the future, at this stage I never use the patterns on my other vibrators. I find they put me off my orgasm path; they are distracting.

I’m gladly giving this rabbit a 5 star rating!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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