Finally, a rabbit that works

The Vr6 meets all the hopes I ever had for a rabbit vibrator. It has strong, deep vibrations that are incredibly satisfying. Its easy to control. An absolute winner. Vr6's clitoral nub is quite stiff, a possible concern for those who need to bend it out to fit them.
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Vr6 is the first rabbit vibrator I've tried that works for me. And it works spectacularly. And its a perfect fit.

Tried Ina, but were unsatisfied with the buzzy vibrations? Vr6's vibrations are nothing like Ina's. Those looking for a high quality rabbit vibrator with deep, powerful motors will love Vr6.

Press both control buttons simultaneously and it locks to make a great travel toy. Press both buttons again to unlock.

Material / Texture

Vr6 has a non-porous, hypoallergenic silicone covering over its firm, cactus shaped structure. There is a bit of drag when anything moves along Vr6's non-slippery surface. You'll want to use water based lube with this toy.

There is a barely visible seam running along its length, but the seam can't be felt while its in use.

Design / Shape / Size

The larger part, the part meant to be inserted, is almost five inches in circumference. The clitoral nub has a circumference of three and five eighths inches. From the insertable end to other end, Vr6 is fairly stiff. It only bends a little. The clitoral nub doesn't bend easily from the shaft. Those who thought Ina's clitoral nub pressed down too hard will not like Vr6's. Vr6's clitoral nub is significantly thicker, firmer and more difficult to move away from the shaft than Ina's.

I don't bend the clitoral nub out during use. When I insert the larger part, it reaches my G-spot and the clitoral nub touches my clitoris without bending out significantly. If you have a shallow G-spot like I do and your clitoris is fairly close to your vaginal opening (mine is 1 1/8 inches away), Vr6 will work for you without the need to bend the clitoral nub out. If your dimensions are larger than this, but you enjoy firm pressure on your clitoris, as many women do, Vr6 will also work well.

I found the size of each vibrating part to be nearly perfect.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Vr6's two motors are controlled by separate buttons on the handle under the silicone skin. Hold one button down and a red light under the button flashes and the vibrating motor starts and steadily increases in strength. It will glow a steady red color once it reaches maximum intensity. You can remove your finger at any time once you've reached the desired level of vibration strength and it will stay at that level. There is no way to move it to a lower vibration intensity other than to turn it off, then back on again, moving it to the desired intensity. I don't find this to be a problem.

A single touch turns each motor off. Occasionally I accidentally turn a motor off during use. Both buttons are on the handle. It can be easy to allow your hand to slip over one of the buttons.

Vr6 makes only a moderate amount of noise when in use. I'm never bothered by its noise.

It is recharged by inserting the needle-like end of the charging unit into Vr6's charging port. The charging port is a tiny hole in the silicone that completely closes when the charger isn't inserted, thus keeping it waterproof. I tested Vr6's waterproofness by letting it run in a sink of water for awhile. I don't believe any water seeped inside.

My Vr6 arrived uncharged. It took about 3 1/2 hours to charge. The instructions say a red indicator light will turn white when its done charging. Instead, the light turns off. I've used it multiple time since that initial charge and its still going. It doesn't appear to lose its charge quickly.

Care and Maintenance

Vr6 has a silicone covering, so use only water-based lubes with it. Since it is waterproof it is easy care. Its non-porous and requires only simple washing and towel or air drying after use.

It comes with a generously over-sized satin bag for storage.


Vr6 is packaged in a simple white box. Inside is an instruction booklet with pictures of the rest of the Jopen line of products and instructions for use. The box is not particularly special. You are clearly intended to use the included satin bag for storage.


I require deep vibrations in my internal vibrators in order to be successful with them. Even strong vibrators won't work for me if the vibrations are buzzy. Vr6's vibrations are easily deep enough for me. I belief they will work for everyone.

Here is a list of depth of vibration of various vibrators.

Relative Depth of Vibration

--Dreamer's Bliss
-- |
--Waterproof Gal Pal Chubby
--Vr2 -- my threshold ------
--Minivibe Bubbles
-- |
--Form 6
-- |
--Ina (internal part only)

When I reviewed the Vr2, I said that that vibrator had the deepest vibrations for a rechargeable vibe. Clearly Vr6 takes that title now.

I haven't yet achieved a blended orgasm with Vr6 yet. If I begin stimulating both my G-spot and clitoris at the same time, the clitoral stimulation overwhelms all and I'm unable to enjoy the G-spot stimulation. I instead need to wait until I'm on the cusp of a G-spot orgasm then begin clitoral stimulation. The timing has to be perfect. So far I haven't achieved that with Vr6, but I believe its possible. Its easy to turn the clitoral nub on as you're using it.

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with Vr6. I had concluded that no rabbit vibrator would work for me. I am cheerfully proven wrong. It is indeed the year of the rabbit.
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