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“Different Strokes for Different Folks…”

I was beyond excited at the idea of getting this massager. It has obviously well earned its right to be referred to as the Cadillac of vibrators, and the hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews I've seen online at various websites about the Hitachi Magic Wand convinced me that it was worth the investment and I looked forward to its arrival with much anticipation...
It's electric, it's made well, has many different uses and is STRONG!
Does not provide pinpoint stimulation and that will be a drawback for some.
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First thing I discovered was, yes, it is STRONG. Which for me is a very good thing as, although I am new to using sex toys, I've quickly determined that I prefer a stronger vibration than most toys provide. Second thing was, that it's not as loud as I was expecting. Most people compare it to that of a Harley but I've had electric tooth brushes that were louder than the Hitachi. Yes, it's noisy, but I was expecting something truly obnoxious from the way it has been described, and I guess as far as sex toys are concerned, it must be high ranking on the buzz scale, but it is nothing that detracts from the experience for myself.

Third thing I found out was that it provides GREAT nipple stimulation. I've heard of others using vibrating sex toys to provide stimulation to the nipples, but it has never really worked for me. I'm naturally a 40D and I read somewhere a long time ago that supposedly large breasted women are not as sensitive to arousal through stimulation of the nipples as smaller breasted women. I have no way of knowing if this is true or not, but I now wonder if, at least in my case, it is. Any stimulation to my breasts feels nice, but to actually experience a noticeable peak in arousal from it, the contact has to be firmer, and a bit more intense. Something which has never been achieved with any toy… until this one. That alone was a very nice surprise.

From there on, I was excited to see what this thing could do. And I have to admit, I was in for a bit of a let down.

Yes, the vibrations are incredibly strong. Yes, I can come from using it. But it definitely doesn't produce almost immediate orgasms for me. Most women talk about having them within moments of turning the Hitachi on, and then many multiples following it. I've had one or two toys that did that for me, but this one doesn't fall into that category. It takes a good twenty minutes at LEAST before I will experience the first one, and then I can usually chase it with a second one within about a minute or two, but after that, nothing. Nada. Not going to happen. It's like my vagina puts out a sign that says “on strike and closed for business”.

Now, I will say that those two orgasms are very nice. They're deeper, and a bit more drawn out than what other toys create, and satisfying in their way. But I hate the fact that I can't coax them into a marathon run of them the way most women have mentioned in their reviews.

The reason for this is because the toy covers a wider area than what I normally prefer. I fall into that category of women who wish the Hitachi had more of a pinpoint stimulation capability than it does. Because it pretty much vibrates everything and not just the clit, it's why it takes me longer to get there (and when I'm masturbating, I really don't like waiting longer than five minutes or so for that first orgasm) and is why I can't get into the groove of a high number of multiples. But it is also what makes the orgasm reach a bit deeper, run a little longer, and leaves you feeling a bit boneless and relaxed once you're done, so it is what you could say a trade-off. Just depends on what mood you in. There are some nights where my Hitachi gets looked over for other toys, and then there are some nights where I can't wait to get my hands on it.

I did learn that, although I prefer the “high” setting after a couple minutes of warm up on the “low”, I do not like either setting in direct contact with my vagina. Direct contact leads to numbness and a whole lot of very annoying itchiness. So I figured out to keep my underwear on to prevent the negative effects of such a high level of vibration. A towel or bed sheet is too thick for me but may still be a good idea for someone who is more sensitive than I am...
One of the more hilarious reviews I've read on edenfantasys.com recently was by Always Aroused Girl. In her review for the Eroscillator 2 Plus|Eroscillator 2 plus details she referred to the Hitachi as “…The Hitachi is the hard-pounding fuck you enjoy with a skull-ring-wearing motorcycle-driving tattooed bad boy that leaves you drooling, exhausted and nearly lobotomized with pleasure.

The Eroscillator is the sweet sweet lovemaking of a white-robed unicorn-riding followed-by-endless-rainbows angel that leaves you filled with tiny fluffy clouds of pure precious joy…”

For me, the Hitachi|Hitachi Magic Wand massager is actually the opposite. It's the one I go to if I am looking for a slower, more love-making type experience, as regardless of how powerful it is, the sensations are not pin-point enough to result in the type of experience she (and countless others) describe. The Hitachi is actually my “angel.” Not my “tattooed bad boy.” Which was where my let down came from, as that was what I was expecting to get.

I am content with my purchase, and I look forward to using my Hitachi for a long time to come. But it was not the know-all, end-all toy for me as it has been for a lot of women. But it does have its place in my toy box and I'm glad I got it. It just wasn't quite what it is hyped up to be for me, and I caution those women with similar tastes as mine, who prefer intense direct clitoral stimulation to be aware that this baby may not be what you're expecting. Yeah, the orgasms are very nice, but they're different than what you may be thinking you'll experience.
Follow-up commentary
OK, it's been a month and a half since I posted my review on the Hitachi, and I have to say it, I'm singing a far different tune! Lol! I don't believe in posting hasty reviews. I take at least a couple of weeks with a toy before I even start to write anything about it, and the Hitachi was no different. But I got to say, what I THOUGHT this massager was when I posted my review, and what it has become ever since then is as different as daylight and dark. Simply put, I have never had a toy evolve on me like this one has.

I think originally I must have just been put off psychologically by the Hitachi. It's larger, heavier, a bit noisier and VERY strong. It also has a very impressive track record. I think I was so wrapped up in wanting this item to work for me that I may have psyched myself out. Add that to the unfamiliarity of the item's size, shape, and intense vibrations and the placement of those vibrations and I think I was unconsciously withdrawing from the experiences and I didn't even realize it. I wouldn't think that would be possible with vibes this strong, but I guess it is.

I continued to use the Hitachi every once in a while after posting my review of it, usually on the nights when I didn't want to mess with batteries and all the prep work involved with some of my other toys, and I noticed that I was beginning to get to my orgasms a little bit quicker. Instead of fifteen to twenty minutes, it was five to ten minutes, but still never more than two. Then, this past week, something changed. I'm not exactly sure what it was, but my current record is 6 orgasms in only 30 minutes. Lol! It's like a light switch got flipped somewhere, and now, it's as close to instant orgasms as I've gotten with a toy. The Hitachi has definitely become one of my all time favorites. It gets five stars from me now, and I would recommend that anyone who may have initially had a similar beginner's experience with this toy to wait it out and not give up on it. It just might make a believer out of you, after all.
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  • Contributor: Epiphora
    Very interesting perspective! I also really love pinpointed stimulation and I've always felt that the Hitachi would disappoint me if I bought it for that very reason.
  • Contributor: Backseat Boohoo
    The Hitachi has that broad stimulation because it is technically a massager (although we all know what it's really used for!), so if you want direct stimulation, I suggest getting an attachment, like the G Whiz. Great review!
  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    Nice review. I also think the high power can have a slight numbing effect sometimes.
  • Contributor: Crystal_Rose
    Epiphora - If you already know what you like, then its probably a good idea that you haven't gotten it yet. And if you do ever decide to get it, be prepared for the type of stimulation I described. Like I said above, I don't regret getting it, but still... eh.

    Like I said, its the lover, not the bad boy. And I SO like my bad boys! ;)

    Backseat Boohoo - How does the attachment feel though, if used only for stimulation of the clit? I'm not interested in inserting anything. I might consider something like that though if it could provide a more pinpoint stimulation that would actually be worth the price of the attachment.

    Cock Wrangler - Thanks!
  • Contributor: Victoria
    Your follow up review reminds me of a Journey song :) Thanks for getting back to us with your new tune!
  • Contributor: Crystal_Rose
    lol! You're welcome!
  • Contributor: Greenleaf
    Thank you for the review!
  • Contributor: Ex-prude
    Thanks for the review.
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