Hitachi is like a tank...

The Hitachi is like a tank, big, loud, and super powerful. Once you own this you will never need another vibrator. You can even use this to vibrate your other toys! Have a favorite dildo? Peg the Hitachi against its base and turn it into a powerful vibrator! The Hitachi will do everything but your dishes and laundry. I love love love this vibe!
Powerful, plugs into outlet, simple to use
Obviously retro
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Okay, I am trying this again. I thought, “heck, writing about a toy I love so much will be easy!” I don’t have the trouble that you may be assuming however. I am having difficulty with keeping from writing a novel about this toy! I just keep writing, and writing, and…well, you get the idea.

In a nut shell, the Hitachi Magic Wand|Hitachi magic wand vibrator is a tank among compact cars. It’s not small and sleek like they are, but it has the power to drive over them and crush them into proverbial vibrator dust. Yes it is big, yes it is loud, yes it is one monster of a vibe, and I love it.

The Hitachi is not only powerful, but it is very versatile as well. It works great for muscle massage, it works amazingly for clit and labia massage, you can use it to put some new “oomph” into your old toys by pressing it against them or you can buy an attachment for it and turn it into a G-spot vibe. If you are more adventurous, it can even lend itself well to BDSM sessions. If you want a toy for forced orgasms, this one is a winner. If you want a toy for intense stimulation to the point it can be painful, then this is your toy. The low setting is quite adequate, but the high setting can be very intense when placed directly onto a clit. I love this kind of stimulation, but keep in mind that your sweetie might not.

The Hitachi is absolutely not safe in or near water. Taking a bath with this would be the same as taking a bath with your toaster. Because of its anti-water status, I would recommend wiping it down with a damp cloth or using “Before and After” toy cleaner|Before and after toy cleaner review. Better yet, you can buy a silicone cap that fits over the head, and then just wash that part instead. The power cord is just over 6 feet long, and while long enough, could have been a foot or two longer. If you have an extension cord handy though, this doesn’t really matter.

The unit itself is very easy to use, just beware that during extended periods of play it does become hot. The tennis ball like head gets the hottest with the body of the toy nearest the head becoming warm as well. I never found it to get so hot as to be uncomfortable, but once it has gotten hot enough for me to notice, I stop using it for a few minutes just to let it cool. Like I stated previously the Hitachi Magic Wand is very simple to use. The power switch is very simple with its Low-Off-High configuration. When I go from one setting to the other, I do not notice a stall in power at all, granted I push the switch in all the way and not just into the “off” position.

I have been extremely pleased with this purchase. I use this toy over 95% of the time when I fly solo, and 50% of the time when with my husband. Intercourse while using the Hitachi just takes some modification to positions, and is well worth it. I run to my Hitachi when I am having difficulty reaching orgasm, and it has never disappointed me. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.
The Hitachi Magic Wand turns any dildo into a super vibrating dildo. I love my Lone Star dildo by Vixen|Lone star realistic dildos, but it does not vibrate. The Hitachi is easily placed next to the dildo (usually pressed against the base) and creates very intense vibrations that carry through to the very tip of the toy. The head of the Hitachi is padded, so I don't have to worry about it damaging whatever dildo I am using it on. My husband finds this very enjoyable for anal penetration as well. Most of our vibrating anal toys|Vibrating anal toys have quite pathetic vibrations, so the Hitachi breathes new life into those toys for us.

One last suggestion is about the use of lube. If you are going to be using lube while using the Hitachi, I would highly recommend covering as much of it as you can with a condom. Once you get lube on the body of the Hitachi the hard plastic becomes nearly impossible to hold onto. It also helps to protect the Hitachi against any body fluids or lube from getting into any place they should not be.
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