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If music be the food of love, play on.

A quality, innovated design from top to bottom. When mine worked, I truly enjoyed using it. It's a flexible silicone vibrator with musical flavor, suitable for anyone who enjoys clitoral stimulation and light G-spot stimulation.
Unique musical theme, 8 vibration choices, quiet, flexible, curved shape.
Possible battery-cap design problem. Mine often cut out for no particular reason.
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According to the Oxford American Dictionary, Sinfonia is the Italian word for symphony. In English it most commonly refers to a 17th- or 18th-century orchestral piece used as an introduction, interlude, or postlude to an opera, oratorio, cantata, or suite.

Sinfonia is a part of the collection from a company called Close2You. They have designed their entire collection with a theme of "music" in mind. Any music lover could appreciate the details of this toy, but more to the point, it is a toy designed well for those who enjoy clit stimulation and G-spot stimulation without needing pressure.

I did not use this toy anally, but I think it might be a good anal toy as long as caution is observed. Given its tapered design, I honestly don't think it would disappear inside you, but lack of a flared base always leaves you open to risk.

Material / Texture

Sinfonia is made of matte silicone (the battery cap is plastic) and has a smooth texture with no ridges, ribs or bumps. If you are familiar with silicone, you know what little smell or taste it may have is barely noticeable and not at all offensive.

The silicone shaft is flexible, so it moves with your body, adjusts to it. This may be ideal for those who do not enjoy the unforgiving nature of rigid materials such as glass, but will not be so ideal for those interested in a stiff shaft able to provide strong pressure against the G-spot.

Design / Shape / Size

Sinfonia's slight curve and tapered shaft are reminiscent of a Bass Clef. Given the musical theme found throughout their entire collection, it's likely this was intentional. The curved design should be ideal for most users interested in G-spot stimulation, but not so much for those in need of strong pressure. As mentioned above, the shaft is quite flexible and makes intense pressure a challenge to achieve.

Sinfonia's thickest point, 1 5/8", is found at the base of the toy. From here it narrows to just about half an inch. This unique tapered design means that Sinfonia can be used by those who enjoy thick toys as well as those who prefer a thinner toy.

The tapered end is also ideal for clitoral stimulation, directing vibrations easily to where they need to go.

Sinfonia's design is subtle and discreet. Anyone who happened to find it and was not familiar with such products probably wouldn't immediately think "vibrator." That said, it comes with a purple, velvet storage pouch that easily conceals and offers clean, safe storage.

Functions / Performance / Controls

In keeping with the musical theme, Sinfonia offers a wide variety of rhythm options including three different intensity settings, an escalation, a constant pulse and three more varied patterns.

It's control pad has two buttons, a power button and a button to switch between vibration choices. So no scrolling through them all to shut it off if need be. Yay!

Care and Maintenance

Sinfonia comes with a first-rate cardboard storage box that you could easily use for storage if you so choose, however it also comes with a purple, velvet draw-string bag. So you have choices!

Cleaning is pretty straightforward thanks to the silicone material and waterproof design. You can wash this toy with antibacterial soap and water, your favorite toy cleaner or even wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution for serious disinfection.

This toy even comes with a complimentary cleaning wipe, so you can wipe it down before your first use!


I have a thing for package design. When it's done well, it makes me seriously happy. Close2You get's major kudos for their package design. First, it reminds me of something you might store sheet music in (once again with the musical theme). It has two drawers; one houses the toy itself and the other holds all the extra goodies you get.

Extra goodies you say? Yes! There is the aforementioned purple velvet bag and the handy toy wipe, but also, a small tube of their own brand of water-based lube (contains glycerin but no parabens, absorbs well and is not sticky), a set of batteries, an instruction manual that covers all their toys in Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Danish, Russian, Polish, Portguese and English and finally, so your boyfriend, husband or otherwise penis-enabled friends don't feel left out, there's a flexible silicone cock-ring as well.

Personal comments

First, let me say that this vibrator gives off good, medium intensity vibrations of the low-frequency sort I love and they transmit through the shaft and into the tip very well. I like the flexible shaft, it's very comfortable when inserted, but it's too flexible for it to be a good G-spot toy for me. When Sinfonia was working as it should, it performed excellently.

And that is the key phrase, unfortunately, as my particular toy did not perform as it should have.
I mention this here, because no other reviewers seem to have run into this issue, but during the second use, Sinfonia just quit working on me. I thought (hoped) the batteries were just bad, but even after replacing them, I got nothing. It seemed my toy was defective. I was so impressed with it up until that point that I just refused to believe it had stopped working. I tried more batteries and when that didn't work, I did notice there was a slight gap between the battery cap and the shaft.

With some wiggling and pushing, I was able to get the cap on as tightly as it appears in photos (no gap whatsoever) and it did finally work! Hallelujah!

Sort of. :) Sinfonia works, but it cuts out on me for no reason. I fiddle with it and it does power up again, but obviously this seriously impacts my enjoyment of the toy. I believe this to be a problem with the battery connections not reaching the batteries when the cap is not on properly. So it's kind of user error, but on the other hand, the battery cap doesn't seem to want to stay securely in place either.

I still recommend this toy, because others have not had the same experience I have. I just do so with less enthusiasm as I would have otherwise.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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