Is That An Earthquake?

G4 Paul is a challenge to me. I figured the size difference between this and what I'm used to wasn't really that big. I was wrong. I also figured the texture wouldn't bother me too much since Little Paul doesn't get to me. Also wrong. However, the strong and deep vibrations are amazing and blow me out of the water. As such, this has become my favorite vibrator to test myself with. I'm certain that one day I'll be able to enjoy this as much as I'm sure many of you will already be able to.
Strong vibrations
Three button control
Soft silicone
May be too big for some
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The Paul vibrators are worm shaped internal vibrators that have a ribbing along the shaft for texture and a cute little face on them to make them a little less intimidating. In this version, Fun Factory has redone Paul in a G4 version. The G4 line is Fun Factory's premium line that features strong, rumbly vibrations, a looped handle, and a Magic Touch control panel. Paul is the smallest of the G4 line, but still not really all that tiny. Paul will work best for intermediate and advanced users that prefer a moderate amount of girth and a whole lot of rumble.

Paul is meant to be used internally, but only vaginally. There is no flared base and Paul should not be used anally. The tip could also be used to stimulate externally, should you desire.

Paul can be used for partner or solo play. I personally only used Paul solo, since it's a bigger vibrator than is my normal comfort level. When I laid eyes on this vibrator, I knew my husband wasn't coming anywhere near me with it. If you're more comfortable with the size, Paul could make a great foreplay tool. Paul is waterproof and can be used anywhere from bath to bedroom.

You can get Paul in green or hot pink. I got mine in hot pink, which is really a very vivid hot pink, as the name suggests. This color doesn't photograph well and looks to be red in most of the photos. Rest assured, it is actually hot pink!

Material / Texture

Paul is made of silicone and plastic. Silicone is rated a 10 on the safety scale and plastic is an 8. The handle is made of plastic while the body is made of silicone. The plastic is smooth with a glossy coat. The silicone on Paul is slightly squishy, but not as squishy as the Fun Factory MiniVibe line. If I squeeze it, it will give in some. It pushes back against my hand with some force. The head has the most squish to it and as you go down the shaft it becomes more firm. The silicone has nearly no drag to it. It is soft and velvety to the touch. It doesn't have any type of sticky feel like you get with some squishy silicone materials.

For texture, Paul has a ribbed design. Down the shaft are rings that separate the parts of his body, much like a worm. These vary in size and get larger as you get closer to the bottom.

These can be when used very easily. I have G4 Paul and Little Paul and I found that I noticed the texture on G4 a lot more than I did on Little Paul. I think this has something to do with the material being less squishy but also the size being larger.

The texture, much like on Little Paul, feels a little like speed bumps. You can feel each one when you go over it while thrusting like you've hit a road bump. Not one of those huge mega speed bumps, but the regular ones that will slow you down a little but not make you stop.

I'm a bit texture sensitive. I was able to use Little Paul without an issue, but had a little more trouble with G4 Paul. I could thrust slow but at moderate or fast speeds the texture started to bug me some. It wasn't awful like texture can be for me with glass toys, but it wasn't great like I assume this would be for someone who isn't sensitive. I would say the texture is best for those who aren't extremely or somewhat sensitive. The texture isn't so much that it wouldn't be appropriate for a beginner. Those that need a more extreme amount of texture actually may find this to be lacking.

Design / Shape / Size

I like to point out on my Paul reviews that Paul has a face. Take a look:

I partially find this adorable and partially find this creepy as all hell. I'm still deciding. I'll get back to you.

Paul is what I would personally consider a larger vibrator, but I know to many it's probably more average sized. I'll just give you the measurements and you can decide for yourself. As always, the product page and I disagree on some things. The product page lists the total length at 10" while I have 8.5". I think that may be the biggest difference yet. I'm getting 6.25" insertable and the product page lists 7.5". We both agree on 1 5/8" diameter at the widest point. It's 1.25" closer to the head. I don't know why the differences are so large on what I have versus the product page. I know I'm not great with a tape measure, but I don't think I'm that bad! Anyway, here's the diagram with my measurements:

Here it is in my hand for size reference. An especially important picture since the measurements are so all over the place.

I usually use vibrators that are no more than 1.5" diameter. I really wanted a G4 and figured 1 5/8" wasn't that big of a difference. I mean, look at it on a measuring stick. It's practically nothing. No big deal, right? Eh. Kind of a big deal. At least to my vagina. I had a really hard time using this. Not just diameter wise, but length wise as well. It took a lot of working up and even after a good bit of warm up, I was never quite able to insert all of this. It's really a shame because the vibrations seem to feel better the further you insert it and I wish I could have gotten this all the way in to see what that felt like. I'm not upset about the size or anything. I'm mostly upset at my vagina for being too small, I guess.

I would say the size is best for intermediate to advanced users. I wouldn't recommend this size as a first vibrator size as it's a little big. Not terribly large, but a bit above average. I know it's no where near the largest vibrator Eden carries and it's even the smallest in the G4 line. In the interest of keeping someone from buying something too big for a first toy, however, I would say try a few under 1.5" first before stepping up to the G4 Paul.

The design does have a curve to the head, which may be used for G spot stimulation. Well, maybe for some people. For me, it wasn't even close to enough curve. I couldn't get near my G spot with this. I didn't expect to and wasn't disappointed when I couldn't. If you have a hard to hit G spot, don't expect that this will do the trick. If yours is easy to hit, you may be able to use this in that way.

Paul isn't so big that it's impossible to hide, but not so small that you can keep it out either. It will fit in most drawers so long as you don't keep the box to go with it.

This is not a discreet toy, unless you want to claim it's a dog's toy what with the worm design. Why your dog's chew toy is vibrating would be anyone's guess. As always, my recommendation is that if you don't want anyone to ask questions - hide it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are three buttons that operate G4 Paul. Randomly when I graze the controls with my hand, they will light up. This is called Magic Touch. I can't seem to figure out where exactly to touch to make this work. I think it's the plus button.

There is a plus, minus, and star button. To turn on, hold the plus button. To turn up the power, press the plus button. To change the power, press the plus or minus button. To activate the patterns, press the star button. To change patterns, press the star button again. To turn off, hold down the minus button until it goes through all the speed settings and then turns off.

There is a handle on the G4 Paul. This means you will not have your hands on the buttons when you use the toy. I never accidentally pressed anything when using the toy. The buttons are easy to operate and change when in use.

I counted six constant vibration power levels for Paul. The vibrations are located in the middle of the shaft and feel the strongest there. They travel up to the head, but it will not be nearly the same power level at the tip as what you get near the middle of the shaft. I'm basing all the vrooms on the middle of the shaft, for reference.

At the weakest level, Paul emits a pretty serious mid to high level three vrooms. So if you need weaker vibrations, you should skip Paul. Even his weakest vibration setting comes set to "moderate." It just gets better from there, ending up to be easily the strongest internal vibrator I own. I'm giving Paul an easy five vrooms. For power reference, I don't take wand vibrators into account for my ratings (doesn't seem fair). So this falls in the same range as my other five vroom vibrators (Mimi, Salsa, Tango, the Jopen line). It's actually stronger than all of the vibrators I just listed, for the record. I hand tested it against all of these just be sure.

Those five vrooms feel even more powerful because they are at an incredibly deep frequency. If other vibrators are deep and rumbly, Paul is an earthquake. When held in my hand, I can feel the vibrations go well past my elbow. They penetrate past the surface and cause no numbing or itching. In use, I can feel them go through into my thighs! It's rare for me to say this, but between the power and the rumble Paul is almost too much for me to handle. Note that I still use this on high. I did say almost, after all.

Despite the amount of power, Paul is decently quiet. Not quiet in general, but quiet given the amount of power coming from it. It's louder than a cell phone. I found it to be louder in use than when I just hold it in my hand. Every now and then something makes a clacking noise in the handle which is loud. The vibrations themselves can be heard a bit through covers but not through a closed door. I'm going with three bees on this one, due to the clacking and the fact that this is noisier than many of my toys.

I've had no issues with Paul in the water. I have submerged it with no problem.

Paul is rechargeable. It is Click 'N Charge technology, which just means a magnetic charger. The first charge can take up to six hours. The light will glow red while charging and turn off when done. The manual says that at the maximum power setting the charge will hold 30 minutes. Maybe I'm reading that wrong because I only use the maximum power and I've gotten well over thirty minutes out of a charge.

Care and Maintenance

Since it's waterproof, care is pretty easy. Just wash off with soap and water or toy cleaner. You should not boil this (even though it's silicone) due to the motor.

You should use only water based lubes with this toy. Silicone lubes could potentially damage the material.

There is no pouch provided with Paul. You could use the packaging for temporary storage, but should find some type of pouch to keep this in long term. It should be stored away from silicone toys as this could also damage the material.


Paul comes packaged separate from it's charger, so you get two boxes. Both of them are gold in color. Paul's box has the front cut out so that Paul is visible through it. It says "Fun Factory" and "Love Yourself" on the front as well as "G4 Vibes." The back has a picture of one of the other toys in the line. The back opens via magnet to reveal some basic info about the line and its features.

I generally feel like Fun Factory packaging is okay for their lower priced toys, but that it should have been stepped up for the over $100 set. It's not bad packaging, it just doesn't scream "I paid a lot of money for this" either. I like when my packaging says that.

I've been using mine as temporary storage because I'm low on pouches. Not working out so well, honestly. It's just not made for that. The box is starting to rip and tear all over the place and I've been pretty careful with it. The plastic inner core is also starting to warp a little and not wanting to fit perfectly back in the box.

There's an instruction manual included that has a lot of information on how to use the toy in multiple languages. You also get a sample lube. As a warning, Fun Factory lube gives me yeast infections. So just something to keep an eye out for.

Personal comments

If you need an internal vibrator with a lot of power, G4 Paul (or any of the G4 line, so I hear) is a pretty safe bet. The only requirements for G4 Paul are that you are able to handle the slightly above average girth and texture. If you can do that, you've got yourself a powerful new friend. For sensitive users - either to texture, size, or strength - Paul is probably a pass. If you're not in one of those camps, this is a seriously amazing toy on power levels alone. I'm sensitive in two of the areas and don't get to enjoy this one as much as many of you will be able to (see my envy?), but I still really love this guy.


I really wanted the G4 Elegance. The Elegance is 1 5/8" all the way down and Paul is 1 5/8" only at the bottom. I figured this would be a good way to see if I could work up to 1 5/8" plus see if I liked the G4 line. I had been concerned about both the size and texture on Paul, but decided I just had to at least give it a shot.

Well, it sort of worked. Turns out, that little bit of size difference is a lot of size difference. Seems like I may be working up to that Elegance for a bit longer. It also turns out that while the texture on Little Paul was no big deal, the texture on G4 Paul did seem to irritate me at anything above a moderate speed.

What did work was the vibrations. Oh, the vibrations. Power and rumble and shake. Literally, when all the way up, my whole bottom half shook. Insanity. As a certified power lover, I couldn't have asked for more.

I have a hard time with Paul though since all those great vibrations are located near the middle and end of the shaft. You know, the part I can't get inside of me. So it takes a lot of time and work for me to get to where I can orgasm with this just because it takes so much time to get the right section inside. Once I get there, it really is amazing.

For sheer power and having the ultimate in rumbly vibrations, G4 Paul gets five stars from me. While it's not something I'm able to use often or even use fully, I'm taking my ownership of this vibrator as a challenge. The vibrations are too good to let go to waste and the difference between 1.5" and 1 5/8" is too little. So this is my work in progress vibrator. He's my bad boy that I think I can tame, in a way. I'll probably never actually be able to do it, but it's fun to try.
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