G4 patchy Paul - g-spot vibrator by Fun Factory - review by catgirl9

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Set the controls for the heart of my g-spot!

Patchy Paul is insane! It is small enough for beginners, large enough for advanced users. The bulges add stimulation and the gradual increase in girth is appreciated. The little hook-shaped head hits my g-spot perfectly. Click-n-charge is awesome, easy to clean and care for. It is definitely a must-have if you're in the market for a powerful, high quality g-spot vibe!
Easy to clean, quiet, GREEN! Click-n-charge is cool, bulges feel great!
Noisier than the Big Boss by 1/2 bee
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Patchy Paul is a g-spot vibrator, perfect for both beginner and advanced users. He's got a hook at the tip that is broad and provides excellent stimulation to the g-spot, and can also be used externally as a clit vibe. Paul is an amazing g-spot vibrator that excels at thrusting and g-spotting. The controls even light up to help you find things in the dark!

Material / Texture

Patchy Paul's shaft is made of silicone and has no smell or taste. The white handle part is made of really smooth, shiny plastic and the control buttons are similar feeling to the shaft, so I'm guessing that they must also be silicone. The silicone is very smooth, almost velvety feeling and has a bit of give.

The first 4" of the shaft (from the head down) has a lot of flexibility and can bend about 3.5" to the either side. After that, the shaft is pretty firm and is not able to bend. I really like the amount of flexibility in the shaft, and I don't think that Paul would ever break from being flexed over time. It seems like a very high quality build.

Design / Shape / Size

I'll admit that I was apprehensive about purchasing Patchy Paul, because I thought he would be too small. I like bigger toys and just wasn't sure if I would love Paul. I mean, he just doesn't seem all that big. The bulges and g-spot head intrigued me, though. In this case, size really does NOT matter. I appreciate the gradual size increase and have really grown to love Paul. For shallow thrusting and g-spotting, the smaller girth and hook-shaped head are the perfect size, especially when combined with the bulges on his shaft. Let's see how Paul measures up:

From tip to bottom: 8.75"
Shaft: 6.25" to 6.5" there is a small curve in the handle that adds .25" depending on where it's measured
Head: 1.125" at the longest part
Circumference: at the base of shaft is just about 5.25" around, and just under the head is just shy of 4"
Diameter: at the base of shaft is 1.625" and just under the head is 1.25"

Now, part of what makes me love Patchy Paul is the 9 bulges that comprise the shaft. The bulges range in size from .375" long to .75". When thrusting (either deep or shallow), the feeling that the bulges provide is really gentle because they are nicely rounded and not extremely pronounced, but definitely unique. Because they gradually increase in size, I think anyone, from beginners to advanced users, can appreciate the sensations they provide.

Patchy Paul's head has two small eyes, and although I can feel them, they don't do anything for me. They're cute and add to the wormy look he's got going on, but I don't think they're big enough to provide any additional sensation.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Patchy Paul is powered by a single motor located just above the white controls. It's pretty powerful and the vibrations travel very nicely throughout the entire toy. Even at the tip of Paul's little wormy head, the vibrations are still very strong. There are seven vibration speeds (if I counted them correctly, it's kind of difficult to feel because they increase gradually), and then a "booster" button that adds an additional four types of vibration. The "+" button turns on the motor and also increases the intensity of the vibrations. The "-" button decreases the vibrations and shuts off the motor (if held for 2 seconds). The "*" button is the booster function which has 4 different patterns:

1. Extremely rapid pulsing, almost like an 8th level of vibration intensity.
2. Still very fast pulsing, but the pauses are more defined between each pulse. There are approximately 4-6 pulses per second.
3. Fast pulsing, but definitely at a slower rate than the first 2 booster settings. There are about 3 pulses per second, and the pauses are clearly defined between each pulse, similar to a throbbing heart beat.
4. The last booster setting is sort of a mash-up of all 3 settings. It starts of with a less intense version of pattern #3 and then slowly builds until it blends into pattern #2. Then it continues building in intensity until it blends into pattern #1. This setting basically starts slow and gradually increases intensity until it's pulsating extremely rapidly. The whole cycle takes approximately 18 seconds and then it will start cycling again.

Charging is a breeze with Fun Factory's Click-n-Charge system. Place the silver magnetic charging dots of the charger on the silver "FUN" logo on the white handle of Patchy Paul. The logo on the charger turns red when it's charging, so it's easy to tell if you've placed the magnetic dots correctly. The instructions advise a complete charge before first use, which is 6-12 hours (I threw away my instructions again and forgot to check the charge time). Future charging will require much less time.

Another cool feature is that if you run your fingers over the control buttons, they will light up. It's not a lot of light, but the ambient light is nice. It's a soft, yellow/orange colored glow.

Care and Maintenance

Because Patchy Paul is silicone, please keep all silicone-based lubes away from him. Water-based lubes are the only recommended lube that should be used. However, I have used Wet Platinum and Liquid Silk on Patchy Paul and have not had any negative reaction. This is only my experience though, so please keep that in mind.

As for cleaning, soap and water is all I use. He's waterproof, so clean-up is a snap! The only part that I have to pay particular attention to is where Paul's head meets the shaft. This part almost looks like a smile to me. I just bend his head back a tad and clean the small smile. It's still super easy to clean, just make sure you don't overlook that part.


As with the Big Boss, Patchy Paul came delivered in a Calla box, so I'm assuming by now that this is typical for the G4 line. Although it doesn't bother me, I still think it would be weird to give any of the G4's as a gift without at least mentioning that the box is a universal G4 box. This is really the only thing that bothers me. It seems like the least they could do is print all the designs of the G4 line on the box if they're going to use a general box. Even the clam shell insert is generic (at least in the 2 products that I have).

So anyways, with that minor annoyance aside, the typical Fun Factory packaging applies. A nice magnetic box with a see-through window nicely displaying the product, some instructions, a sample of Toy Fluid, and a small pamphlet that shows Fun Factory's products. The Click-n-Charge comes in a separate smaller box. Both of the boxes were placed in a gallon-sized Ziploc type bag.

I keep my Patchy Paul stored in the clam shell box that it came in and recycled the rest of the packaging. It's fine for storage, and while it's not the cutest storage device, it was free!

The Patchy Paul is not discreet in any way. Sure it's cute and green, but it's pretty obvious that it's a big vibrator! It would make a cute and awesome gift, though.

Personal comments

Patchy Paul is an orgasm machine! I have tried really hard to see how long I can last when using him, and I've only managed to do just under 15 minutes. I mean, I tried REALLY hard not to have an orgasm. That little hook-shaped head is perfect for shallow thrusting and sends me over the edge every single time. It hits my g-spot in a way that no other toys do by gently caressing it and providing broad but also pinpoint stimulation. The flex in the shaft allows me to bend it to hit my g-spot from different angles too. Another technique I found is that I can keep Patchy Paul inserted about half-way and then rotate it from left to right to stimulate my g-spot in a gentle rubbing sort of motion.

Shallow thrusting with g-spot stimulation is my favorite use for Paul, but deeper thrusting also feels great. When I thrust deeper with him, I can feel each individual bulge and detail (except the eyes). I like to have one arm underneath me and use the handle to thrust if I'm going deep, as it just seems easier to get the angle right.

I've also used Patchy Paul as a clit vibe too. The broad tip of the head provides firm stimulation and since the shaft has some flex, you can apply pressure at different angles. I think it's fun to lube him up and use the bulges on the shaft to provide stimulation by sliding him up and down on my clit.

The only negative thing that I've encountered with Patchy Paul is the noise. Now he's not noisy by any means, but he is noisier than the Big Boss, by maybe 1/2 bee. It's nothing major to me, but an oscillating fan would take care of any noise. I'll rate him a bee level of 3 bees, but I think it's really closer to 2.5 bees.
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