Keeps Going and Going and Going.

This is a massager that everybody should own. Whether you are a couple or single it is a must have. Believe me it lives up to all the hype.
POWER, ease of use, various uses.
Can be a little heavy.
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After seeing all the reviews and always hearing about the Hitachi Magic Wand. I had to order one to see what all the hype was about and experience it for myself. I could hardly wait for it to arrive. I told my wife I have a special surprise for you, coming soon.

When it arrived I was surprised by the package it was in, just a plain box with advertising that looked like it was designed sometime in the sixties. The instructions went along with the box old design. It said nothing about being used as a sex toy|Hitachi magic wand vibrator. We tried it for its intended use as a massager, it lived up to the hype as a massager, it made every muscle feel wonderful. The only drawback was my wife said it was heavy to hold and made her shoulder hurt, when used for a while. This massager has plenty of power, it was hard to take on the high power. I had always wondered how it worked, it just vibrates no thrusting, no rotating it just vibrates.

Now was the time for the true test, why it was ordered as a sex toy. I wonder if the company knew when they marketed it as a massager, it would be sold as a sex toy. I also wonder which has generated more sales massager or sex toy. It is a simple design a motor, with a plastic head on it. It is a plug into outlet massager, for some that may be a drawback, but that is what gives it the amount of power that is has. For the power it puts out I can live with the cord. It has a rocker switch with a high and low setting only. It also comes with about six foot of cord but we use an extension with no problems. If you want to use lube with it you need to use a condom on it, otherwise it would be hard to clean, and may get in the motor. What makes this massager what it is the power, it can be a sex toy, or massager and the attachments you can add to it. What you get for the price, I thought it was bargain now that we have it, I would have paid twice what it cost. We have tried it in several different positions which I will detail below. Some say it will heat up if used for a long time, but when used for a sex toy, I think you will wear out before it gets hot. That's how good it is. This has become one of our favorite toys to use bar none.
My wife first gave me a massage with the Hitachi which relaxed me. Then she used it on my cock and balls, it was too much for my balls but made my cock come to attention. It felt best when use between my balls and anus but I couldn't take it on high, and if she had continued it would have made me cum. Then it was my turn to try it on her, first I started on her breasts she said it was OK but nothing earth shaking. Then I moved down to her pussy and clit on low, she said it was a different feeling and was chaffing her, but wouldn't let me stop. I massaged around the outside and then went inside I could tell she was loving it. She likes it on low, but when she gets close, she will reach down and turn it on high, this takes her over the edge. But what really makes this massager shine it the attachments, you can add to it. My wife says they take you to a new level, out of this world. I will cover those in a seperate review.
Follow-up commentary
When we first ordered the Hitachi wand my wife wasn't sold on it because of its cord and how loud it is. I have found that if I add an extension cord to it and take it from the bottom of the bed instead of over the top of us it works much better. This way the cord doesn't get in the way. I haven't quite figured out what to do with the sound yet. When we first starting using it she wouldn't let me use it on high now with the Tri Pod it starts on low, and before long she is begging for high. Today she even squirted while using it, that's the first time that has happened in about 20 years. I just love using it on her, and watching her use it on herself. If you don't like it for sex it still feels great on those tired muscles after a long day!
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  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    I'd recommend using a condom over the head if you're using it for any degree of penetration. It's vinyl, which is porous and not able to be thoroughly cleaned.
    I'm guessing the Hitachi sells more as a sex toy, now. There are so many other massagers on the market that it probably would have been phased out by now had it not gained fame as a vibrator.
  • Contributor: Bulma
    Glad both of you are loving it :) I'm looking forward to the reviews of the attachments as well.
  • Contributor: Epiphora
    Good review from a different perspective than usual!
  • Contributor: Greenleaf
    Thank you for the review!
  • Contributor: MamaDivine
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Ex-prude
    Thanks for the review.
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