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Nessie - The G Spot Monster

Do I have a new favorite Jopen? Yes! Of course, I'll never pick an all time favorite because I love them all, but right now I'm simply obsessed with my Vr9. While the curve isn't enough for me to personally have a G spot orgasm, I'm pretty confident that this will work for most women. I can get a ton of G spot pressure with this. The bigger end shines with its deep, rumbly vibrations that are not to be missed.
Strong vibrations
Good G spot curve
May be too large at bigger end for some
Curve could be more pronounced
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Jopen’s Vr9 is a dual sided internal vibrator. It is part of Jopen’s Vanity line and one of the three non-rabbit style vibrators available along with the Vr2 and Vr8. The Vr9 is the longest of the three and is curved for G spot stimulation.

It does not have a flared base and thus it is not meant for anal play. That being said, ToyTimeTim wrote a review on the Vr9 in which he discusses the potential use for this with anal play. Should you be interested in using this toy for that purpose, you might want to take a look at his review for saftey precautions. I would not recommend using this as an anal toy for beginners due to the lack of flared based, but experienced anal users who know their limits should take a look over at Tim’s review.

The Vr9 has two motors each of which are controlled independently, much like the other two vibrators in the Vanity line. The smaller end offers slightly lower vibrations while the larger end offers stronger ones.

This is a waterproof toy and can be used just about anywhere you can think of. It is good for solo or partner play. I personally don’t let my husband come at me with anything that’s as long as this toy in fear that he will bruise my cervix, but should you have a partner that thrusts less enthusiastically than mine, this could be a wonderful partner’s toy.

Material / Texture

The Vr9 is made of silicone. This puts it at a 10 on the safety scale. Jopen silicone has more drag than most. I’ve notice along my little journey of collecting all of the Jopen Vanity line that some of them seem to have a lot more drag than others - notably the Vr8 and Vr3. While the Vr9 still has a significant amount of drag to it in relation to many other silicones, it is light in comparison to those two in the Vanity line. While my finger will not easily glide along the surface, it won’t jump all over the place either. You will want to use lube to insert this and for ease of use.

Through the somewhat draggy surface, you can feel the softness of the silicone and velvety texture. It is smooth with no bumps or ridges. There is a seam that runs around it which may be noticeable to seam sensitive users. It was not apparent to me before ToyTimeTim’s review, but the Jopen vibrators have writing on them that is slightly raised as well. It has battery information and the words “SuperBullet.” If you are seam sensitive, you may also be able to feel the raised lettering. I personally didn’t even see it was there until it was brought up in a review. I also have awful vision and don’t pay much attention, so that could be it as well.

There is the faintest silicone smell to the Vr9, but you will have to hold this to your nose to smell it. There is no taste.

The material and texture is suitable for beginners and advanced users. While the drag isn’t my favorite thing ever, a little bit of lube goes a long way in taking care of the issue. The material doesn’t seem to eat up lube where I have to reapply every five minutes. This is still clearly luxury silicone, despite the grab it has.

Design / Shape / Size

The Vr9 is the largest of the three dual sided Vanity vibrators. As usual, the product page and I have a disagreement or two. For total length, the product page lists 9.75”. I have 10”. For diameter, they have 1 1/8”. I’m not even sure what section they were measuring to tell you which one I have. The smaller bulb is 1”. The tapered section underneath the bulb is 5/8”. The larger end is 1.75”. The taper of the larger end is 1”. I don’t know where 1 1/8” came from, but I didn’t get that measurement anywhere. Maybe the smaller end? They list insertable length as 4.5”, but as is the case with all the Vanity dual ended vibrators, you can pretty much insert either end up the other end since it’s waterproof and you can insert past the buttons.

Here you can see it in my hand for size reference:

Since all I had to go on was the product page, I knew this would be long but didn’t expect it to be quite as wide as it is. I don’t have my measurements in front of me, but if memory serves me, the other Vanity vibrators are 1.5” diameter at the bigger end. This one is larger than the other ones buy .25” (so long as my measurements are correct). Now, I could be off by some, but it is bigger in feeling so I know it’s at least somewhat larger than the other two.

The bigger end of the dual ended vibrators is my favorite because of the deep, strong vibrations. I had to really work up to getting this inserted. I was able to do it, but it was certainly not the easiest task for me. I usually cannot handle a diameter above 1.5”. I will say that because it tapers down quickly, once it was inserted it was not uncomfortable to hold inside of me. I was able to use it this way paired with an external vibrator while rotating the Vr9. I could not thrust it due to the size.

The smaller end, at 1”, was much easier for me to insert and use. I was able to insert and thrust easily with this side.

The nice thing about the dual end is that a beginner or advanced user, someone who likes smaller vibrators or someone who likes bigger vibrators will all have something available to use. Each of the ends curve for G spot stimulation as well.

Speaking of which, here’s a photo of the curve:

As you can see, the little end and the big and both curve so they can both be used for G spot stimulation. The small end offers a more pinpoint stimulation while the large end offers a broader sensation. Since not every user will be able to have a G spot orgasm the same way, this vibrator decided to have both options. No matter which type you need, it can be found here.

The neck on the larger end is not flexible and will apply a lot of pressure to the G spot. The neck on the smaller end is somewhat flexible toward the direction that you see the head point. It is not as flexible as the Vr2 or Vr8. It’s not as firm as some of my other toys - G-Ki, Gigi, Pure Wand, etc. If you need an absolutely rigid toy with no flex, this one still might not do it for you. If you can handle just a little give, you will be able to apply a good amount of pressure to your G spot with the small end of this. You should be able to get pressure either way with the large end because it doesn’t have flex to it.

Some of you may know from my reviews that I have a G spot that doesn’t like me. I don’t know if that’s true. It sure feels like it most days. For whatever the reason, I have a really hard time achieving G spot orgasms. I have three toys that have managed it thus far: Pure Wand, G-Ki, and DeLight. The Vr9 feels like heaven on my G spot. I can get a lot of pressure on it and get it in just the right place (which is hard to do as mine is located a little to the left just to make my G spot problems worse).

However, despite multiple attempts, I cannot seem to actually get a genuine G spot orgasm from this design. The only thing that has proved to be effective for me is hook shaped (or “U” shaped) curves and this just isn’t curved enough. I need the curve to actually hook upward toward the sky to get my G spot to do anything. So alas, this didn’t quite do that for me. Despite that, I can get an amazing vaginal orgasm from this in about thirty seconds flat. So not all is lost. If you have a difficult G spot, don’t write this one completely. It can still be used as a regular curve shaped vibrator with a lot of success.

This one is the hardest storage wise, due to the size. It should still fit in most drawers. It comes with a pouch for easy storage.

I’m voting “not discreet.” My husband says this looks like Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. I agree! However, I can’t imagine why I would have a vibrating Nessie around the house and I can’t believe many people are going to buy that as a viable explanation of what this is. It still has traditional G spot curves and anyone with a G spot toy will know what this is.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Two buttons sit almost flush with the vibrator near the middle of the toy. These operate the two motors in the vibrator.

Each button controls a separate motor. The top button controls the top and the bottom controls the bottom. Simple to remember, right? Jopen controls are really easy to use, but do operate a little differently than most vibrators. As soon as you pick it up, you’ll end up trying to do it on all your toys and then getting confused as to why it doesn’t work. This happens to me all the time!

To turn on, press the button once. To turn up, hold down until the desired speed is reached and then release. To turn off, press the button once. To lock, press both buttons at the same time. There is no way to turn the power down. If you like to vary your speeds, this could be an issue. I always just get to high and keep it there, so it’s never bothered me much that I couldn’t turn it down. The controls have always been very convenient for me.

The buttons are very easy to push. In fact, sometimes too easy. With the Vr2 and Vr8, I often accidentally hit the buttons when using them. The Vr9 poses less of an issue because of the length, it seems. I’ve only managed to accidentally hit something thus far during cleaning.

There are no set number of power settings. It starts at low and goes to high but you get all the speeds in between because of the way the speeds go up. There are no pattern options. This never bothered me as I don’t use them, but if you like them please be aware that there are none on the Vr9.

The small end starts at a low one vroom. It gets up to around a mid to high level three. With the Vr2 and Vr8, you are able to turn on the bigger half to boost the power somewhat. Since the length of this is longer than those, my little trick doesn’t work with this one. The three vroom setting it gets to is the highest it gets.

The vibrations on the smaller end are about midway between buzzy and rumbly. They feel very buzzy in contrast to the rumbly larger end, but compared to most vibrators aren’t really that buzzy at all. They do have an undercurrent of buzz to them, however. They do not make my hands go numb nor do they make me itchy. They do not feel surface level and do seem to penetrate through skin to some degree, though not as much as the larger side does.

The vibrations are located at the tip. This allows for pinpointing of the G spot as well as external stimulation if you so desire. They radiate up about to about where the buttons are.

The big end starts at a high level one/low level two vroom. It works its way up to what I would consider a low level five. As mentioned in a previous review, I don’t count wands in my ratings for vrooms since that seems unfair to non-wall plug in vibrators. So I would generally rate the wands between 7-10 vrooms as a reference in my head for these. This is just a hair below Mimi or right around the same strength as that and I would rate Mimi at a mid five.

The vibrations are very rumbly on the larger end. They are deep and not at all surface level. They do not cause any numbing or itching. I can feel them through my arm if I hold the vibrator in my hand. Something about the particular pitch of these vibrations is what keeps me coming back to the Vanity line. Even though I have other rumbly internal vibrators, this pitch seems best suited to me personally. Nothing seems to make me orgasm quite like the rumbly quality of the vibration of this end.

The nosiest this will ever get will be if you have both ends on at the same time. At that level, you can mostly muffle the noise through covers and cannot hear it through a closed door.

This is a waterproof toy. There is an open charging port on the side of the toy. When submerged, a bubble forms around the charging port to make it waterproof. I don’t understand this, nor do I know how it works. I’ve tested it many times on all my Jopen toys and wash them all under water and have yet to have issues. So I guess they know something I don’t.

The Vr9 is rechargeable. It plugs in via charging point at the middle of the toy. It takes about three or four hours to charge. The charge on these seems to last forever! I rarely have to charge a Jopen and I use them more than anything else, Mimi aside.

Care and Maintenance

Since it’s waterproof, care is simple. Just wash with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner or spray.

Only water based lubes should be used with this toy. Silicone lubes could destroy the silicone material.

Jopen includes a large pouch for storage and I would recommend using that to store this in. It’s high quality and there’s really no reason not to use it. This won’t fit in a standard pouch, I would assume.


Here comes the part where I have something negative to say. I don’t like Jopen packaging. I think it’s plain and somewhat cheap looking. Since the Vanity line is one of the more expensive luxury vibrator lines (over a Lelo or Je Joue who, by the way, have way nicer packaging), I feel like the packaging should feel more luxury branded. Instead, you get a heavy white cardboard box with a purple “V” and “Vanity by Jopen Vr9” written on the front. The back has a picture of the Vr9 and some information on the toy. It would be nice packaging for a $50 toy. At $150? Ehhh...not so much.

When opened, the Vr9 sits inside a cutout. Below the cutout is the pouch, charger, and manual.

On top of the Vr9 is a cookie sheet paper with some info on the Vanity line.

The instruction manual serves as a manual for all the Vanity line. It has pictures for reference and if you have multiple Jopen toys you only have to keep one of the manuals since it lists them all. As always, I believe this is a marketing ploy. A marketing ploy that works, but a marketing ploy nonetheless.

As mentioned, it comes with the pouch, which I put a picture of in the Care section.

Personal comments

I think, and I’m hesitant to commit to this, that this would be my go to recommendation for a Jopen toy. Now I’m wanting to take that back. This or maybe the Vr8. I love them both! Don’t make me pick which one! I’m no help, right? I know you guys want me to write something here that tells you which one of the Jopen toys you should buy if you can only buy one. I’ve had people ask me and I have sucked every time at giving an answer because I would not want to give up any of mine!

Okay, here’s my thoughts (maybe). If you want something for thrusting and as a general vibrator, I think the Vr8 is best for that. That’s what I use mine for and it’s my favorite for use as a “traditional” vibrator. If you’re looking for a G spot toy, I think this one is going to be the one that is most successful for people. It won’t work for everyone (as evidenced by me), but the fact that I could even get good pressure on my G spot tells me that most people will probably get amazing G spot orgasms from this one. If you think the size of this one is too much and don’t mind flexibility, then go with the Vr2.

The rabbits, well, that’s a different topic all together! So I’m not taking those into account in the previous paragraph and just assuming you’re looking at getting one of the three dual sided vibrators. I think, just as a general thought, you’re better doing that anyway because you don’t have to worry about a regular vibrator not fitting your anatomy and wasting $150+. Just my two cents.


If someone made me pick a favorite Jopen toy, they’d probably have to sit and watch me think about it for two hours. I’ve tried many times to decide which one I like the best and I can’t come up with an answer. I will say that the Vr9 is topping the list and may well be the one that ended up winning. I can’t say for sure. I’d have to think about it for two hours. Or a year. I don’t know. I can’t commit to that decision right now.

Anyway, despite the fact that I cannot have a G spot orgasm with this, this Jopen gives me the same intense orgasm on the big end that my other Jopen vibrators do but couples it with a small end that gives me an orgasm in, like, a minute. The big end brings me to intense orgasm, but it’s a build up. Not a long one, but it does take more than a minute. The small end of this works and works fast. The pressure on my G spot feels great and I hope that one day my stupid G spot will cave to the powers of the Vr9.

I would change only three things about the Vr9. The first is the packaging, which I would change on all the Jopen’s if I could. The second is the larger diameter of the bigger end. I don’t know why this one is bigger than the others. The little end makes me orgasm fast enough and hard enough that I can get it in okay and it tapers down quickly so that it’s not too painful. Really, I just prefer to have things at 1.5” where I don’t feel stretched and have to work to get something in or out. Plus I’d like to have the option to thrust if I wanted to and I don’t have that with the Vr9 big end. The third is to curve this up more for girls like me with G spots that don’t cooperate. I don’t know if I’m the only one that has that problem, but for those of us that do, that extra curve should would be appreciated.
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