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Two ends on the Vr2 should have done the trick. My Jopen experience part 3!

The Jopen Vr2 is a dual ended internal vibrator that is highly crafted and has a one year warranty. However, I did not find it to be powerful enough to achieve clitoral orgasm so it is not considered to be the toy for me. If you do not require massive amounts of power to achieve orgasm then I feel the Vr2 is worth looking into.
May not be as strong as some need.
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The Vanity Vr2 by Jopen is a luxury vibrator that is double ended, rechargeable, silicone toy with dual motors designed for the ultimate enjoyment experience. According to their pamphlet, all Jopen toys are ergonomically designed for the natural contours of a woman, but results will vary depending on one's anatomy.

The Vanity Vr2 is such a versatile toy that it is a wonderful vibrator for beginners to advanced users alike. You can use this internally or externally. You can use it to gently tease and stimulate whatever erogenous zone that you prefer. It can be used solo or during couples play. During couples play, a partner can insert the Vr 2 in and out for you.

It is 100% waterproof so you can take it in any water setting that you please such as the bath, shower, hot tub, swimming pool, or lake.

It does not have a flared base so I would not recommend using it anally.

No matter what you do or what your experience level, the Vr2 is a nice toy to experience.

Material / Texture

The Jopen VR2 is made out of silicone which is considered a 10 on the safety scale. Silicone is considered to be a food grade material that is non-porous, hypoallergenic, latex free, and phthalates free. Silicone also maintains-retains body heat well and can be easily sanitized. The silicone on the Jopen toys I have experienced have some to drag to them, but that can be easily fixed with some water based lubricant. The silicone does not have any smell to it.

There is a small vertical seam that runs down the toy, but can't be felt while in use. The silicone is very smooth, soft, velvety, and does not have any additional texture to it. It is best for those who enjoy smooth toys and is not for those who like bumps, grooves, and texture to their toys. The middle is flexible but both ends do not have any give to them at all because that's where the motors are located.

Design / Shape / Size

I really like the design of all of the Jopen Vanity's and plan on collecting the majority of the line. The Vr2 has a smaller end, a curve, and then a larger end.

Here's a comparison photo of it against other Jopen toys I own so you can see the design of the Vr2 along with others in the Vanity line. From left to right is the Jopen Vanity 9, 8, 2, 6.5, and 3.

It is fairly small compared to other Jopen that I have and other toys that I have as well. I really like that aspect of the Vr2 because I prefer smaller toys. Here is a picture of it in my hand.

It has an overall length of 7" from end to end. If you measure along the curve the size is 8" long. The smaller end is 3 1/2" around in the middle of its head. The curve is a small 2 1/4" around. Right above the push buttons where the design begins to get larger is 4" around. In between the two bush buttons measures 5" around. The bottom of the large end tapers off at a 4 1/4" around.

It is very easy to travel with and even has a travel lock feature so it won't accidentally turn on during use. To unlock, hold both buttons simultaneously for four seconds. To lock, repeat this process. Due to its small size, you can easily carry this in a small purse, bag, or jacket pocket.

Although neither end has a phallic shape, it is not exactly discreet if you're familiar with sex toys at all. If discretion is important to you, I would make sure this is hidden before company comes over.

Functions / Performance / Controls

It has independent push button controls for the motors that are located on the top of the toy. If you're holding the small end up, the top button controls the small end and the bottom button controls the large end. To use the VR2 is very simple, press to turn it on and continue holding to go through the levels of vibration. To turn it off press again. With my first Jopen Vanity, I was pressing the buttons because that's how all of my other toys are operated to cycle through the levels of vibration, but with the Vanity line you continuously hold the button down until you reach the highest setting. There is a red LED indicator light that glows while in use. It will continue flashing until you reach the highest level, and once you're at the highest level it will be a steady red.

It does not have any patterns of any kind which I think is fantastic because I've never cared for patterns in my toys. I prefer strong steady power, but if you are one who enjoys patterns, the Jopen line is not something I would recommend for you.

As far as strength goes, both ends are weaker than Uma which is what I compare all my toys to. The small end is whiny at the highest setting, and the larger end is still whiny but is considered to be deeper. On both sides of the VR2, the vibrations are focused at the tip, but do travel nicely along the shaft. In this instance I like the thicker end because the vibrations feel deeper to me. I would consider the smaller end a buzzy 3 vroom and the larger end a mix breed between buzzy and rumbly at a 4 vroom. With both motors on, the vibrations do carry over onto the smaller side, but it is still buzzy. With just one motor on the buzzy vibrations can only be felt in your hand. If both motors are on, the extra power moves just past the wrist but doesn't travel down your arm.

Even at its highest setting, the Vr2 is pretty quite and not distracting besides the annoying whiny noise, but that's just me. You will not need any background noise to cover the use of this toy and it will not be heard through thin walls or closed doors.

It has a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery that has a complete charge in four hours, but the first initial charge only takes three and a half hours. Fully charged, it can give you up to three hours of play but that depends on what setting you are on and if you are using both motors simultaneously so results will vary.

The charging port is located on the back of the vibrator in the middle. There's a small circle indention where it plugs into the vibrator like the Bedroom Kandi lipstick vibrator or any other Jopen toy you may have. Below the charging port, is some indentions displaying this has a power bullet in it.

To charge, plug charger into recharge port and plig into a power source. A red LED will glow indicating that it is charging. When fully charged, the light will turn off. The charger is a little over five feet long.

It is completely waterproof and it held up during testing. The vibrations did not become weaker in the water which was fantastic.

The 2 is a very quiet toy and can't be heard through thin walls or through closed doors even with both motors on the highest setting. I'd consider the 2 to be a 2 Bee on the highest setting with both motors running and virtually quiet at lower settings.

Care and Maintenance

As with any waterproof toy, clean-up is a breeze. You don't have to worry about submerging it or carefully cleaning it because the charging port has a protective barrier that prevents water from seeping in. The lack of texture ensures this toy wipes off very easily. You can wash it with anti-bacterial soap and water, your favorite toy cleaner, or wipe. You can also use a 10% bleach solution to sanitize it. It does tend to pick up lint like crazy so make sure to clean before and after every use. I'd dry it with something that didn't contain a lot of lint or let it air dry.

As with any silicone toy, it is best to use a water-based lubricant. If you have to use silicone based lubricant, please spot test first to make sure there is not any reaction with the two like materials.

With the proper care silicone can even be shared among partners, but please make sure to thoroughly clean it between partners or if you're switching orifices.


It came in a plain white cardboard box wrapped in plastic. The front has a V in purple as well as the product name in smaller letters. The back features a picture of the Vr2, company information, and some product features. Included were the charger, toy, storage bag, and Vanity product catalog. The toy sits in a raised cardboard cutout specifically designed for its design. The black drawstring storage bag has Jopen written on it and is wonderful. It can hold the toy and charger easily with extra room for wipes and lubricant if you wish. You could also choose to store other toys in the bag if you wish. The bag is very large and the choices are endless. The insert that features all of the Vanity toys shows a brief diagram of where the motors are located, and give a little bit of information about the line. There's also a clear insert similar in size to a bookmark that displays key point of information about the product in bullet style.

Personal comments

Jopen has a one year warranty for their toys from the first day of purchase. They also have an optional ten year warranty to further protect your investment. Once registered, you will receive information on the optional 10 Year Replacement Program in your registration confirmation email.


Overall, I feel Jopen products are something that are highly crafted, should last a long time, and worth the investment. You're getting a rechargeable, waterproof, fairly powerful toy with a one year warranty all in one. Personally, I am still on the hunt for the perfect toy for me. This Jopen was too whiney for my liking and did not allow me to climax either vaginally or clitorally.
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