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Vanity...My Favorite Sin

The Vr2 is one of my latest Vanity additions. While I can't get a G spot orgasm from it, I love it all the same. The powerful and rumbly vibrations rock my world as my Jopen's always do. The small end makes a great thruster while the large end works well paired with an external vibrator. It's waterproof, rechargeable, and you can operate the motors independently. What's not to love?
Dual ended
Dual controlled
Strong vibrations
Small end not as powerful as large end
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The Vr2 is one of Jopen's double ended vibrators, along with the Vr8 and Vr9. All of the double ended vibrators are dual motor. These motors are controlled separately so that you can have one on and the other off, vice versa, or have them both on simultaneously. The Vr2 is best suited for internal vaginal use. You can use the vibrations externally as well as the smaller end comes to a tip. The Vr2 does not have a flared based and should not be used anally. Now, if you are an experienced anal user you might note that the bigger end of this does gradually increase in size. You could potentially leverage this fact and use this as a stop when instering the smaller end, but I would not recommend this to those who are new to anal play and don't know their limits. It is shaped similar to the Provoke, marketed as a P spot toy, so it could be used that way (again) by those who know how to anally use something without a flared base. For females, the curve can serve for G spotting.

This is a waterproof toy and can be used in the shower or tub as well as the bedroom. It can be used for partner or solo play. It makes a great thrusting toy and works well for foreplay if your partner enjoys thrusting toys (as mine does!).

Material / Texture

Vr2 is made of silicone. Silicone is a 10 on the safety scale. Jopen has draggy silicone for the most part. Some of the Vanity line seems draggy than other. The Vr2 is one of the less draggy ones. My fingers will go across it with a slight hop every now and then but not the intense hop I get from some of my Vanity line toys. I can't get a smooth glide. Since it has only a small amount of drag (in relation to other Jopen toys), you are left with a mostly velvety feel to the silicone. I would recommend using lube with this toy for insertion. Despite the drag, this is a high quality silicone. Once it's lubed up, it feels wonderful in use. It glides in and out easily. It doesn't seem to eat up lube where I'm constantly needing to reapply due to the drag.

The surface is smooth with no texture. There is a seam that runs along the body of the toy. I never noticed this before, but another reviewer pointed out that there is also some text that is slightly raised on the Jopen toys. I didn't mention this in my other reviews because it is so slight that I literally did not see it. It is there on the Vr2 right underneath the charging port. If you are sensitive to seams, you may be able to feel the raised lettering. Personally, I cannot feel either the seams or lettering.

There is a slight silicone smell to the toy. I have to bring it to my nose to notice it. There is no taste.

While I'm always a little sad with draggy silicone, I figure lube fixes all. I only need about a nickle sized amount to get this to insert without problem. I think beginners will have no issues with the material or texture. Advanced users may be, like me, a little off-put by the drag at first but should be able to use this toy anyway.

Design / Shape / Size

The Vr2 is an average sized vibrator, depending on what you're comparing it to, I suppose. I got 7 inches total length on the Vr2. The product page lists 6.75 inches. I just double checked a second ago and I'm still getting 7". I don't always get it right, but I just thought I'd mention that I'm getting it more than once. The product page says the insertable length is 3.75". Now, really, the thing with this vibrator is that you can insert pretty much the whole thing. The buttons are in the middle but it's waterproof and you can insert past them. I've done so. I can insert about 4-4.5" of this, but that's because that's my limit not because it couldn't go further. At the smaller end, the diameter is 1 inch. At the smallest point, the diameter is 1/2 of an inch. At the widest point, the diameter is 1.5 inches as per my measurements and the product page.

It is about the exact size of my hand. When held to the tip of my middle finger it goes right to the end of my palm.

I tend to like smaller vibrators and this was a good size for me. With the smaller end of this I can thrust comfortably both at a moderate and fast pace. With the larger end I can't really thrust very fast, but I can still use it for inserting and pairing with an external vibrator. The size should work well for beginners as it isn't too thick. It will also be a good match for advanced users that don't require a lot of girth.

This is billed as a G spot toy. I have a very picky G spot. When held with the buttons facing upward, I couldn't get any pressure on my G spot. When held upside down (buttons down), I could get some pressure on my G spot but not a G spot orgasm. The neck of the toy is flexible. If you need a toy with no flexibility for a G spot orgasm, this may not work. It didn't work for me because I need a hook shaped curve, or at least more of a curve than what was on this toy. The curve is not all that pronounced.

If you have a sensitive G spot, this may work for you. I will say that I have had better luck G spot wise with my Vr8 and Vr9. My Vr9 has been the best of the three for G spot purposes. This is a nice shape just feeling wise. I do think this will probably work for most people's G spot. It's just that mine is so particular. I would recommend the Vr9 over this one if your goal is G spot only stimulation. If it's just to have a nice curved vibrator, this is a good option.

Since it's not too large, you can stash this in a drawer pretty easily. It comes with a pouch as well for easy hiding and storage. There is a lock feature for travel.

It's not exactly discreet. To me, it looks like a vibrator with the curve of the body. Perhaps to someone who knows nothing of sex toys this wouldn't look like one. I would say if you don't want anyone knowing what it is, hide it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are two buttons that sit almost flush with the toy that operate the motors. They are easy to use but also pretty easy to accidentally hit due to their placement.

Each button links to a motor. The top button controls the smaller end while the bottom controls the bigger end. The Jopen toys are very easy to operate, but don't work exactly like other toys. To turn it on, press once. To turn the power up, hold it down until you reach the desired power level. To turn it off, press the button once. There is no way to turn it down. This doesn't bother me since I just use everything on high, but if you vary your speeds this may be an issue.

To lock, hold both buttons down. To unlock, do the same.

There are only steady speeds on the Vr2. There are no pattern options. This also doesn't bother me since I don't use patterns. If you do, just be aware that they aren't offered.

The big end is the more powerful one. At the lowest setting it is a high two vrooms. As you hold it, it will slowly increase up. It does not really jump power levels, but rather glides through them, so you'll hit every possible setting in between the low and high settings. The high setting is a low to mid five vrooms. For reference, I don't count the Hitachi and other large wand vibrators when I rank things because that just doesn't seem fair. So I classify those as basically a 6 and rate everything else from there. So, no, it's not a Hitachi. For an internal vibrator it is very strong. My Jopen vibrators are some of my strongest vibrators. If you're looking for this to match something that's attached to a wall...well, it's not going to do that.

The smaller end is much weaker. It starts at about a high one vroom. It will work its way up to about a mid level three. You can boost this up a little by turning the bigger end on while using the smaller end. This will bring the power to about a high level three. You just then have to hold a vibrating end of a toy. So, up to you if the extra power is worth it.

The vibrations on the larger end are very rumbly. They penetrate my hand if held and no not cause any numbing or itching. I can feel them through my arm. Something about the deep vibrations of the Jopen line in general and the big end of the Vr2 just make me weak at the knees. They are apparently exactly the right frequency for my body because no line seems to give me orgasms like the Vanity line does. I attribute this partially to the power of the vibrations but more so to the rumbly quality of them. The combination is just divine.

The smaller end is more buzzy. It's not actually buzzy-buzzy, but when held in contrast to the bigger end it certainly seems that way. When compared to other toys, it's still more rumbly than many. I would classify the smaller end as about mid way between buzzy and rumbly. It shouldn't annoy you if you don't like buzzy toys, but there is a buzz to them that you won't feel with the bigger end.

The vibration of the bigger end are strongest at the tip. They are felt strongly through half of the shaft and then less so from there. The vibrations of the smaller end are also strongest at the tip. They can be felt evenly through the head of the toy. If you need pinpoint vibrations to your G spot, this toy will be able to do that. The tip can also be used for external stimulation for this reason.

The nosiest the Vr2 gets is with both sides turned on. At this level, it is a little less loud than a cell phone. It can mostly be muffled through covers and cannot be heard through a closed door.

This is a waterproof toy. You will notice that the charging port is open. So how is it waterproof? Well, when submerged, a little bubble appears around the charging port to protect the insides of the toy. I don't know how this works. I've submerged mine multiple times for testing and drench it when I wash it and have had no issues. I still somewhat question if fluids can get in during use because how will it know to make the bubble, but I try not to think about it too much.

This is a rechargeable toy. It connects via a charging port located in the middle of the toy. It needs about three or four hours of charge which seems to last forever. I rarely have to charge any of my Jopen toys and they are some of my most used items.

Care and Maintenance

Since it's waterproof, care is simple. Just wash off with soap and water or a toy cleaner or spray.

You should use only water based lubes with this toy. Silicone lubes could potentially destroy the material.

Jopen provides a lovely storage pouch for you to keep this in. If you decide not to use that, you should store this away from other silicone toys so as not to harm the material.


If there's any one thing I could change about Jopen, it would be their packaging. For what you pay for these toys, the packaging should come looking more like what you get with Lelo or Je Joue, etc. Instead, you get a white cardboard box with a purple V on the front that says "Vanity Vr2." The back has a photo of the toy and some specs on it.

When opened, the Vr2 sits inside a cardboard cut out.

Placed on top of the toy is a little cookie sheet that has some info on the toy and the Vanity line.

Below the toy is the instruction manual, charger, and pouch. I feel packaging is substandard at this price point. It would be lovely packaging for a $50 toy. For close to $150? Not so much. Step it up, Jopen. I will say the pouches are really nice and make great storage.

The instruction manual serves as a manual for all the toys in the line. It has a diagram that shows you what button does what. I still say this is a sales tool so you see all the other shiny toys and decide you have to have them. That's what happened to me!

Personal comments

If you like a lot of power and rumbly vibrations, the big end of the Jopen dual end vibrators is the best. If you're looking at this for the G spotting possibilities, just be aware that the smaller end isn't as rumbly or strong as the larger end is. I personally have to flip the toy to get pressure on my G spot and even then I can't get a lot of pressure from this toy. However, I think most people will have better luck than me on the G spot issue.

I always recommend Jopen toys. Jopen is my all time favorite brand and I'm always happy to go on and on about how great they are. I would, of course, recommend this toy. However, if you have to decide between Jopen toys, if you get this one or not is going to depend on what exactly you're looking for. I found the Vr9 most effective for G spotting. I like my Vr8 and Vr2 best for general use. I found the Vr8 to be more effective than the Vr2 for G spotting but not as effective as the Vr9. I haven't decided which I like better of the Vr8 and Vr2 as a general vibrator. I'm kind of torn. So I think either one of those would be good if you're just looking for a curved vibrator.


I have all three of the dual ended vibrators Jopen makes and most of their non-rotating rabbit line. I think I like my Vr8 better than my Vr2, but even after some extended use I really can't make up my mind. I love all my Jopen's so much that it becomes hard for me to say which ones are my favorites. I think this one is probably lower on this list of Favorite Jopen Toys. However, lower on that list still means at the top of the overall Favorite Toy list.

I found this toy was great for solo use, but also a toy I could use with my husband. I'm always wary of giving him thrusting toys because he gets over excited and hurts! While he did do that a few times with this, once he got it this was a nice couple's toy.

As always, nothing makes me orgasm quite like a Jopen. While the small end feels amazing for thrusting, perhaps my favorite with these is just to rotate the larger end internally and pair that with an external vibrator. Heaven, I say! While I can't get a G spot orgasm, I don't really ever expect to from most toys, so I won't fault it for that. I can get a good vaginal orgasm from both ends and that's enough to keep me happy.
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