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The Jopen Vanity Vr2 is a very, very versatile double-ended vibrator from Jopen. It's neat because each one of the two ends actually provides a different type of vibration, and both ends can actually be used internally or externally, so no matter what type of vibrations and sex you want to have, this vibrator can suit your needs.
Two types of vibrations, Double-ended, Very versatile vibrator
Weird charging port placement, Not so amazing internally, Packaging is just okay
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The Jopen Vanity Vr2 is a g-spot vibrator that's part of the Jopen line. It's a double-ended vibrator with two very distinct vibrations on either side of the toy. The sex toy is made from silicone, is about seven inches long (about the size of the LELO Ella, honestly), and has a diameter of an inch and a half at the wider end. The smaller end just has a less-than-an-inch diameter. The product color in the picture is correct, and the "view actual product size" image is also correct. The vibrator does bend like shown in one of the product pictures (a 90 degree angle), but I imagine there are cords and iimportant things in there (since it's where the charging port is), so I don't recommend doing that on a regular basis.

The packaging for the Vr2 does leave a bit to be desired. It comes packaged in a plain cardboard box that says "Vr2" on the outside. On the inside, the sex toy is lying in a cardboard tray. Underneath the tray is the charger as well as the storage bag that reads "Jopen" in large letters. The storage bag is really large, and it easily stores this sex toy as well as its charger. As soon as I finish writing up this review, I'll be tossing the cardboard and only using the storage bag as the cardboard is just going to get squished when put into storage anyway. The vibrator includes an instruction manual that shows all of the vibrators in the Vanity line and includes their instructions.

This sex toy is rechargeable. It is supposed to come charged (but locked, so hold down both buttons at the same time to unlock it). However, I couldn't get it to unlock, so I just went and charged it anyway. The port to charge the Vr2 is actually in the middle of the toy; it's an odd placement for the charger. The instruction book actually says that the Vr2 has the charging port at the bottom, but it does not. The charging port for the Vr2 is in the middle of the vibrator.

You just plug the vibrator in with the charging plug, and it makes a slight "click" when its in place. The vibrator's LED light then lights up red while it's charging. I unplugged mine when it had stopped glowing red, but the instructions say it'll glow white. I never, honestly, saw it, so it's possible it stops glowing white after being plugged in awhile. The instructions also recommend giving it an initial three-hour charge time before use. Mine took at least three hours to charge this initial time. The vibrator does not say how long it lasts on one charge, but after multiple uses, I have not run it down to dead yet, so it seems to do pretty well. (On an afterthought, the "product features" brochure says that it should completely charge in four hours, but it doesn't mention how long it should last. The average is to last at least 150% of the charge, so it should last about 6 hours, but again, I haven't run it dead.)

This vibrator has multiple speeds of vibration on both ends. The smaller end has much more buzzy vibrations while the larger end has rumblier vibrations. To turn on the vibrator, you use the button that's on the side of the vibrator that you want to turn on. For example, if you want to use the smaller side, you use the button closer to the smaller side. This vibrator has an interesting way of changing different vibration speeds as well. You hold down the button, and while you hold it down, the vibration speed goes up. With a single press, it turns off. If you turn it to level 3 and want to get to level 6, you just hold down the button instead of giving it a single click. I can't count up each individual level, but there are quite a few different levels. There are at least ten incremental levels, but they are definitely hard to count.

The neat thing about this vibrator is that it has dual ends. The smaller end is amazingly buzzy while the larger end, which is what I use more, is much more rumbly and strong. The smaller end gets pretty buzzy and high-pitched (to the point where the vibrations don't really feel like much when pressure is applied), but the rumbly end is actually really nice. It doesn't compare in strength to the Yooo or MiMi, but it is a lot rumblier than most luxury vibrators, it works well for clitoral stimulation.
Both sides of the vibrator are also pretty quiet. The lower settings can not be heard in the same room while using it, but the higher ones could be heard in the same room. Along with that, neither of the strengths could be heard while in a different room with a closed door between you and your listener.

I like to use this one mostly for clitoral stimulation. The neat thing about this vibrator is that it's double-ended. You can use either end for clitoral stimulation, and you could use either end for insertion. When it comes to clitoral stimulation, I really, really like the larger end a lot better. The larger end has rumblier vibrations, and it's very easy to hold onto the smaller end while using the larger end. However, I did notice that, while using the larger end clitorally, it can be really, really awkward to change the vibration strength. After all, the buttons to control the vibrator are pretty much right in the middle of the area of the larger end. This means that your vibrator will have to be moved away from your body in order to change the vibration strength. The larger end can be used internally as well. It feels okay, but as you can imagine, it can make it even more awkward to get at the buttons. It doesn't hit the g-spot or anything (for me), but it reminds me vaguely of the shape of the LELO Ina's shaft, so if the shaft for the Ina worked for you, this one should work really well for you.

You can also use the smaller end of the vibrator internally as well. The shape of the smaller end reminds me of the LELO Ella except with the Vr2, the head is actually pretty flexible. You can apply pressure to the g-spot pretty easily, but if you push too much, the vibrator will actually bend a bit. As long as you don't require extremely-lots of pressure on your g-spot, you should be able to use the smaller g-spot end to hit your g-spot. I had a bit of luck with it brushing up against my g-spot when used this way. I wasn't as fond of using the Vr2 internally or externally just because the vibrations on this end were a lot buzzier.

Overall? I think it's a neat choice for anyone who wants to be able to choose from internal or external vibrations on any given day. Along with this, this is phenomenal for those people who enjoy both buzzy and rumbly vibrations since it can provide both types and give you whatever would suit your mood. It works well as a clitoral vibrator, and while it doesn't shine too amazingly as a g-spot vibrator, it could probably hit your g-spot a lot better than it could hit mine (mine's really annoying and never gets hit). I'm still going to regularly be using this as a clitoral vibrator, and I love how unique and versatile it is.
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