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Deepest rechargeable internal vibe yet

The Vanity Vr2 is a quality rechargeable G-spot vibrator with fairly deep vibrations. Its unusual design will work well for most users. Its unfortunate, however, that the neck is flexible, so you will not have the extra sensation boost of pressing it against your G-spot.
Rechargeable, deep vibrations for a rechargeable
flexible neck makes it impossible to apply pressure to G-spot
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The Vanity Vr2 is primarily a G-spot vibrator but it can also be used for clitoral stimulation and all-over massage. Its rechargeable with a premium lithium battery.

Do Ina, Minivibe Bubbles and Form 6 not vibrate deeply enough for you? Its likely that Vr2 does.

It can be locked, making it a workable travel vibe.

Material / Texture

Vr2 is unscented, hypoallergenic with a non-porous silicone covering. Its a good size for both beginners and experienced users.

The silicone covering is smooth, but has quite a bit of drag, so you'll want to use plenty of water based lube with this toy.

Design / Shape / Size

Vr2 is seven inches long and has an intense magenta/violet silicone covering. Its two ends are different sizes and shapes. Large end is five inches in circumference. The small end has a circumference of three and a half inches.

The section in the middle, the narrowest part, is flexible. I cannot for the life of me figure out why they did that. The flexible neck prevents you from applying pressure on your G-spot when either end is inserted.

The motors vibrate with highest intensity at the very tips of each end. This is a bit unfortunate for those who want to insert it. This means, due to its curves and shape and the fact that the neck bends easily, that you can't press either tip against your G-spot. You can only massage the rounded humps on the other side into your G-spot. Maybe its really meant as a clitoral vibrator. That would be the only way to touch the tips to a sensitive area.

It comes with a ridiculously oversize, satin storage pouch (9 x 10 inches) that allows room for the charger and other goodies in addition to the Vr2.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Vr2 has two separately operated motors controlled by two buttons that are under the silicone skin of the vibrator. They look like mosquito bites. Press one button and the corresponding motor starts. As you hold it down, a red light under the button flashes until it is at maximum speed, at which point you see a steady red light. The light stays on while the motor vibrates.

You can turn either motor on separately, or use both together. You can't change it to a lower intensity though. Once you lift your finger off the button as you turn it on, any touch of the button turns it off.

I found the smaller end to be weaker than I need for internal use. Its vibrations are weaker than MiMi. They are about as strong as an average bullet.

The larger end is much stronger than the small end, but still weaker than MiMi. The vibrations of the larger end are slightly less deep that those of Zenith and noticeably less deep than Dreamer's Bliss. However, they are deep enough that I can sometimes get off with Vr2 when used internally. Vibrators need a certain level of depth of vibration to accomplish that for me. Ina, Minivibe Bubbles and Form 6 don't vibrate deeply enough for me. Vr2 is just at the threshold of acceptable deepness. It doesn't matter if an internal vibrator is strong if the vibrations aren't deep.

I tested its waterproofness. You can safely immerse Vr2 with no worries. The tiny hole where the charger inserts closes when the charger isn't inside. It feels like injecting a needle into it when the charger is inserted.

My Vr2 was completely uncharged on arrival. Others have reported that their Vanity toys were charged when they received them. Maybe mine sat in a warehouse longer than other units.

When you start charging it, a light near the charging port glows red. When it is completely charged the light is supposed to turn white. This doesn't happen for me. Instead, the light just turns off. It took about 3 1/2 hours to charge for the first time. The charge lasts quite a while. I've used it for multiple sessions since I charged it and its still going.

To lock it, hold both buttons down for four seconds. To unlock it, repeat this.

Care and Maintenance

Vr2 is an easy care toy. Its waterproof, so washing it before and after use is straightforward. Just be sure you don't use silicone lube on it.


Vr2 comes in a simple white box. You'll want to use the included bag for storage, not the box.

When you open the box, you'll see the Vr2 covered by a piece of parchment paper with a list of product features that is nearly identical to the list on the back of the box.

There is also a pamphlet with pictures of the entire Vanity line with the buttons and vibration centers labeled. There is one error in the illustration. The picture of the Vr2 shows the recharge port at the tip of the large end. In fact its in the middle of the neck.


Everyone has their threshold of how deep they need their internal vibrations to be for a G-spot toy to work. I believe my threshold is much higher than it is for most women. To give you an idea of where Vr2 falls in the spectrum of internal vibrators, I've prepared this list.

Relative Depth of Vibration

--Dreamer's Bliss
-- |
-- |
-- |
--Vr2 -- my threshold ------
--Minivibe Bubbles
-- |
--Form 6
-- |
--Ina (internal part only)

None of these vibrators are weak. I'm listing them strictly by how I assess how deep their vibrations are.

So the Vr2 is the strongest of the rechargeable internal vibrators that I've tried. I'm giving it four stars for this and for its overall quality, despite the unfortunate flexibility of its neck.

For most women (with more normal depth of vibration thresholds) who don't want to deal with batteries or Zenith's finickyness or Dreamer's Bliss' hard nubs, the Vr2 is a good choice.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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