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What’s Up Down There?

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i absolutely needed to know all of this. especially about what to say to that homeless guy who keeps offering the free vaginal exams. maybe it's a JENNY thing, but he just won't leave me alone, either. do you think he's taking the bus back and forth between houston and SLC? do you think he's asking all the JENNYS?

i also think i need to get a potato. it sounds like that works better than an IUD!


I am so completely grossed out right now, I can't even tell you. I will NEVER be able to eat potatoes of any kind again for the rest of my life, thank you very much!


I thought we had pubic hair to keep our privates warm. C'mon, I know that and I'm not even a doctor!


Doesn't pubic hair also act as a sort of dry lubricant so the fuck parts do not chafe during bonking?

And I've heard that tater story before, I thought it was an urban legend. I'd say pics or it didn't happen, but, uh, I'll take your word for it.


Ok, I really did laugh my ass off. This interview is so funny!!! Being a birth doula, and a mom, I know how uncomfortable being a woman can be at times, so I think we need this kind of stuff to help deal with our own sexuality, health, and learn to laugh our asses off at ourselves!


Oh. my. Jojo. My day will just need be the same.


I love the vagina, penis, dynamite game. I think that might be more fun (or not?) than strip poker.


In college, a girlfriend of mine told me that her ex-girlfriend (who was an er nurse) had also encountered a woman in an ER who said she had "vines coming out of her ginny".

It was also a potato.

Is this an urban myth? Or a hillbilly epidemic?

I want to play the vagina, penis, dynamite game.


I like plants. I don't REALLY LIKE plants though. I'm going to keep my IUD. Until Halloween of 2017. And not longer.


Haunted vagina (That link is not porn, but it is NSFW. It's also one of the most hilarious things on the internets that is not written by the Bloggess. But it's really NSFW.)


I really really really want this book!


I hate when vines grow out of my jojo! thery are so hard to maintain!



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