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Top 10 Myths About Vaginas

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There are more than you think. (Myths, that is. Not vaginas.)



Hobo STD is a font? I just choked on my coffee...

Thank god for elasticity!


Here's a link for #3 (vaginas with teeth): []


Here's additional backup for #4 - an actual picture of the girl with two vaginas: []


Um, all of the 10 items above are fascinating, and I love this list, but the car keys in vagina thing is really a matter of how strong your kegels are. In fact, just the other day I suggested to someone that she start using her vagina as a car key repository when pockets and handbags are not an option.


I would think the prohibitive aspect of key-in-vagina storage would be the jagged pokey qualities of keys, not the grab-strength of said vagina.


Y'know, there's actually a real-world term for myth #3. It's called "Vagina Dentata."


Dear Jenny,

Virginas look like a “w”? No they look like a vanilla bean only a lot bigger, thank God. TRUE? Oh, and the last time I checked, babies are a lot bigger than male members. If it got all stretchy, then it would be like a BB in a boxcar and women would only have one child. Come to think of it, don’t you have only one?


The word Vanilla comes from the Spanish word "vainilla", diminutive form of "vaina" (meaning "sheath"), which is in turn derived from Latin "vagina".


Re #1-Elasticity of vaginas: "Wow that big baby comes out of there!" My 4 year old son's response when told how his baby brother would be getting out of my body.


The leprechaun is actually a pussy troll, named Pillowpants, that will bit the mans dick if he puts it in her. It gets peed out on her 21st birthday.


Are you sure about the leprechaun? Don't know if I want to find out lol. Great read!


Can definitely confirm that #3 is true--my evil sister-in-law's vagina has chewed my brother-in-law's penis right off. We call her "Razorpussy."


I wish the midwife had witnessed the ejection of only a 7lb man from mine. Instead he was closer to 8 1/2.


Thanks Girlygirl11, we can identify. []


No wonder I always lose my f-ing car keys, my vagina is too upside-downy to hold them... maybe it should get my clit pierced and hang them there instead... thoughts?


reintarnation, new word for 2012.



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