Humor » Satire, Dick jokes, Porn: "Google Searches Will Scar You For Life"
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Google Searches Will Scar You For Life

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Contributor: CrazyMarie

Um, you could have a finger amputated and still have 4 limbs. Or a toe, or ear, or nose, or all of the above and still have 4 limbs.

Contributor: SisterMerryHellish

The Sally Struthers porn disturbs me the most. I feel like Vagina Pudding should put me off, but it might just be my next catch phrase!

Contributor: Scott Clevenger
Scott Clevenger  

I completely oppose blaming the victim, except when the victim is guilty (like in a murder-suicide pact) and I'm afraid you TOTALLY DESERVED the "boob mushroom" search: []

In fact, I recall you also writing a post about having lunch with a friend during which you discussed how awesome it would be to have "giant labia," because you could roll them up in curlers or something. I can't remember all the details, but I'm not going to hunt that one up, because I don't need my wife finding "giant labia" in my search history. (I'm pretty sure I can finesse "boob mushroom" by saying I was just looking for Top Chef porn.)

Contributor: LambChop

I can't even TYPE, I'm LAUGHING SO HARD...
And, oh... "giant labia"? Must've been looking for MY BLOG.

Contributor: Kernut

Great. Now I need to Google "What happens when you put toothpaste on your nipple" . But I'm tempted to just try it because I know you don't have the answer on your blog. I've already checked.

Contributor: muttonfish

Sally Struthers porn?

There are some things in this world that I just really, really don't want to know about.

Contributor: Tucker Cummings


God I love the internet....

Maybe you can set your mind at ease by telling yourself that they are all just doing research for their doctorates?

Contributor: Hannah Savage

This is absolutely hilarious. And I want some Disney tampons.

Contributor: Katiedid

Lol @ searching "Im pretty sure Jesus doesn't care what you do with semen"

Oh and WTH is "nugget porn"? I'm kinda scared to google it...

Contributor: KnK

HAHAHAHA I love this

Contributor: iwantyouwantingme

Disney tampons... hmmm I know a way to celebrate your favorite Disney characters! Bleed your vagina blood all over their faces! Yes! I love tinkerbell! Now seriously look up spongebob tampon.

Contributor: Teacookie

so very true but i have good luck with mine and I don't click on strange links often. Now my male friends on the other hand have very many scars.