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Introducing: The Breast Milk Baby

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We're not against breastfeeding, of course, but the dolls are a little creepy.


Contributor: sarahbear

I don't see any difference in this and a doll that has a bottle it cries for (Baby Alive). Children who are breastfed already mimic nursing with their dolls instead of bottle feeding. This is just taking it a step further, like the interactive bottle-fed dolls.

Contributor: Ansley

I wasn't prepared for the actual breastfeeding footage, but I don't see anything wrong with the doll. I think it would be useful in explaining how mommy chooses to feed her children. I know of one or two families who have shared stories where the eldest girl child mimics breastfeeding with the infant.

Contributor: Jobthingy

My daughter "breastfed" all her baby dolls.

Contributor: chidoll

It irritates me when people use the Bible to justify their merchandise.I think the doll is pretty awesome, though. I remember pretending to breastfeed my dolls when I was little, and I was only breastfed for a couple of months (thanks to my mom's profoundly ignorant doctor). Don't know where I picked it up, but it was a high source of amusement for my aunts. Anything that makes breastfeeding stop seeming like something that should be hidden or embarrassed about it great in my books.